Virgin Mary.( up on the hill)

Virgin Mary.( up on the hill)

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The Truth

Graniteville, SC

#1 Oct 27, 2008
The truth of the matter is this....

The woman that claimed she saw the Virgin Mary on the top of the hill at Valley Hill, was sent to a Mental Institution short after where she died not long after. Not saying this place is not holy however I highly doubt that, just stating the facts.

Truth Be Told....

p.s Robert Stack pwnsssss101010101
Machelle B

Winchester, KY

#2 Nov 29, 2008
I myself have never seen anything happen there but however I have herd stories that alot of people were there on a certain Sunday and saw her then they were all covered in gold dustings. How true this is I dont know bc I wasnt there.
In another case I was at a yard sale like 4-5 years ago and it was given by 3 old ladies sorry to call them old but there were like in their 70's or so and they were all looking at some pictures one of them had just had developed.I being who I am was curious so I asked if I could see them and the lady showed them to me in one of the pictures and to this day it still gives me goose bumps there was the virgin mary as plain as day almost..there is no way these ladies could of doctored these pictures. so I believe that something did happen there once upon a time not sure if anything still happes now or not bc it isnt being really taken care of like it should.
Like I said I dont really know bc I wasnt there but the pictures was awesom to look at it made me think.

Since: Nov 08

United States

#3 Dec 8, 2008
i live right opposite that place and have for 4 years and i have never seen anything or like felt her pressence...And shes supossed to show up on the 23rd of every month. well that happens to be my bday and still....havent seen a thing. Oh and my names up there too...

United States

#4 Jun 7, 2009
Well I feel it is a very holy and spiritual place, but I seriously doubt she's going to show up on the 3rd and 23rd of everymonth. It's not like you can sit down with her and schedule it out, it happens spontaneously. I've never personally saw her, but I do believe she is there

United States

#5 Jul 12, 2010
I keep reading comments about this shine and find it quite comical how distorted the stories behind it become.

Regarding the first post suggesting the lady who saw Mary went insane, I've never heard that one. The only person I've ever heard of who regularly had visions of Mary was Iona Wright. I'm not sure of all the details, but what I recall is that she was the owner of the land who claimed to have had visions there for years. I'm not sure regarding the reliability of her claims, personally I found them somewhat suspect (due to their frequency and predictability in occurrence), and yet I do believe it is extremely likely she did experience something of a mystic nature.

The initial event that appears to have raised the most interest occurred in April of 1995 involving 8 girls and their Sunday school teacher. One day they visited the shrine atop the his and had an extraordinary experience similar to the Fatima miracle on October 13, 1917. If anyone is interested in the account, it was featured on Unsolved Mysteries in October 1995, and is located on disc 2 or 3 in the Unsolved Mysteries box set titled "Miracles."

One of the comments above stated it very well, there really did seem to be something extraordinarily profound about this location at one point. I personally experienced one simultaneous encounter of a visual and physical nature, along with 5 very unusual photos which occurred between 1997 - 1999. And suddenly, just like the above poster suggests, those types of encounters there stopped.


Winchester, KY

#6 Jul 14, 2010
The ancient greeks had a similar incident like Mrs Wright did they called it the oracle. It was proved by scientist that the oracle was a female(s) who had been drug induced by natural gases that were unseen by the eye spewing from the earth. I think there is a more logical reasoning behind what had happened there in the past. Not trying to knock anyone's religion but beliefs in the paranormal and supernatural have occurred since the ancient greeks who had a god for just about everything (Thunder, Water, Fire, etc etc. It was later proved to be not scientifically possible.
The truth is there is no proof physical or scientifically that these events occurred here except word of mouth. It seems to me that this is the basis of religion and beliefs now and days. Stories written and told by others. But it also thrives upon a persons faith as well. If you believe the place to be holy, than to you others who believe that as well it will be holy. I'm not trying to say the place isn't but a sign that says the virgin mary appears the 23rd of every month is a bit overboard and if it occurs that often someone somewhere would have had proof of this happening and there would not only be people all over this state but possibly the world to visit this place. But there isn't because it just don't happen.
But everyone is allowed to believe their own thing, and faith is what thrives religion. So have faith and maybe you'll witness something extraordinary. I myself highly doubt it.

Winchester, KY

#7 Jul 14, 2010
It was once believed that lightning was a angry act of God, but we all know it now to be a natural occurrence in nature.
Lady Gaga

Vine Grove, KY

#8 Sep 28, 2010
so were is this place located at????
kathy sp

Elizabethtown, KY

#9 Nov 11, 2010
the waker grave stone why is it there catherine wa lker pitman

Bardstown, KY

#10 Oct 31, 2011
i had a experince there but it was more alien me along with 4 friends saw a giant blue ball of light/fire it really changed my life. It is somthing i will never forget as long as i live.

“Tell it like it is”

Since: Dec 11

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#11 Mar 17, 2012
The only thing unholy about any spot on the earth comes from man's heart.

“Tell it like it is”

Since: Dec 11

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#12 Mar 17, 2012
Don't know why but when I answer or respond to a post left, my comments are transferred to another topic.

Louisville, KY

#13 Jun 7, 2012
I have been here and I have taken pictures of the sun when I am on the hill and I have a picture of the sun and then on the picture it has a white shiloutte and what looks like to me to be water. I have also been up there and had them pray for my mom and have oils put on my back because she was going to have back surgery and the next day her doctor came in to her hospital room and said she didn't need surgery. That please is truly amazing to me. My uncle was up there with me and he had his silver rosary and the crucifix turned gold. I don't know about the rest of you but I believe there is something amazing up there. There are alot of butterflies and they come and sit on you and sometimes I have seen people with gold shadows on them. I don't know if you believe me but I promise this is the truth.

Shepherdsville, KY

#14 Jun 25, 2012
Just noticed this thread again after my initial comment nearly two years ago. Occasionally I run Google searches on Valley Hill to see if anything new or interesting has come up. After having now read Mr. Atheist’s comments, I’m feeling compelled to respond.

Regarding Delphi and the like, I’d have to say utilizing the words “proved” and “scientist” regarding the analysis of events occurring more than 2000 years ago is quite the stretch. How exactly are ancient events of that type proven? Not to mention that the mechanics of such activities were often guarded secrets known only to a few.

What interests me here is the degree of blind faith certain people will attribute to an analysis when words like “science” and “proof” are utilized. However, show such a person videos of authentic people giving heart felt accounts of having experienced something beyond the norm, and a skeptic’s most likely exclamation trends towards “impossible!” From my standpoint, certainty to that degree often results from inexperience.

I agree with Mr. Atheist on certain points: for example the monthly visitation by Mary on the 2nd and 23rd was too much for me as well. When he states however,“the truth is there is no proof physical or scientifically that these events occurred here except word of mouth,” my response is, how exactly could a person know that? Has he seen every photo ever taken atop Valley Hill. If such proof were obtained, how does he know the person would feel compelled to share it?

I have no interest in trying to prove anything to Mr. Atheist, but I do like giving interested people hope there could exist possibilities for validation. If this system allows me, I will post the cropped portion of a photo encountered atop Valley Hill just prior to the autumnal equinox in 1997. Although that photo’s anomaly was extremely interesting, at the time it was encountered I never considered it to be paranormal proof; however, it did serve in leading to a point of personal validation.


Trinity, TX

#15 Jul 1, 2012
Where is this located I would personally like to go here :)

Since: Jun 12

Shepherdsville, KY

#16 Jul 1, 2012
Follow 55 south, after Springfield its about 5 miles on the left just after Valley Hill Rd.

Onondaga, MI

#17 Mar 11, 2013
i was in ohio at a motel,,i saw this show in 1995,,,,they showed a blury picture saying it was mary and jesus,,,,as soon as they said that the picture came into focus and it was an arab boy and a beautiful arab woman,,the most beautiful two people i ever saw,,,,but they were not happy with me,,,,it has haunted me for almost 20 years,,,god is real jesus is his son,maRY IS HIS MOTHER

Since: Jun 12

Louisville, KY

#18 Mar 11, 2013
If in case you aren't aware, it's possible to buy a copy of that program at . Using the search terms "Unsolved Mysteries" and "Miracles" will lead to a box set consisting of 4 discs for $25.99.

It's an accumulation of the program's best investigations regarding miracles. If I'm recalling correctly, the segment about Valley Hill is on the 3rd disc under the title "Kentucky Visions."

My experience was similar, except I first saw it in October of 1996. I wasn't paying much attention, just flipping the channels and came upon it at the precise moment that part of the show began. From what I gather it was reran on that night with the original broadcast date being October 27, 1995.


Bardstown, KY

#20 Mar 13, 2013
Double Exposure from the looks of the photos.
"Dr. Joe Nickell is a paranormal investigator from the magazine known as "The Skeptical Inqurer." He investigated the photographs and claims that the cause of the pictures were due to cartridge leakage, and that most of the phenomenon is just mass hysteria."

United States

#21 Mar 30, 2013
Karen I would love to talk to you

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