Chinese automaker to locate its headq...

Chinese automaker to locate its headquarters in Los Angeles

There are 42 comments on the LA Daily News story from Apr 30, 2010, titled Chinese automaker to locate its headquarters in Los Angeles. In it, LA Daily News reports that:

BYD's car division features an e-6 model with a price tag of $40,000 and a range of 250 miles.

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Torrance, CA

#1 Apr 30, 2010
What kind of an idiot would buy one of these death traps? I'll stick to my Bowtie, thank you very much. The Heartbeat of America is Chevrolet!
Bill D

Los Angeles, CA

#2 Apr 30, 2010
For those of you that think is great news, but things in perspective. For every company that decides to bring jobs to LA, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of companies that leave LA/California due to our horrific business environment.

Walnut Grove, CA

#3 Apr 30, 2010
Much lower priced Chinese cars will also soon be introduced into US market. Vehicles will be reliable, and much cheaper than competition!
Made in China

Long Barn, CA

#4 Apr 30, 2010
$40,000 for that bland product shown in the picture? What idiot would pay $40,000 for that? Think of all the problems with and the shoddy quality of goods made from China? I wouldn't eat candy made in China, let alone drive my family in one of their cars. Probably get sick from something toxic in their interior.
lol at american cars

United States

#5 Apr 30, 2010
anything but american cars, thank you.
Valley Cynic

North Hollywood, CA

#6 Apr 30, 2010
Now wouldn't you relocate here if you got the kind of bribe Villaraigosa handed to these people on a "green" as in our money platter.

Now he can say solar panels are made here, a ninety-nine-one-hundreths percent lie, because American companies won't be profiting.

See Walter Moore Says for the real truth "Villaraigosa Basically Bribing Chinese Car Company To Come Here":

Or just go to

Monrovia, CA

#7 Apr 30, 2010
Los Angeles? chinese are dumber than we thought.

“Walter Moore”

Since: Jun 08

Los Angeles

#8 Apr 30, 2010
This isn't "a major coup for Los Angeles."

This is a Potemkin village for the 21st Century.

Villaraigosa is paying this company YOUR money to move here. He has promised: to buy a fleet of cars from them; to buy acres of solar panels from them; to spend $1 million renovating offices from them. Guess who's paying for all that? Hint: look in a mirror.

What we be news is a company moving to Los Angeles WITHOUT being paid to do so by local government. But you don't see any companies doing that, do you?

Far from demonstrating that LA is a good place to do business, this story shows just the opposite: it's so bad here you have to bribe companies just to rent offices!

Walter Moore
tinman of van nuys

Los Angeles, CA

#9 Apr 30, 2010
The news this morning reported that city of los angeles will donate one million dollars toward cleaning up the property for this company , I see more of a need to recall the mayor .

“Walter Moore”

Since: Jun 08

Los Angeles

#10 Apr 30, 2010
P.S. You want to know who will pay $40,000 for that little car? YOU WILL. You just won't realize it, because Villaraigosa will be the one writing the checks, paying for a fleet of those cars at $40,000 per pop.

And guess what? After he buys them, YOU get to pay for all the over-priced DWP power to charge them up every night. Why? So that overpaid DWP union employees can spend all day drinking, watching strippers, and peeing in the street.

Get me out of here!

Walter Moore

Hesperia, CA

#11 Apr 30, 2010
Wong wrote:
Much lower priced Chinese cars will also soon be introduced into US market. Vehicles will be reliable, and much cheaper than competition!
Right...just like crappy chinese electronics, poisoned food and drywall, and lead based paint.

My opinion, a good ol World War 3 will take care of China...


A True Patriot

Hesperia, CA

#12 Apr 30, 2010
Wong wrote:
Much lower priced Chinese cars will also soon be introduced into US market. Vehicles will be reliable, and much cheaper than competition!
Right. Just like crappy chinese electronics, poisoned food and drywall, and lead based paint.

My opinion, a good ol World War 3 will take care of china.


A True Patriot

United States

#13 Apr 30, 2010
I would love to say this is great news and we will all have solar panels on our roofs, and one day, everyone will drive an electric car. But I would not be holding my breath.

When the Chinese do business, it is slow and methodical. I believe that they have a long term goal and Los Angeles is just a stepping stone to the next step.

Just a matter of time before the company moves out of CA and their excuse will be that CA is not business friendly.

“Walter Moore”

Since: Jun 08

Los Angeles

#14 Apr 30, 2010
Typo in my prior rant: "What we be news" should be "What would be news"
Bad Risk

Temecula, CA

#15 Apr 30, 2010
I think I've heard this story before. The come in set up shop and then bring employees over from China. In doing this they have done exactly what they have promised but no new jobs for Americans. I guess we just have to wait and see.

“bamboo forest and an iced tea”

Since: Jul 08

Location hidden

#16 Apr 30, 2010
IS warren buffet and wal-mart in on this together gm is sunk now

San Diego, CA

#17 Apr 30, 2010
Speaking as an 17 year expert in UFC and MMA, i know the go to moves i have will stop all pigs from deporting my cousins i have a work visa and my go to moves range from 12 peice arm braking move to behind neck choker to stand ing in the pocket and knock out move fears all my opponents and they are afraid of them all. so should you because mexico made the usa with hard work and ethics.
Bad Risk

Temecula, CA

#18 Apr 30, 2010
By-the-way, I just looked at the picture, how cheap is this car. The paint comes off as you drive down the road. Seriously, look at the picture closely and you'll see the blue or is it green, streak trailing behind the car. Where is the quality in that. (Just joking folks, its was just a joke)
Bureaucratic Mess

Pasadena, CA

#19 Apr 30, 2010
Oh boy ... Alcalde Tony V is really desperate to secure more work for his bosses and financial backers over at IBEW union hall and to attempt to repaint himself as the "green" mayor rather than the failure he's come to be known.

Let's see, if the Chinese make their solar panels in LA, then Tony won't take more criticism from those of us who pointed out that turning LA toward solar just creates more jobs for the Chinese. But remember ... the profits still go to the Chinese, Little Buddy. And how much pollution will be caused, and how much energy will be needed, to build and operate this plant in LA so that Gilligan Tony can reward his IBEW drinking pals?

Hey, Tony, word is out ... the Green Movement is just another tactic by socialists like you to get more control over the citizenry and our money. Shove your solar energy up your you you know what.
mewo nix

United States

#20 Apr 30, 2010
The majority of you are the very reason that EVERYONE around the world looks at Americans as a bunch of racist a-holes. WW3, what a brilliant notion Well... scum-bag. When are you morons going to wake up to the fact that the U.S. you once thought you knew has been GONE since Reagan, and everything that has been happening here since, has all been in the works for a VERY long time. By the way, if you REALLY think that a bunch of "conservatives" really have your interests at heart, then you're a bigger fool than you play yourself off as being. BOTH sides, liberal/conservative, left/right, democrat/republican serve the SAME interests, and that is the END of the U.S.A. as you know it... PERIOD. Funny thing is, I'm totally FINE with that. I'm FOR the so-called New World Order 100%, because it's exactly what we need in this world. And BY THE WAY... THIS COUNTRY is SO INTERDEPENDENT WITH CHINA, THAT WE NEED THEM MORE THAN THEY NEED US, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!! You can wine and cry all you want about the way things are going, about the economy, but contrary to popular racist American belief, the ONLY thing that can pull us out of this recession (that borders depression) is MORE IMMIGRATION!!!! More immigration from CHINA AND INDIA... Why? Because we need them to come here to help us build this country and expand our economic base. It's the ONLY thing that will pull us out of this mess we're in. It will RAISE the tax base, bring new business, and bring our two nations TOGETHER. THEN, soon enough, China will need US more than we need THEM. And as for you anti-Mexican scum-bags who think that by putting totalitarian oppressive laws into place to put all brown-skinned people in fear is an answer to your woes... then you are even DUMBER than I thought. You say, "we can pick our own fruit, wash our own dishes, cut our own grass, etc, in this country." To you, I saw this... IF YOU LOST YOUR JOB TO A NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING MOJADO, THEN YOU ARE WITHOUT A DOUBT A COMPLETE AND TOTAL LOSER!!! And before you go punishing a bunch of "wetbacks" for looking for work to feed their families, I ask you this... WHERE WERE YOU?? The culture of lawlessness in this land that allowed illegal immigration to flourish has been around since the Reagan years. They DELIBERATELY chose NOT to enforce OSHA regulations across the nation, so that businesses who simply DIDN'T WANT TO PAY AMERICANS A LIVING WAGE could get away with paying illegal immigrants wages BELOW minimum wage, avoid paying worker's comp., and cut costs to put more money into their own pockets. THIS has always been the problem... NOT the poor Mexicans who come here knowing that they'll make more money here than in Mexico because our own companies and businesses are willing to do this. NOBODY punished anyone for any of this, EVER. Sure they throw the token idiot under the bus once in a while to appear tough on illegal immigration, but generally this IS standard practice, and NOTHING is EVER done to change it. If we had simply ENFORCED the laws already in place, then it would have NEVER become an issue to begin with.

And as for those of you who have a problem with China bringing a car manufacturer to the U.S., then I guess you're just not intelligent enough to know that THIS is good for US AND THEM. It's good for us, because contrary to what anyone else might tell you, it WILL bring jobs here. But more importantly so, it RAISES China's standard. It FORCES them to step up their game. They have NO CHOICE at this point, but to step up their game, or else they've got NOTHING. Them simply BEING here, puts them under the microscope in a BIG WAY. It forces them to PROVE themselves to us right under our own noses, and if we don't take advantage of this, then we're going to lose out on a tremendous opportunity. Why miss out on this, just because some BLOW-HARD has a problem with it just because he's a xenophobic malcontent.

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