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Jane Fonda for President


#54977 Dec 12, 2013
Jane Fonda for President
58,000 usa kids killed for nothin in NAM...36,000 killed in korea...
Jane Fonda in North Vietnam

www.rjgeib.com/thoughts/fonda/fonda.html - Similar to Jane Fonda in North Vietnam

This page deals with the American actress Jane Fonda and her trip to North Vietnam in 1972.

Good Morning, Vietnam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_Morning,_Vietnam - Similar to Good Morning, Vietnam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Good Morning, Vietnam is a 1987 American war-comedy film written by Mitch Markowitz and directed by Barry Levinson. Set in Saigon in 1965, during the ...

Adrian Cronauer - Chintara Sukapatana - Tung Thanh Tran
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Louisville, KY

#54979 Dec 12, 2013
I piss on all her and the ilk that stand with her.

Since: May 12

Chambersburg, PA

#54980 Dec 12, 2013
Jane Fonda? Seriously?

Honest to God - it's been over 40 years. Let it go!

Since: Nov 13

Location hidden

#54981 Dec 12, 2013
Was he on that game show on Comedy Central about 10 years ago? Win Ben Ghazi's Money?
dear leader

Los Angeles, CA

#54982 Dec 12, 2013
Dan the Man Chambersburg wrote:
Jane Fonda? Seriously?
Honest to God - it's been over 40 years. Let it go!

she's a commie lover,

but I guess you wouldn't know that being the enlightened progressive you are.

she would sell out our troops for what " she believes in " just like your black messiah

a sell out, just like your dear leader

Baltimore, MD

#54987 Dec 13, 2013
The BHO Legacy wrote:
Immigration Coverage: The Biased Leading the Clueless
December 9, 2013
Politico ran a piece the other day on White House fears that Obama will share the political blame if the current amnesty push fails — i.e., that his attempts to pin all thfreee responsibility on the Republicans won’t be successful.
It was an interesting look at the tensions between the administration and its outside pro-amnesty supporters, and it’s worth a look. But one sentence struck me as shedding light on a broader problem with media coverage of immigration:
"The White House is very touchy about any criticism from its allies for Obama’s deportation policies, which have sent away more people during his tenure than all other presidents combined."
The factual assertion here is simply false. No matter how you calculate the number of people “sent away,” it’s simply not true that Obama’s done more than “all other presidents combined.” The Excel files are online for anyone to check. Table 39, here, shows that during just the Clinton and Bush administrations, Fiscal Years 1993–2008, about 2.9 million foreigners were “removed”(that’s the category used when referring to “deportations”). That’s compared to fewer than 2 million so far under Obama, and even that’s the result of statistical trickery, as my colleague Jessica Vaughan has explained.
Your colleage is a stooge just like you....
class act

West Mifflin, PA

#54988 Dec 13, 2013
Why There's No Unemployment Insurance in Budget Deal
BY Dan Friedman

House and Senate negotiators cut a modest budget deal Tuesday, but for many Democrats, they left out one big piece of unfinished business: extending federal unemployment benefits.

The program gives unemployed individuals access to emergency compensation after they have exhausted their state benefits, which typically last for 26 weeks. The federal program, beefed up in the 2009 economic stimulus bill, now allows benefits for up to 73 weeks. It is set to expire Dec. 28th, a step that would cost 1.3 million people benefits.

Even our vets cant find jobs,after they fought for our country to keep these fat cats safe......the GOP has denied extention of unemployment benefits in the new budget paln for 2014 for vets and others that their checks will end at the end of the month.......Why do the Republicans hate America so much? Why did the Republicans extend benefits several times when GW Bush was in office????


President George W. Bush.

•Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2008 (HR 6867): This bill, which extended benefits, passed the House on Oct. 3, 2008, by a vote of 368 to 28. Of the 170 voting Republicans, 142 or 84 percent supported the extension. The measure passed the Senate by a voice vote, a parliamentary often used when legislation is not controversial.

•Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2008 (HR 2642): This bill provided federal money to states to make emergency unemployment compensation payments to workers who had exhausted all rights to regular compensation. On final passage, it sailed through the House by a vote of 416 to 12, with 186 or 95 percent of voting Republicans supporting it. It passed the Senate 92 to 6. Among Republicans, 42 of 48 supported the measure.

•Katrina Emergency Assistance Act of 2006 (S 1777): This bill, which made unemployment assistance available to people affected by Hurricane Katrina, passed by voice vote in the House and by unanimous consent in the Senate.

•Unemployment Compensation Amendments of 2003 (HR 2185): This bill, which extended unemployment benefits by 26 weeks, passed overwhelmingly in the House by a vote of 409 to 19. Among Republicans, 204 or 91 percent voted in favor of the measure. The bill passed by unanimous consent in the Senate.

•Emergency Wartime Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2003 (HR 1559): This bill provided extended benefits for displaced airline and related workers in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. It passed the House by a voice vote and the Senate with unanimous consent.

•P.L. 108-1 (S 23): This bill, which provided for a five-month extension of the Temporary Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2002, passed the House by a vote of 416 to 4. Among 222 voting Republicans, 218 supported the measure.

•Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002 (HR 3090): This bill, which extended unemployment benefits for up to 13 weeks for those who had exhausted their 26 weeks of regular coverage, passed the House by a vote of 417 to 3. All 218 voting Republicans supported it. In the Senate, the vote was 85 to 9, with only one Republican opposing the bill.
On the question of the Obama's statement that, in the Bush years, "Republican senators voted several times to extend emergency unemployment benefits," the president is correct.

Looky here:

class act

West Mifflin, PA

#54989 Dec 13, 2013
Bush, Cheney, Powell,Rumsfeld, and Condoleezza Rice should be water boarded and throw in jail for war crimes.

Chicago, IL

#54990 Dec 13, 2013
Walter wrote:
<quoted text>
Your colleage is a stooge just like you....
The butt of your own joke: "colleage is a stooge"



Baltimore, MD

#54991 Dec 13, 2013
The BHO Legacy wrote:
Rep. Issa accuses HHS of criminally obstructing probe into ObamaCare website
December 12, 2013
The Health and Human Services Department has told contractors working on the problem-plagued ObamaCare website not to release documents to congressional investigators, a mandate slammed as “criminal obstruction” by House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa.
The Dec. 6 letter from CMS official Daniel Kane says that although the department understands Congress’ need for documents to continue its probe into the issues with Healthcare.gov , the agency is concerned about security risks from releasing testing information to third parties.
Therefore, the letter states, the agency has decided to not allow contractors to release any documents to any third party, telling the contractors to send congressional investigators to CMS, who will handle the request themselves.
The letter was sent after the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee contacted 11 of the top contractors on the ObamaCare website as part of its investigation into its problems.
In a press release Wednesday, Issa, R-Calif., said the HHS’s request amounts to criminal obstruction, and he has sent a letter to HHS Secretary Sebelius demanding the agency have no further communication with the contractors about the probe.
He Issa a real stooga just like youa.
Chef for a Day Catering

Beaver Falls, PA

#54994 Dec 13, 2013
The biggest issue in all government in the US is Big Business and Lobbyists that have crushed our dollar worth. Pittsburgh is supported by one of the biggest medical conglomerates in the world right now. UPMC runs the government in Pittsburgh and that is fact.

Frank Helisek

West Mifflin, PA

#54995 Dec 13, 2013
Ex Nazi racist tea bagger and former FIXED NEWS employee Glenn Beck goes after Specker of the House and Snitch McConnell

Glenn Beck attacks ‘worthless’ John Boehner

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck went off on Republican leadership after the House passed a budget compromise Thursday, calling House Speaker John Boehner “worthless” and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell a “liar.”

“I think John Boehner is one of the prime examples of worthless, worthless Republicans,” Beck said Thursday on Mark Levin’s radio show.“All these people saying,‘Hey, the Republicans aren’t as bad,’ no. I think they actually might be worse, because they claim to be something that they’re not.”

Continue Reading Text Size
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Rodman's North Korea trip still on
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Poll: ACA approval at 41 percent
Poll: Cornyn way up on Stockman
Beck told Levin, who called Boehner “utterly feckless,” that Boehner and those like him “have got to go.”

“I will not vote for another Republican who is just a Republican who says,‘Well, you know, we got to do what we got to do.’ No we don’t, we have to take a stand,” Beck said, citing Sens. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for standing up.

The pair advocated a strategy for defunding Obamacare that led to the government shutdown in October.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/12/glenn-b...

West Mifflin, PA

#54996 Dec 13, 2013
John Boehner: Conservative Groups Have Lost All Credibility

WASHINGTON -- House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) assailed conservative groups Thursday for opposing the latest budget deal, saying they had crossed a line and lost their credibility.

"This budget agreement takes giant steps in the right direction," Boehner said at a press conference. "But when groups come out and criticize something they've never seen, you begin to wonder just how credible those actions are."

Boehner has been reticent in the past to criticize conservative outside groups, such as Heritage Action and Club for Growth. Some of the groups have had a considerable influence on the tea party faction among House Republicans, and were the rallying force behind the effort to either defund Obamacare or shut down the federal government.

For the first time, Boehner acknowledged that these groups pushed Republicans into an unsuccessful strategy that he didn't favor. He expressed particular outrage that one of the groups later said it knew the shutdown strategy wasn't going to work.

"Are you kidding me?" Boehner shouted.

"Frankly I think they're misleading their followers. I think they're pushing our members in places they don't want to be," he added. "And frankly I just think they've lost all credibility."

Read more here:


West Mifflin, PA

#54997 Dec 13, 2013
This does not solve the long-term budget deal or change the GOPs version of what they would want as a budget in the long run?

No it only postpones it because, if they keep the majority during next year’s election than they will give us the same line they gave us to explain ignoring last year’s presidential election which is that the American people voted for them to continue to do it their way which will be the unfair way and again the obstruction will follow.

The GOP played this trick before except they used the ACA and all the lies that followed to win the majority in 2010. I won’t be gullible in thinking that they wouldn’t do the same next year because, it’s not like they earned the benefit of the doubt.

The media can praise the Speaker and this deal all they want as for me I need more action that would show me he intends to stay true to his bravado yesterday instead of it being an anomaly. He would sell me if he added the extension of the unemployment benefits to the deal or passes it on another separate bill and even than I'll need more action especially on the important issues.

They won’t on either issue and denying the extension will add struggle to the people needing it including 20,000 combat vets! Please be vigilant people because, I’ve seen this trick before.

West Mifflin, PA

#54998 Dec 13, 2013
The Tea Party and conservative groups won't be happy until we're all working for free and starving in the streets. "Don't worry, one day you'll be rich. Just work harder!"

Baltimore, MD

#54999 Dec 14, 2013
That's right, the tyrannical "Club for Growth" who in essense is leading the blunt headed dolts like BHO down a primrose path. He (BHO) can waste all the time he wants trying to convert a few more minions with his Beckian nonsense jibberish. He thinks he spreading accurate information churned out like butter by Jimmy Dmints Heritage Action front for the superwealthy overlords from the energy and medical industries but instead these articles have been sepetated from their original forms by either ommision or just flagrant lies. However, this wouldn't be enough to stop super stooge here BHO to stop propogating this crap, no.way.it just encourages his febble mind like any other stooge who's under the impression these industry Hitler's are going to save his sorry asss.
He's is a loser extrordinaire along with his other blunt headed racist Nazi bretheren are taking the bait hook line and sinker...
Do you ever do wonder how insane a person would have to be to endlessly post here day and night for years like this BHO with worthless garbage propoganda that's obvious to anyone with a normally function brain. You see most people can filter the BS bit a small segment of the population like BHO have defective truth filters and are unable to detect when their being played by the overlords like a friggin violin. However in his extreme case it lends to the speculation of him being directly on the Heritage - Club for Growth - Topix - Pokitix - Koch Brothers - Damint payroll. I've heard that they pay this cut and paste idiot troll thier favorite salary which is of course less than minimum wage since they're currently throwing billions to their paid for a Tea Party pupppets in Congress and hundreds of state government officials . These overlord puppet masters own these blunt headed dolts lock stock and barrel and one agenda of theirs is to elimiminate the nessesity to pay minimum wage. I must say that if they are paying this psychologically deficient psychopath (you know, their favorite type of chump) the minimum wage then they're not getting their money's worth with this pathetic loser BHO.

Baltimore, MD

#55006 Dec 14, 2013
Bobby6464 wrote:
BHO is all about nothing. Ha ha ha what a idiot
No doubt about it....he is the loser extrordinaire.

I enjoy seeing a stooge like BHO being duped by the dumbest asses on earth. Yet, he continues to feed from their dirty racist trough of nonsense.

Amazing, isn't it?

Wilmington, DE

#55012 Dec 15, 2013
The BHO Legacy wrote:
Hope in Obama has changed: He’s now distrusted and disliked by most Americans
November 25, 2013
President Obama’s downfall continues, with Monday poll numbers showing Americans don’t trust his statements, don’t believe in his ability to lead and don’t even find his personality anything to brag about any longer.
Only four of 10 Americans think the president is an effective leader, CNN said. Fully 53 percent think he’s dishonest, untrustworthy — the first time a clear majority thought this about the president. And perhaps worse, given this was the president’s strongest asset: Fifty-six percent say they don’t even admire him as a person any longer.
Just goes to show you how Dumb the Dem voter base is re electing someone like Obama.
If you run Dem vote numbers not long from now close to them will have either or, Flunked school. Has been in Jai, on Dem Gov Assistance,

I’ve said to the Democrats, if your party was so good at running things such as an Economy, then WHY cant the Dems create an economy in their Ghettos. They had 50 years to get it done...

Wilmington, DE

#55013 Dec 15, 2013
If you run Dem vote numbers not long from now close HALF of them will have either or, Flunked school. Has been in Jail, on Dem Gov Assistance,
Ben Gazi

West Mifflin, PA

#55016 Dec 16, 2013
Hillary 2016 ! No tea bagger can beat her...

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