Stop the CMRR at Los Alamos Lab

Stop the CMRR at Los Alamos Lab

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Albuquerque, NM

#1 Nov 10, 2011
To read more about what I'm trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:
It'll just take a minute!
Once you're done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!

Los Alamos, NM

#2 Dec 4, 2011
Yes, are you saying we need unemployment more than employment, then?
whammer Jammer

Los Alamos, NM

#3 Dec 23, 2011
Interesting, only Development was paid for, WIPP will be shut, and operations moved to Area G, which has proven an abject failure.

Funny too, the lab had only recently tried enlisting local support, so like the "deal" the congress just reached, this looked pretty planned. now they'll get a price, and really inflated one, and more concrete plans, and continue. But they make it look like a defeat of sorts, and give lab management more fodder and excuses to fire people on a complete whim.

Wonder if Bussolini will be rehired, too, to help oversee production and implementation ,since he understands the process?

More games, therefore inefficiency, a-coming!
whammer jammer

Los Alamos, NM

#4 Dec 27, 2011
Well, the news has decided this morning, that all of that lab propaganda about not building the CMRR, and the resultant layoffs and cost-cutting, was complete bull!

We knew that anyway. But, they are now stating it will be put into the budget in 2013. However, they have been saying that now for 27 years, and, there is no allocation or funding source for it allocated right now, so that is just comical speculation. In 2012, the Socialism Security debt comes due, the first part, and it will only increase, along with Socialism Security expenses on top of it, for the next 13 years, until Clinton was able to get it under control. The possibility we will come up with money, is about the same as FDR getting re-elected NOW. I mean, has anyone EVER trusted a congressman's promises? Have they ever been kept? Where's the 2k jobs Steve Pearce promised, and Heather Wilson too? Pearce led the charge to zero out lab funding, because he originally lost his prior election. That's funny too, because Steve showed his incredible doofiness and corruption when he did that, thinking of himself alone, together with the fact Los Alamos does not vote for him, at all. Not at all, not in his district, then or now. I wonder if when he argues with his wife, does he walk outside, like other republicans, and hit his neighbor to show how ticked he is? Does he get on a basketball court, and beat up an unsuspecting referee? I have a drunken drug convicted neighbor who does that, and they are little different from each other.

Martinez admitted by default she screwed up, with the movie credit. Her spokesman abandoned the Hitler totalitarian approach, and while he didn't cry, he did basically beg the movie people to forgive him. As NMiF stated, she was pursuing an agenda to do in Richardson's entire 2 terms, every advance he made, and she utterly failed. She went after him like a cartel leader, and was jailed like a cartel leader. Governor mas loco is now eating humble pie with chile to clean her out, and sobering up. Gone is the picture of De Gaulle, being slowly replaced with Huey Long instead. All she needs is a Blaze to replace her stay-at-home hubby, and a drug conviction, and she will be the perfect politician from Las Cruces. She can send a pic of herself with the Blaze to Murphy, so he can make more off-color and inept lesbian jokes.

For those of you who don't know, outside of political-controlled funding for Defense, NM's main industries are foodstuffs and tourism. We get free advertising for tourism and our products with movies, advertising we could never afford to pay for. With her "doing" in the industry, until she begged forgiveness vicariously, all she did was show her hatred of Bill and men, and her immaturity. She had no reason to do it, and she campaigned on being pro-biz, so doing in a tax credit is absolutely un-called for and ridiculous. Our tax credit scheme was no different from other states's schemes, either. If you notice too, we are the perfect place for the type of movies that film here-we get post-apocalytpic movies that film here like the Book of Eli, which will find a perfect culture here with the end-of-civilization theme, combined with the other theme of gun-slingers commiting murder. It's like Las Cruces and Albuquerque already! But, movie people make us look better. Every day they film, they hire NMs, and NMs are willing to work long hard hours for it, and we get an awesome reputation for it. They do us a favor, every day they are here.
whammer jammer

Los Alamos, NM

#5 Dec 27, 2011
As for the supercomputer-well, it did bring jobs, and no one ever promised anything more than a year, so it did work. Those jobs were with LANL, Sandia, and the movie industry, so she is still shooting her dumb rear in the foot with the criticism. If you really want to criticize, you might want to mention that by single-handedly dropping NM 10 points in education standards in one year, and driving ALL the new jobs Richardson was brining in away. We could not have dropped a bomb and had more damage. Thanks, Screwsanna!

BTW, she also stated she would not re-negotiate the water treaty with mexico, her homeland. If she does not, and there is no reason to give mexico the huge amount other than just pure vote-buying, and considering they have an entire lake complex that we created by re-directing water to the wrong place, our aggie industry will die. The current drought is bad, and will only get worse in the future unless we cut off the extra water bonus we gave mexico for no really good reason, and right now Perry, screwsanna's employer, is refusing as he has stated Mexico is his constituency. Hopefully, the both will either retract or fix it, before it gets so bad, we can't recover-droughts can cause that, and Northern New Mexico is mostly there already.

America First. New Mexico First, too. But, negotiate like Richardson, not De Gaulle. No one likes a spoiled brat with an entitlement streak and a chip on her shoulder at all.
whammer jammer

Los Alamos, NM

#6 Dec 27, 2011
LANL Commits Suicide

This has not stopped me, as I got more than half, plus saved posts I had, so I'll be reposting over time. You can still get most if not all of what I have written thru caching in search engines, once you read the FAQs for it, so not even Veronica at the library will be grinning this time-

LANL is getting ready to die. Not only was the CMRR money shitcanned, LANL never bothered to try and sell itself more vigorously to anyone but a few D.C. elites. As the rather suicidal Rand version of "free market" propaganda took over, only China, a country pretty much following hitler's version of Nationalism and Socialism-where they help their own and give education and bennies only to their own-assumed hegemony. We can't compete with people whose standard of living is so far below ours, they can make products and software at a lower price than we can bury our own elderly. As their timed payments give out, and the replacement is a rather goofy and underfunded 401k, and the upper middle realize their devotion to giving the upper class a tax break for Socialism Security (no taxes on incomes over $65k, which means with inflation, that's mostly everyone but the elderly and the current crop of college graduates) the elderly will also lose their political assets, and will begin to die with the pensions and SS that funded them, too.

Leaving America's middle class non-existent and destitute. People my age and younger used to have 30k saved, in current dollars, and a house with a payment 40% of what people pay now, and the house was built well too. But due to the gov't regulation trimming, and the money going up the chain, my age people now no longer have but $3k, and debt for school and credit cards is now ten times that, and their mortgages average half of their paycheck, leaving little for good food. It'd weird seeing hippie children in Santa Fe's Whole Foods taller, smarter and much more healthier than Los Alamos children, but hey, that's what happens your economic philosophy, based on the work of Lewis Morgan (a literal relative, a descendant of Rhys Goch just like me), is also your religion, and it doesn't work. If you notice, a comment I made years ago about having to pay for Christian living, has come true. Evangelical Prot's and Catholics no longer have kids attending church, as they are not being paid enough to have a Christian home, and cannot afford it and therefore the religion anymore, either. Christianity was the religion of 89% of people in the US in 1989, and now it less than 70%, if even that. Among kids, it is a memory, a thing they all want to have, but few of them will ever grasp meaningfully enough to guide their lives, as they cannot pay for it at all. Money has killed it in the US.
whammer jammer

Los Alamos, NM

#7 Dec 27, 2011
But, this aside, and analyzing LANL's short-sighted political ineptness, is another hole in the floor.

Meaning LANL's weird bet, to bet on replacing and re-manufacturing the nukie weapons they failed to make work the first time, will slide to zero. The development they had, has disappeared, and died.

Apparently Bingaman knows this, and his main response is to kill WIPP and WIPP support, and transfer it to the nearly defunct Area G at the lab, known mainly as the centerpiece or masterpiece of lab stupidity and ineptness. Nowhere in Lab history is there truly a place for a manifesto of total and complete incompetence, as there is with Area G. And so far, that is NM's congressional delegation's only plan for LANL's future, to put open waste in an area whose aquifer is the source for White Rock's water. How sickly fitting.

No comprehensive plans for nuke waste nation wide, most of it is still in box cars, labelled as arrived at a waste treatment facility, due to a goofy law and it's descendants passed in the 1990's by repubs, that if they were trying it should be labelled as succeeded when it came to waste, which means most of it sits outside cities yet now, and yet is audited and labelled as being somewhere else, as it's "on it's way". It was disguised as pressure on legislators to move it. It's in your kids now, if you live in Chicago and a few other places, too. They will have children with birth defects, and higher cancer, too.

I wanted LANL to change, to stop playing games. LANL went into denial, and may die. The secular religion, and its abuses, was more important than anything else. When LANL's operators killed it, they also did away with all of the Western Civilization things that made Western Civilization work-hard work, honesty, fairness, and appealing to rules over people and connections. All of it died.

All because certain lab men made the games that got them into power, and denial, a religion. Those games killed my Father, got my kid arrested, made my mother poison my Father with an overdose of his own meds, and made LAPD play along, and not do any real work. It's still spreading too, despite no real long term successes, because it's a religious cult, not a working philosophy.

LANL could still pull it out. But right now, it would take a loss of the gamesmanship, and a focus on safety and price, and none of that seems forthcoming.

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