G 'n' R Lies, Whoops, I mean Lanl!

G 'n' R Lies, Whoops, I mean Lanl!

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#1 Jan 24, 2012
Well, the latest Lab lie is out, and already proven goofy. The Federal Fiscal year runs from September to September, so of course does the Lab's. The lab has been stating there will be lay-offs, and other than temps and the regular perennial "Lab Hiring Freeze", the only peopel withotu a job are the peopel the lab took almost a year to take off of its rolls due to retirment. Not one other person, at all.

You might remember the last Lab lie, that of the idea the water supply was being threatened by the Omega reactor leaking and dumping water into the local aquifier. That was really comical, given the lab had shut that down several years earlier, and there wasn't any water in it. Whe nit supposedly hit the edge of the Sf aquifer (by magically crossing the Rio Grande without contaminating it), the local DOE and Lab lies stopped, and new lies started up.

I think it may be finally occurring to some lab higher ups that their day in the sun is over. No one wants the lab, and Domenci is gone, and soon Bingaman will be also. Soon, so will the lab.

But not just yet, no matter what lies they peddle to Joe "doing what I'm told" Monaghan, either.
Josh125 sux

Los Alamos, NM

#2 Feb 14, 2012
See, front page, of monitor, states I was right.

Lab is all games, and no work.

Los Alamos, NM

#3 Apr 5, 2012
Looks like I was right. The lab is now claiming that the CMRR is on except for some little problem. But that was the same problem that stopped it's funding. Sounds like another game to get Republican votes for Heather Wilson, rather than an attempt to solve the problem.

No one is forecasting or backing up the monitor article's comments.

Would it not be better, instead of spin, to just make the modifications and get the jobs and projects under way? will LANL leadership ever get a clue?

Still no guidance or effort, at all. All talk.....
Karen Silkwood

Los Alamos, NM

#4 Apr 22, 2012
CMRR Lies Part 2

Well, in this past 3 months, I have actually been blamed by Los Alamos citizens in part for CMRR not being built. The LA Monitor, not exactly known for honesty, and basically a propaganda tool, has been running articles basically suggesting this next election can help turn this around. This is really comical, because even the Tea Party people and conservatives have already stated they will not vote to fund it at all.

The push seems mainly to have Heather Wilson and other Republicans get support, which is starting to lag for them. All the tax cutting has not produced even one job, at all, in the past ten years. It also has not produced any Republican congressman who want to vote for it, at all.

So, let's clear up some of the lies:
1. The Lab, according to a FOIA request, lost roughly 30 million dollars they cannot at all account for. Embezzlement is well known and widespread at the Lab, and even Joe Monaghan has brought up the fact that it exists, with Bussolini's case, and they do nothing about it. The lab has refused to change that, so honestly why would anyone bother to put money into a project with rather ridiculous price tags for it, with no accountability for the money being spent in any way, and lab management punishing deliberately anyoen who tries to change that?

2. The Social Security debt will start coming due this year, that was borrowed by the Reagan Adminsitration and Repub congress '82-'84. That was used to help build up the lab back in the day. With the new austerity measures coming into force, does anyone think the lab is going to get the money a second time, over their own grandmother? Voters nationwide want less military and security funding, and more for social services like Social Security and medicare. Does anyone think a lab with the ridiculous quality assurance problems lanl has is going to take thaty money, instead of their own kin?

3. Lab has a bad pit production rate, accident rate, and completion rate, and is known to lie a lot. My Father died from an overdose given to him at TA-55 back in 1998. In 1991, during work at the lab I saw an internal memo specifically stating that 30% of our nuclear weaposn would not worked if used or launched, and that most of those were made at LANL. The lab has had repeated accidents and no congressional support in terms of funding for improving their low quality assurance rate, and no one seems concerned at all about improving it. If LANL made cars at TA-55, would you want to buy one? No, and that iswhy the money is being cut. If you spend, as Pantex did in the 90's, most of your time giving propaganda, and killing Americans, instead of producing weapons, why would people give you more money to do it? Pantex turned itself around after it took responsibility for it's bad behavior, instead making propaganda and attempting to defame its critics. It received $300 million more recently due to just that. LANL lost it due to the quality problem. What is it going to take to get LANL to get it's act together? I doubt it will happen by giving LANS more bonus money, and adding more incompetent managers.

The point of nuclear weapons is intimidation. If they cannot work when built, how intimidating is that?

LANL kills more Americans than it kills of our enemies. Why isn't anyone working to change that, instead of building more offices and doing less work? How many grandkids and families are going to have to lose their main wage earners and visit graves to visit grandparents? The answer should be zero. As Pantex's record has shown, that can happen, too once people take responsibility for their own actions.

Los Alamos, NM

#5 Jun 18, 2012
Well, I seem to have gotten roped into something even more.

Back when the Car was sucking, we rec'd help from Dave B--- in the form of an air compressor. After the car was repaired, he offered me some bourbon. I don't usually drink hard liquor, and have always had a reservation against drinking it with someone I don't know.

Apparently Mr. B--- decided to rip into me, and spent the next little bit yelling at me very loudly, about Area G at the Lab. He apparently was angry with me for stating the water in White Rock is bad. But, I have both worked at the lab, and spoken with people who have tested the water there, including one who sank wells, and all of the lab wells have nuclear and chemical waste in them. I know from a friend who is the state hydrologist of sorts now for Wyoming, and my high school earth science classes, that all of Los Alamos' aquifers are connected together, and are rather like the Great Lakes-they might have different names, but they are in fact on giant body of water, and here one giant auifer which flow into the component parts.

To put this in typical idiot speak, this means that if one part has a poison or some type of nuclear waste introduced, they all do. Which means since White Rock's water comes from a well on Lab land (I have been to it back in the 80's on my mountain bike), your tap water will intermittently include that poison in it when you drink, cook, or shower with it. There are no known filters that will remove heavy metals like plutonium or cesium, either, they go right thru them.

So, basically, it was a drink and then a hit. I didn't struggle with him, I have even gotten this kind of misinformed garbage at church. The man has a business background, and does not understand anything he is talkign about at all.

In the past months too, we could see something coccurring. We have a gym membership and included Z--- on it, so Dave bought a Bowflex, despite being unable to do heavy lifting (anyone who knows anything about it knows that won't happen anyway, lol!). He also claimed originally to want Z--- to do drywall and plaster work, but he instead has been doing nothing but causing problems. Not only with us, either.

In May, Z--- threatened to kill me, and then proceeded to break parts of the car, and started acting bizarrely in even mundane things. He also threatened to beat his mother. Z--- was diagnosed with ADHD, but as posted before, has delusions fairly regularly, too. When we spoke to M----, he said too Z--- had made up everything he had said, and even pointed out how ridiculous his comments were.

Z---'s Dad has had delusions of grandeur and everything else for most of his adult life. Despite his propaganda, he has never been to college, spoke to God, gotten any sort of certifications, or owned a house, either. He hasn't done much of anything with his life, ever. We figure that is the origin of his ideas.

So, we honestly feel this is more of a set-up.

Z--- recently left for Israel. When we spoke to people in our church, they kept mentioning about it being a spiritual trip. We thot this was pretty funny.

Z--- is a deist. He also believes it's okay to tell anyone he's a member of their religion if they ask him. We have gotten into arguments about this with him for 4 years now, and it's always come out that he is basically a deist and thinks God is an extension of his ego. If he wants something, and concentrates on it and gets it, that is He and God causing it to come into being. A bit like Swedenborgianism, the 19th century version of Scientology now followed by Benny Hinn, Oprah, and the mormon church. Be your own God. He has fully rejected the idea of Jesus or anyone but himself, at all.

Los Alamos, NM

#6 Jun 18, 2012
Given his rather low success rate in his own life, and genius level IQ, I'd like to change that idea into one a little more realistic-if Z--- ever bothers to concentrate on anything and stay with it, he could probably do it. If there is money or women involved to feed his ego, that's a plus for him-but imagining anything long term is completely lost on him. So far, he has only done that with dancing. He still has not made any realistic long-term decisions about that, either.
We have been asked over and over again if he was planning on going into the military. Given his nearly pathological lying, I'm not sure if even he has figured anything out. We received letters from UNM and NMSU, not to mention ENMU. But, we no longer really care. A great weight was lifted off our shoulders when he left, taking his abusive, threatening, selfish, and endlessly boasting personality with him. We are glad he is gone.
A fave game of his was to constantly drag us into some game, whereby he would purposely fail or flub up a class, and then claim to be trying to remedy it, and then he'd make no realistic effort at all. As a result, despite tests as a 9 year old showing him fit for anything, all he was left with was dance, whose employment prospects are alughable at best. I think the main employer for dance majors still tends to be pornography or prostitution, rather than "public performance art". He resisted our setting up interviews with people who gave lessons, despite stating that was his ultimate goal.
In addition to this, Steve Geisik's employer is indeed Sierra Construction out of Torreon, which makes me wonder if this whole court thing is a con, also. We also found out L--- had given drugs and alcohol to E---, and that helped lead to her being totally controlled by Geisik now. Well, it's what she deserves. Not in a potential sense-she is very intelligent and did well when she wanted to, but as to the choices she made, though most of those were when she was high and drunk thanks to her sister, and led somewhere else.
In 2010, L--- gave her a silver cross with an upside-down pentagram on the obverse. We take this to mean something like Z--- already believes, which is put up a false front, but worship something different on the inside, even now. M---- does this too, but E--- and Z--- and L--- all seemed to have cottoned on to it the most. The more they believe in it, and lying, the less they have accomplished, too.
We noticed in the past two weeks, almost all of the people who have threatened us have been peopel who sell or buy drugs at the skate park, or else attend New Beginnings church. Most of the drug membership seems to overlap with the NB membership. If not, all of them had ties to L---.
It originally started with David Dover and Caleb Johnson threatening me, while in the safety of a jeep cherokee. Dover attended NB, and sold drugs. Caleb bought them with other people. They both had dealings with Carl Bolger, who provided drugs to other people, even while on parole.

Los Alamos, NM

#7 Jun 18, 2012
Caleb recently was sued for an auto accident while working for Sears, and returned. His Dad, according to spokeo, is Luke Johnson 49. To this day, he has had no reason for threatening to kill me or put me down, other than to cover for his drug friends. Same for everyone else. The main people who have harassed us with Z--- have all been druggies or NB people, all tied to L---, even obliquely. I guess conduct disorder never stops, eh? I guess being members of the same church allows you to threaten people, even if that is a sin?
Just to let you know, a drug user cannot enter heaven. Here's a web site that explains it http://www.letusreason.org/Curren10.htm , but it mainly goes back to the Bible, Galatians 5:19. Galatians refers to Galatia in Turkey, where my ancestor Bile/Bolgios sent a contingent of R1b's to take over, and did until Wodin's descendants took over after the stag bortherhood took over. It's still relevant today as ever. Drugs open the spiritual door to demons, and one cannot be a drug user and a Christian too.

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