The experience that I had here, I would have to say was unpleasant. I typically go to one of my colleagues (dentist) to perform any of my dentist work in Palo Alto; however, he was out on vacation, and I was interested in getting my teeth clean. I am very into hygiene, and I typically get my teeth clean every 3 to 4 months. I went to this facility because it was close to my house, and the facility seemed professional. I sadly was mistaken. Once my teeth was clean, the dentist stated that I needed to get multiple work done because I had cavities. At first, I was alarmed, but it didn't make sense because I take care or my teeth; as well, I my colleague (dentist) has never brought this issue up (which he later stated again there weren't any issues). I chose not to make a follow up appointment because this was a one time thing. HOWEVER, I am writing this because I am upset by the fact that even though I stated to them multiple times that I chose not to go to this facility, they called my house, office, and wife's cellphone (emergency contact) multiple times. I seriously DO NOT RECOMMEND coming here!!!!