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#54204 Nov 19, 2013
Obamacare Is Already Working: Three Things You Need To Know About The Future Of Health Care

So is it a train wreck?

That was the dire warning of Max Baucus (D-Don’t Let The Door Hit You), when he lamented the challenge of implementing a bill as big and unwieldy as Obamacare the Affordable Care Act.

But as the ACA nears its official 2014 implementation deadline, the emerging data suggest the bill is actually over-performing.(And with Republicans lowering expectations by pushing the #trainwreck line,“better than expected” is actually covering the spread.)

In assessing the ACA’s success or failure, it helps to remember the aims of the bill when it was passed in 2009, goals that were various and mutually reinforcing: to expand coverage, especially to those who couldn’t afford health insurance on the current market; to lower health care costs (aka “bending the cost curve”); to improve Americans’ health overall; and to shrink deficits by reducing the amount spent by both the federal government and individuals on health care. Obviously, these goals overlap: lower costs help reduce deficits; getting more people on insurance plans earlier keeps them healthier, which reduces costs down the line, and so forth.

Take a peek here:

What Fox doesnt report

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#54207 Nov 19, 2013
How Obamacare is working for states

In our states - Washington, Kentucky and Connecticut - the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare," is working. Tens of thousands of our residents have enrolled in affordable health-care coverage. Many of them could not get insurance before the law was enacted.

People keep asking us why our states have been successful. Here's a hint: It's not about our websites.

Sure, having functioning websites for our health-care exchanges makes the job of meeting the enormous demand for affordable coverage much easier, but each of our state websites has had its share of technical glitches. As we have demonstrated on a near-daily basis, websites can continually be improved to meet consumers' needs.

The Affordable Care Act has been successful in our states because our political and community leaders grasped the importance of expanding health-care coverage and have avoided the temptation to use health-care reform as a political football.

In Washington, the legislature authorized Medicaid expansion with overwhelmingly bipartisan votes in the House and Senate this summer because legislators understood that it could help create more than 10,000 jobs, save more than $300 million for the state in the first 18 months, and, most important, provide several hundred thousand uninsured Washingtonians with health coverage.

In Kentucky, two independent studies showed that the Bluegrass State couldn't afford not to expand Medicaid. Expansion offered huge savings in the state budget and is expected to create 17,000 jobs

Take a peek here:

What Fox doesnt report

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#54208 Nov 19, 2013
Compass: Obamacare is needed, and already working

Why do some people want to defund Obamacare? A lot of people make a lot of money from the current system. Some insurance companies have a profit of up to 35 percent and Obamacare will decrease that to only 20 percent. Drug companies make huge profits, charging up to $90,000 for a single dose of some cancer drugs. Obamacare will eventually limit those charges. Some subspecialty doctors make up to $5 million a year and Obamacare will correct that. This year, the few who make so much money will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to fight Obamacare. One special interest group, Americans for Prosperity, is spending $180,000 just on television ads in Alaska

Read more here: http://www.adn.com/2013/10/14/3122451/compass...

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#54209 Nov 19, 2013
The Obamacare Hysteria Bubble Is About to Burst

It's time to take bets. Last week the stars aligned and the media went into an insane feeding frenzy about what Obamacare's rollout problems meant. Democrats in disarray! No, wait. It's worse. Democrats are running for the exits! No, wait. Next year's midterms are set to be a disaster! No, wait. Obamacare is doomed! No, wait. Liberalism is doomed!

So here's the bet. This has pretty obviously become a game of one-upsmanship, and it seems to be continuing this week. For a story to get attention, it has to be even more hysterical than anything that's come before, so that's what we're getting. It's a doom-mongering bubble.

But bubbles always burst eventually. So when will the backlash arrive? What story will, in retrospect, be seen as the pinnacle of panic-stricken hysteria? Who will write it? When will it appear?


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#54210 Nov 19, 2013
Why It’s Time To Start Talking About Reforming, Not Repealing, Obamacare

By David Frum

I've been pounding this drum for a long time, and it needs to be pounded some more. Obamacare is a fact— a malfunctioning fact, like so much of the rest of the American healthcare system, yet a fact all the same. Its beneficiaries are rapidly coalescing into a vested interest, as the pharmaceutical companies and hospital insurance corporations and other providers are vested interests.

Policy cannot realistically be made by dismissing such interests. They have gained something they will think is worth protecting. They will have the votes to protect it. If reform is needed, and it is, they will have to be offered something better.

Repeal is a fantasy. Reform is the task ahead.
What Fox doesnt report

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#54211 Nov 19, 2013
You can't blame people for being frightened. The Koch brothers have spent millions spreading lies, because they will lose money if our health care dollars are spent on actual health care instead of profits for big pharma and doctors. But I hope some people will listen to Dr. Leiberson, who has experience and education in this field, rather than those stupid ads and paid-for right-wing politicians.

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#54212 Nov 19, 2013
Chill: Obamacare snafus are fixable

Yet despite the bed-wetting from Beltway Chicken Littles, the President's problems are eminently fixable. The Affordable Care Act isn'

t collapsing. The Obama presidency isn't imploding. And the ninnies making those sweeping and stupid predictions will one day look like the Washington pundit who boldly declared of the Clinton presidency, "This week we can talk about 'Is the presidency over?' "

He asked that question 11 days after Bill Clinton's inaugural. His first inaugural. Clinton's presidency was not over for another 2,911 days.


Since: May 12

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#54213 Nov 19, 2013
Six Things the Media Doesn't Understand About Obamacare

The Obamacare cancellation stories have dominated the media for the past two weeks. And it’s easy to understand why. People losing their insurance is a bigger story than people getting insurance for the first time. But how big a story should it be? To answer that, you need to know how many people actually fit these descriptions—and what might have happened to these people if the Affordable Care Act had never become law.

1. People With These Policies Frequently Don’t Like Them: The best estimates suggest that about 12 to 15 million people buy insurance on their own. In other words, they are part of the “non-group” market. The best survey on this subject I’ve seen comes from the Center for Health Research and Transformation. In it, nearly half of all people surveyed rated their non-group coverage “fair or poor.”


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#54214 Nov 19, 2013
No, Democrats Are Not Turning Against The Affordable Care Act

The press hype about Affordable Care Act troubles shows no sign of letting up today;Politico and National Journal both have features that seem absolutely detached from political reality.

National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar has Democrats practically lining up to vote for repeal if Healthcare.gov isn’t working well in a couple of weeks.

The problem with Kraushaar’s fantasy — and it is a pure fantasy, one which winds up with an imagined vote count on a repeal veto override — is that no actual Democrats in Congress can be found who are even hinting at anything resembling such a dramatic reversal.

Oh, there are plenty of Democrats who want to be on record as opposing the costs of Obamacare while still supporting the benefits. Especially when it’s a safe vote on something that has no chance to become law. That’s the real story behind the 39 House Democrats who voted for GOP Rep. Fred Upton’s “fix” to the law last week.

Either way, what’s not going to happen is repeal thanks to Democratic panic from short term media frenzies. That’s not how politics works, it’s not what’s happening now, and it’s not what’s going to happen in the future.

What Fox doesnt report

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#54215 Nov 19, 2013
Republicans Hate Obamacare Because They're Afraid People Will Like It

As Michael Hiltzik reported in the LA Times yesterday, when Americans are asked whether they like "Obamacare," a majority say no. But when Americans are asked whether they support what Obamacare actually does, they love it:

Here are figures from Kaiser's March 2013 poll:

Tax credits for small businesses to buy insurance: 88% in favor.

Closing the Medicare drug benefit doughnut hole: 81% in favor.

Extension of dependent coverage to offspring up to age 26: 76% in favor.

Expanding Medicaid: 71% in favor.

Ban on exclusions for preexisting conditions: 66% in favor.

Employer mandate: 57% in favor.

If more Americans end up liking Obamacare, including some Americans who have bought into the "less government is better" pitch, this would be bad news for the already increasingly marginalized Republican Party.

So that's certainly one interesting theory about why the Republicans hate Obamacare so much — because they're worried that their constituents are actually going to like it.

But throwing away old positions and embracing new ones is a big part of politics. So maybe the Republicans should stop fighting "Obamacare" and just call it "Cruz-care."

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/why-republican...
Fox news doesnt report

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#54217 Nov 19, 2013
Gazette columnist Jay Fleitman did a good job Tuesday of explaining why Republicans hate the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, the rationale is not only flawed, but betrays a deep-seated hatred of the political process.

The writer’s statement that the act was rammed through Congress without a chance by Republicans to engage in advise and consent is incorrect. You will remember the many concessions that President Obama made, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went along with, to accommodate Olympia Snow and other supposedly moderate Republicans, all of whom subsequently voted against it.

The idea that there is no reason that Republicans as the opposition party should accept the legitimacy of this bill is deeply wrong. Does this mean that you only get to consider the laws you like as legitimate? There are too many laws that someone doesn’t like. Do we get to pick and choose?

Where does the rule of law come in? If you don’t like a law, you can repeal it. If you can’t get the votes to elect enough legislators to overturn it, perhaps this means that the people of the U.S., whom you are elected to represent, do not agree with your assessment? The employers that are switching to part-time employment to avoid paying health care are likely to be treating their employees badly in other ways.

When Wal-Mart pays so little that its employees have to use the emergency room for primary health care, the rest of us should understand that Wal-Mart is shifting its health care costs onto the American public. Why should we be forced to pay for Wal-Mart and Domino’s employees’ health care? Is it somehow better because it is a corporation that is doing it? Beginning any argument “regardless of the ruling of the Supreme Court that the individual mandate is constitutional” implies again that the rule of law is optional. Does this mean that the various desegregation decisions can be ignored because they violate someone’s deeply held beliefs? Is someone entitled to shoot an abortion doctor because he believes that abortion is murder and Roe v. Wade should be ignored? The name for someone who picks and chooses laws to obey is “criminal.”

The Massachusetts health care law has not thrown our state into chaos. Insurance costs have not skyrocketed due to it. Costs have come down. Even Mitt Romney was proud of the law before he was against it.


Since: May 12

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#54218 Nov 19, 2013
Obamacare Hyperventilation to Continue Forever!

Lost in the Keep Your Plan imbroglio, it appears that healthcare.gov has already reached a point of functionality. It can currently handle 20–25,000 simultaneous users. That may or may not qualify as a full Hanukkah Miracle fixed website by the end of the month, but it’s probably enough, at the very least, to let the law muddle through.

All sorts of things will happen to Obamacare in the next few months. At least some of those things will be bad, because any large enough enterprise, public or private, has bad things happen. One thing that can be predicted is that more and more people will start signing up for Obamacare between now and the end of March, which means the constituency for the law will steadily grow. There will still be a constituency against the law, and possibly future failures will enlarge it, too.

But at some point, having state exchanges where people buy private insurance, with rules preventing abusive practices, will simply be part of the backdrop of health insurance. Take, say, the police. Police departments across the country are constantly beating up innocent people and letting criminals run wild. There will never be an end to stories of police corruption and incompetence. But most people simply take stories like that as reasons to try to make the policy work better, not as arguments that having a police department is a conceptual failure.


Since: May 12

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#54219 Nov 19, 2013
A History Of Republican Excuses For Procrastinating On Immigration Reform

House Republicans have been sitting on immigration reform for months, with many claiming along the way that they’d love to pass a bill, but conditions are simply not right. Most recently, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) took advantage of current media hubbub over the Obamacare rollout to doom immigration reform legislation, arguing that the Healthcare.gov website glitches prove any Democrat-backed legislation is flawed.

Cantor’s invocation of the Obamacare rollout is just the latest example in a long string of reasons Republicans have seized upon to block immigration reform for a little longer. In fact, though Republicans now say there is no more time to pass a bill this year, lawmakers have been procrastinating on immigration reform for most of Obama’s presidency.

We can’t pass immigration reform because…

Richard Nixon

West Mifflin, PA

#54220 Nov 19, 2013
The richest industries in history--banks, energy, telecomm, ag, MIC, pharma get 220 billion a yr in subsidies from the taxpayers.
That is 11 times more than is spent on TANF (family assistance), which is mostly working mothers, children, poor seniors and the disabled.

Blue states subsidize red states.
I still remember some ignorant Presidential candidate who got rich by firing workers, raiding workers pension funds, and offshoring American jobs, calling himself a job-creator, and paying a lower tax rate on his unearned income than the average teacher or cop.


Latrobe, PA

#54224 Nov 19, 2013
I like Iron Tusk Radio
Ridge Runner

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#54227 Nov 19, 2013
Irelands own wrote:
Why does the left hate FOX news so much? Could it be because they report the news? The way NBC, ABC, and CBS used to. The left does not like the truth getting out because the truth is hurting their liberal/socialist/communist cause.
This is why the left hates FOX and is desperately trying to discredit them.
If FOX News was so irrelevent as the left tries to convince others....then why does the left worry about Fox? Again because FOX reports the news unbiased.
FOX leads in viewers and that scares the left/socialist/communists,so they must try to stop the truth from getting out.....so they try, try, try to discredit FOX.
Guess what? It'not working. The most TRUSTED news outlet is FOX!!!! The most watched news outlet is FOX!!!
Hahahahaha. You are a dumb fck

Since: May 12

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#54228 Nov 19, 2013
No huge drop in Obamacare support despite rocky rollout: Reuters/Ipsos poll

The troubled rollout of President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law has hurt the popularity of the initiative, but the decline has been fairly modest, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Monday.

Forty-one percent of Americans expressed support for the 2010 law popularly known as Obamacare in a survey conducted from Thursday to Monday. That was down 3 percentage points from a Reuters/Ipsos poll taken from September 27 to October 1.

Opposition to the healthcare law stood at 59 percent in the latest poll, versus 56 percent in the earlier survey.

There has been some shift ... but the shift has been small," said Ipsos pollster Chris Jackson.

Jackson said the relatively small change in the poll numbers was consistent with a pattern in place since the passage of the law three years ago in which opinions about it have fluctuated very little.


Since: May 12

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#54229 Nov 19, 2013
Poll: Most Americans Oppose Obamacare Repeal Despite Rollout Troubles

Despite sharp divisions over the long-term impact of President Obama's health-reform law, fewer than two in five Americans say it should be repealed, virtually unchanged since last summer, the latest United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll has found.

Amid all the tumult over the law's troubled implementation, the survey found that public opinion about it largely follows familiar political tracks and has changed remarkably little since the summer on the critical question of what Congress should do next. On that measure, support for repeal has not significantly increased among any major group except Republicans and working-class whites since the Congressional Connection Poll last tested opinion on the question in July.


Since: May 12

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#54230 Nov 19, 2013
Conservative Activists Plan to Elect Shadow President if Obama Doesn't Resign by Black Friday

Approximately 100 conservative activists gathered in front of the White House on Tuesday for a kickoff of what organizers call "the second American revolution."

The event could easily have been mistaken for a tea party rally, with American and Gadsden flags, a smattering of biker jackets and a few lawn chairs.

Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman, who emceed the event, told attendees if President Barack Obama does not resign by Nov. 29, conservative activists will meet in Philadelphia to elect a shadow government.

"We've got God on our side," Klayman said. "He's going to make sure we win this revolution."


Since: May 12

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#54231 Nov 19, 2013
Reports of Obamacare's Death Greatly Exaggerated - Enrollments Surge

In what should be no surprise to anyone, states that are using their own systems to sign up Obamacare enrollees are meeting or exceeding enrollment targets, with sudden recent surges lapping the lag.

A number of states that use their own systems, including California, are on track to hit enrollment targets for 2014 because of a sharp increase in November, according to state officials.

"What we are seeing is incredible momentum," said Peter Lee, director of Covered California, the nation's largest state insurance marketplace, which accounted for a third of all enrollments nationally in October. California — which enrolled about 31,000 people in health plans last month — nearly doubled that in the first two weeks of this month.

Several other states, including Connecticut and Kentucky, are outpacing their enrollment estimates, even as states that depend on the federal website lag far behind. In Minnesota, enrollment in the second half of October ran at triple the rate of the first half, officials said. Washington state is also on track to easily exceed its October enrollment figure, officials said.


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