Oh Well

Bedias, TX

#3 Jun 9, 2010
I want to know who the Supervisor is, and I can not pictre anybody with him he is psycho, and his underarms stink so bad, I know I can smell him everyone else can what do you girls see in him, and the smell makes me sick to my stomach, tell him to get some deodorant they sell it there, better yet take a damn bath

Buffalo, TX

#4 Jun 21, 2010
he carrys a tape recorder on him for crying out loud no wonder no one wants him and if they do date him they break up with him . He isnt over his ex that he has his son by . Girls you deserve alot better dont get your heart broke by him trust me. He will hold things against you and make you feel bad .

Elizabethtown, KY

#5 Jun 23, 2010
Is he not married?

hmmm more drama was the superviser male or fat young dumpy thing?

Elizabethtown, KY

#6 Jun 23, 2010
Wait is he the one who went over to his employees home and had sex with his wife and broke up their marriage? And the employee got fired cause he was upset his wife was being screwed by his boss who made sure he worked on his day offs so he could be over at his employees home? Is that not a sick person he is to do that to his employee and his boss took his side? I would have sued him and the company for abuse of his power in the company to do an IMORAL ACT. SICKO'S. How do these low lifes live with themselves?
lookie there

Versailles, KY

#7 Jun 25, 2010
yep he does have a tape recorder and he does carry it every where does his gf know about the ex and what he says to the baby momma. that so sad that he still has feelings for her how does baby momma feel about it?
his baby momma

Versailles, KY

#8 Jun 30, 2010
David you are pathetic. U called the night I got married begging me not to marry the man I love with all of my heart. U have sent me texts declaring your undying forever love u hold for me. I told u what we had is way past gone its buried in hell. We have an absolutely beautiful son together. Concentrate on that alone instead of asking people how to get me to leave my husband. U constantly are sneaking and tape recording everyone, hows that lawsuit against Walmart going? or the one you have against Jennifer Applegate for harassing you at walmart? funny aint she your girlfriend?
I'm telling you for the last time David, I have no love left for you, I will not leave my husband who is more of a man than you will ever be, for you or any other man. Let it go. We are way past done, you can quit with your childish attempts to get me to leave the man I love with all of my heart. Be happy that our son is happy and healthy. Love him, not me.
Move on find you someone you can trust... forget you have a tape recorder with the next one (best advice I can give you besides be faithful to her). Also forget that we ever dated if you wanna call it that. We have a son together and that is it. Move forward with your life, I did Jess from PA every girl u have ever dated has moved on. Concentrate on making yourself happy without me. i don't love you. I never did. You were a rebound relationship and we all know that rebound relationships don't work out.
girls this serves as notice: He cheated on me the entire time we were "together", he tried to get me to email and harass his current gf, which I have video proof of him calling her dispicable things and trying to get me to do the harassing. If you want him hes all yours I have no ties to him except for our son. Have at him.
his baby momma

Versailles, KY

#9 Jun 30, 2010
from a post in this nasty thing at walmart:
david jones

Versailles, KY

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Wednesday Jun 9




yall dont be talking about my gf that way she cant help it. she dont realize I still love another always will, she gave me a son and I wanna marry the other girl, just she wont leave her husband any tips on how to get her too?

Park City, KY

#10 Jun 30, 2010
That sounds like a stalker to me.

Does he know it's illegal to tape conversations between people without having their permission?

Can you say JAIL.
lookie there

Versailles, KY

#13 Jul 12, 2010
to update and louisville fan if you have seen it and heard it why dont you give your local child protective service people a call and have the dude investigated. The baby needs to be with its mom instead of being reared by that lunatic. if enough people report him they have to do investigation you know ive done reported him.
Louisville Fan

Lexington, KY

#14 Jul 12, 2010
I have also reported him also if anyone know anything about this or heard of it report it .
Louisville Fan

Lexington, KY

#15 Jul 12, 2010
Do you know anything about david jones he lives in Liberty also dont he still work 3rd shift at walmart ? I have his number but he doesnt need his son .
He needs help

Columbia, KY

#16 Jul 17, 2010
stupid jerk
baby mama

Russell Springs, KY

#17 Jul 21, 2010
if you all know he is hurting our son you need to report him. Our baby means everything to me. If you have his number louisville fan why are you askin if anyone knows anything about him. id tell you all you wanted to hear but i aint that spiteful ill let you find out on your own what kind of boy he is. I do know that he is currently dating a girl and trying to get me to leave my husband for him which i will never do. I wish him and jennifer applegate a life full of love and i can only hope that he is as faithful to her as he can possibly be. Lets just say the dates we were together and the dates everyone says they were together overlap a great big bunch. And we were together for over two years august 26, 2006 to february 14, 2009 plenty of time to find out what kinda boy he is wontcha say?
Louisville Fan

Greensburg, KY

#19 Jul 25, 2010
lets just say he works at walmart in Lebanon drives a black truck and purple dodge neon his aunts . He lives in Liberty with his aunt well did . and i would but his number on here but i wont and you think i dont know i no all about him . He is a cheater and if i was you i might want to watch my son around him take my advice. And him and jennifer broke up . THANKS and one more thing carries tape record to work or to pick his son up ...........
baby mama

Somerset, KY

#20 Jul 29, 2010
I know enough about david. ok we have a son together. we see each other often enough for me to know about his life, and for your information David and Jennifer were very much together today when I seen the both of them. me and David share a son together the sooner everyone keeps their nose on their face the sooner we can move on with our lives. I am happily married, and if David is happy then I am happy for him and whomever he chooses to be with. I dont care what he does with his personal life, so whoever is sending me the messages can stop. I have davids numbers should I need to get in touch with him and he has mine. This is complete bull sh*t. If he is hurting our son then our son wouldnt you think I would know about it? If you feel that he is hurting our baby then by all means report him. Im tired of the childish games. I want for David, my husband, and I and whomever David is with to be friends or at least civil with one another, we do have a child together. and Louisville fan whoever you are please get your facts right before you go putting them on here. And tp hoever keeps sending me emails and links about david please stop. I dont wanna hear about his every move. David if you read this please change your email passwords and networking ones as well I got emails from you to you and so forth and so on. I dont need them I delete all of them I get. I could care less about what you are emailing and writing on ur pages ok. Thanks

Austell, GA

#21 Feb 20, 2013
Won't have to worry 'bout David no mo'. Heard he is taking a long dirt nap now. I know some people are glad he took the cowards way out, others truly sad he shot himself. Oh well, life goes on. Except for you there Dave...
deadlybeautifula ngel

New Haven, KY

#22 Feb 21, 2013
He was my ex. I loved him very much. He had his problems. I am sad he died and just ask for prayers for his son and his soul. no-mo-no-mo that was very disrespectful. You have a right to your opinion but at least think of the feelings of the ones left behind.

Austell, GA

#23 Feb 23, 2013
Your legacy is left behind by how you treat people while you are alive, not by how many people miss you when you are gone. Sorry for your loss, but he wasn't a stand up guy.

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