Who do you support for Governor in Pe...

Philadelphia, PA

#53651 Oct 28, 2013
Corbett = one and done.
Lippy Lobbyist

Selinsgrove, PA

#53652 Oct 28, 2013
Friends for Liptok wrote:
Liptok for Governor
Liptok for President 2016
Political fundraiser to be held in the Charles Baber cemetery. come hear the kernal speak on his platform. spam sammiches will be served. while cash is greatly appreciated, an RV or tour bus, a new funace, maybe a new car, a motorcycle, a diamond ring, and much gold bling, will be accepted.
SPAM sammich fan

Hazleton, PA

#53653 Oct 28, 2013
Gots to love SPAM luncheon smeat on rye. Delish!
sally sloppy snatch

West Mifflin, PA

#53655 Oct 28, 2013
Lippy Lobbyist wrote:
<quoted text>
Political fundraiser to be held in the Charles Baber cemetery. come hear the kernal speak on his platform. spam sammiches will be served. while cash is greatly appreciated, an RV or tour bus, a new funace, maybe a new car, a motorcycle, a diamond ring, and much gold bling, will be accepted.
what's a funace?....sounds like fun
lock n load

West Mifflin, PA

#53656 Oct 28, 2013
Cheney had devised, and Bush approved, an NSA operation to monitor the phone calls and emails of U.S. citizens without a warrant, part of which later became known as the Terrorist Surveillance Program. After more than two years of going along with "the vice president's special program," the Justice Department concluded that parts of it were illegal

Cheney admits he was behind the spying in his memoir. But Gellman makes a compelling case that he lies about a confrontation with an ailing John Ashcroft to make himself look better. In any case, it is beyond dispute that at Dick Cheney's urging, the federal government spied on millions of non-terrorist Americans without a warrant. And that Cheney wanted the program to continue even after it was declared illegal.

After his initial stints in government under Republican Administrations, including time as George H.W. Bush's Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney entered the private sector, where he used contacts he made during his time in government to enrich himself. All told, he would earn more than $44 million from Halliburton.

After Cheney enriched himself by exploiting contacts with various corrupt Arab autocrats that he made while drawing a public salary, he returned to public life as vice-president. Halliburton donated to his campaign, and got numerous lucrative contracts during the Bush Administration's tenure, even as it was discovered to have overcharged the U.S. for prior services rendered.

Cindy M

West Mifflin, PA

#53657 Oct 28, 2013
John McCain gets petitioned on gay rights – from his wife.

U.S. Senators get a lot of petitions and a lot of mail but not a lot from their spouses in an official capacity.

But that’s exactly what happened Thursday when Cindy McCain signed a postcard petition sent to her husband, Sen. John McCain, urging him to support legislation barring discrimination against gays and lesbians in the workplace.

According to a story in the Washington Post, Cindy McCain was approached Thursday in a Phoenix Staples store by an organizer with the gay-rights group Human Rights Campaign. The organizer, John Gomez, asked her to sign a post-card to her husband encouraging his support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Both Human Rights Campaign and McCain’s office confirmed the story on Friday.

"Senator McCain enjoys and appreciates having discussions on the important issues of the day with all the members of his family, and he respects their views," McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said in a statement.

Cindy McCain has had very public disagreements with her husband over gay rights in the past. In 2010 she posed for a campaign supporting marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

Cindy M

West Mifflin, PA

#53658 Oct 28, 2013
John Boehner’s next big test: Immigration

“I still think immigration reform is an important subject that needs to be addressed. And I’m hopeful,” said Boehner.

Months ago, as House Republicans were slow-walking immigration after the Senate passed a broad bill, the latter possibility appeared the likelier bet. But times have changed. The position House Republicans adopted in the fiscal standoff badly damaged the party’s brand. The GOP is reeling, searching desperately for a way to turn things around. That means Boehner, too, must look for ways to repair the damage.

And that’s where immigration comes in. Even before the government shutdown showdown, a vocal part of the GOP (think Sen. John McCain) had been talking up the urgent need to do immigration reform or risk further alienating Hispanic voters. Now, amid hard times for the party driven by deeper skepticism from Democrats, independents and even some Republicans following the fiscal standoff, the political imperative is arguably even stronger.

B Clinton

West Mifflin, PA

#53659 Oct 28, 2013
In order for the tea baggers to win any major election they need to embrace and support the blacks,gay marriage, women's rights, equal pay for women, immigration,disabled vets, and senior citizens. Not just vote for it to get elected, but actually mean it!!

Hillary 2016!!
Tricky Dicky

West Mifflin, PA

#53660 Oct 28, 2013
Obamacare or Nixoncare?

I am not a crook !!

Nixon's Plan For Health Reform, In His Own Words

President Richard Nixon's Special Message to the Congress Proposing a Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan

February 6, 1974

From The American Presidency Project, University of California at Santa Barbara

To the Congress of the United States:

One of the most cherished goals of our democracy is to assure every American an equal opportunity to lead a full and productive life

In the last quarter century, we have made remarkable progress toward that goal, opening the doors to millions of our fellow countrymen who were seeking equal opportunities in education, jobs and voting.

Now it is time that we move forward again in still another critical area: health care.

Without adequate health care, no one can make full use of his or her talents and opportunities. It is thus just as important that economic, racial and social barriers not stand in the way of good health care as it is to eliminate those barriers to a good education and a good job.

Three years ago, I proposed a major health insurance program to the Congress, seeking to guarantee adequate financing of health care on a nationwide basis. That proposal generated widespread discussion and useful debate....

For the average family, it is clear that without adequate insurance, even normal care can 'be a financial burden while a catastrophic illness can mean catastrophic debt.

Beyond the question of the prices of health care, our present system of health care insurance suffers from two major flaws :

First, even though more Americans carry health insurance than ever before, the 25 million Americans who remain uninsured often need it the most and are most unlikely to obtain it. They include many who work in seasonal or transient occupations, high-risk cases, and those who are ineligible for Medicaid despite low incomes.

Tricky Dicky

West Mifflin, PA

#53661 Oct 28, 2013
Comprehensive health insurance is an idea whose time has come in America.

There has long been a need to assure every American financial access to high quality health care. As medical costs go up, that need grows more pressing.

Now, for the first time, we have not just the need but the will to get this job done. There is widespread support in the Congress and in the Nation for some form of comprehensive health insurance.

Surely if we have the will, 1974 should also be the year that we find the way.

The plan that I am proposing today is, I believe, the very best way. Improvements can be made in it, of course, and the Administration stands ready to work with the Congress, the medical profession, and others in making those changes.

But let us not be led to an extreme program that would place the entire health care system under the dominion of social planners in Washington.

Let us continue to have doctors who work for their patients, not for the Federal Government. Let us build upon the strengths of the medical system we have now, not destroy it.

Indeed, let us act sensibly. And let us act now--in 1974--to assure all Americans financial access to high quality medical care.

The White House,
February 6, 1974.

where da white women at

Hazleton, PA

#53662 Oct 28, 2013
I needs sum tight white poonage. Hook a brotha up.
Lippy Lobbyist

Selinsgrove, PA

#53663 Oct 28, 2013
where da white women at wrote:
I needs sum tight white poonage. Hook a brotha up.
try west norwegian street in Pottsville. lots of hot tub parties on the weekends. the secret code word is "Spam Sammich".
Attack of the Spam Goons

Selinsgrove, PA

#53664 Oct 28, 2013
last night I was attacked by two Spam Sammiches. they told me I better vote for Da Kernal or they would shove their meat in my mouth.
Georack Obushy

Hazleton, PA

#53666 Oct 28, 2013
STFU and pay taxes to the evil empire!

Pottstown, PA

#53668 Oct 29, 2013
The third, fourth or fifth party would get my vote for governor. The so called CONservative politician in the office now is caving and/or pandering to groups with money for votes filling their budgets with state money.

Even worse the current 2.5 BILLION road money bill is to cover up, make up and correct years of neglect and incompetence. And last but not least pander to the union voter.

Pennsylvania does NOT properly MAINTAIN or REPAIR roads. Everything seems to turn into a replacement project. A redo but NOT a repair.

How would you like as a consumer if you called a carpenter out to fix a floor or window they only wanted to rebuild the house. Because that's what this current road bill. Is an extrememe makeover to cover up years of neglect, malfeasance, incompetence and corruption along with kowtowing for votes. It's not about actually maintaining or repairing the roads.

Time for a third party candidate and politician at all levels of government. Get the establishment politicians out of there.


Donora, PA

#53669 Oct 29, 2013
youtube.com/watch... …………… Trick or Treat? Girls
The Unaffordable Care Act

Latrobe, PA

#53670 Oct 29, 2013
i cant afford normal health insurance how am i expected to afford obamacare?
Barack O

West Mifflin, PA

#53671 Oct 29, 2013
The Unaffordable Care Act wrote:
i cant afford normal health insurance how am i expected to afford obamacare?
maybe get a better job azzwipe with better benefits.
feeling intellectual

Hazleton, PA

#53672 Oct 29, 2013
Barack O wrote:
<quoted text>maybe get a better job azzwipe with better benefits.
I thought ACA was about equality in medical care. It was an evolution of the Patient Bill of Rights.
Henry C Frick

Arlington, VA

#53675 Oct 29, 2013
Barack O gay rights wrote:
So if all males of the liberal democratic species are married to males
and all females of the liberal democratic species are married to females
and they each lick their own sex parts,
would the liberals eventually force females to breed through Planned Parenthood?
or simply import anchor babies from third world countries
Like Ted Cruz from Canada?

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