Why are lebanese women trying to look...

Why are lebanese women trying to look like me?

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Since: Mar 11

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#2 Apr 25, 2013
JENCOOK wrote:
Im sick of you ugly lebanese women trying to look European! my friend brought hte arab channel and all of you had blonde hair and colored contacts with fake noses! you look like michale jackson!
stop staring at me! all light skin beautiful women like myself complain daily about getting stared at by you ugly arab guys. we dont want your curry small penises.
Im a successful student and a dance instructor!
I teach dance and I am known online as jennifer cook aka dancegypsy8
I have no shame posting my gorgeous photo/facebook! I have the balls to do that! and im not scared! because I will kill any sand monkey lebanese who dares try to message me calling me names! my people civilized you! get some respect and stop staring at us European women! Im a young german beauty and Im sick of being stared at by arab guys and having you lebanese ugly women try to copy us whites!
stay with your own people! and stop trying to look like us!
is that too much to ask?
A little conceited, aren't you!

Clay City, KY

#4 Apr 25, 2013
You are not that damn cute honey, so get off your high horse.

Columbus, OH

#5 Apr 25, 2013
Ewww. You don't have haters. They aren't making you famous. People just don't like you, ya ugly bitch.

Raywick, KY

#6 Apr 25, 2013
I never have seen any Arab dudes in Leb or are you posting from NY?

Since: Mar 11

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#7 Apr 25, 2013
JENCOOK73 wrote:
if you looked like this:
you would be too
I look a little better, and I'm a blonde, too. LOLOL

Since: Mar 11

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#8 Apr 25, 2013
Remember one thing, honey. Beauty comes from within, more important than external features which will fade with the passage of time. Your hatred and bigotry really shows you for what you are...and it's not pretty.
Get some manners

Hodgenville, KY

#9 Apr 25, 2013
Are you a Nazi as well? I hope you don't represent the rest of Germany with that attitude. Perhaps a little history lesson would teach you what hatred did to your people the last time.
Oh, and one last thing, you really aren't that pretty.

New York, NY

#11 Jul 5, 2013
I am Not lebanese, but

Has it ever occurred to you that these are some beauty standards not necessarily trying to look European ? If a European woman tries to make her nose smaller is she 'trying to look european" ?!

Has it ever occurred to you that some people look better in blonde hair ? Is a blonde woman who dyes her hair black trying to look Arab ?!!

Lebanese women are known worldwide for being gorgeous ladies with class, intelligence and good spirits.You are very wrong also to think all Arab men like white women... You sound seriously ill mentally. Not trying to put you down or hurt your feelings but you aren't my type at all and I'll leave it at that ...
lebanese girl

Beirut, Lebanon

#12 Oct 25, 2013
Oglala you are stupid
And jealous of us lebanese girls
Dr Hazem

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#13 Nov 25, 2013
You are so ugly. No woman wants to be like your horrible face, yuk!

Brampton, Canada

#14 Jan 15, 2014
FYI, Lebanese women are actually decent from Europeans and some have natural blonde hair and coloured eyes. Lebanese women are way prettier than your ugly ass

Beirut, Lebanon

#15 Jan 25, 2014
You look like a mean witch. Lebanese women I know are by far prettier. Too many have perfect noses, big hazel eyes and smooth and tender lips. You have sharp features.

H├Ągersten, Sweden

#16 Jan 29, 2014
if u think u look bettter then lebanes woman olaga, soo why u are u have colour your hair like arabi girls black ;) u are blond ??
Get a life

Singapore, Singapore

#17 Jan 30, 2014
Lmfao this person is funny and stupid. I won't say anything about your appearance because it would be something VERY insulting. And FYI how the heck do you know that those girls trying to "look like you" are lebanese? There are many lebanese people who are blonde and blue/green eyed naturally without any contacts. And many do look european. And BTW curry is an INDIAN dish not Arabic, and probably those guys who were chasing you were indians. What a fucking ignorant bitch you are. Indians and Arabs are different.

South El Monte, CA

#19 Apr 11, 2014
These positive comments that lebanese women are beautiful, classy, and all light skinned and blond is a joke! Lol! There all obviously from lebanese women trying to defend there small insignificant Arab nation!.. Just like dogs are dogs and cats are cats! You Lebanese women or men and all middle easterners and non European countries, can never be compared to us European! You can dream all you want! Say all you want! But at the end of the day your a country that is full of war, violence, and ignorance, if you don't believe me? Turn your TV on! And by the way I am French American but have lived in France and we dislike lebanese and other nationalities who try to compare to be like like us! Lol! BE YOURSELF! Not even Egyptians that were conquered by Greeks try to be Greeks!... FOOD FOR THOUGHT?!! By the way! I am not races either just saying the facts! All creatures are beautiful but not the same!..:)
Lebanese guy

Angers, France

#20 Apr 17, 2014
Yo french american guy, I really doubt it you are french. If you are, then I really feel bad for you.

Also, I don't need to turn my tv, I lived in Lebanon for 18 years, then moved to France ( because I am half french aswell ), let me tell you something about your french people. You folks would die to have a lebanese friend. Why ? I'll tell you why, because when you feel sad, other people around you will treat you like the dog that you are, but a lebanese person will actually care for what you feel. He will invite you to dinner and pay 60 euros for that 3 stars entrecote, when you won't even pay 40 cents for a coffee for your friends. That is the difference between both cultures.

You talk bad about us ? That is your right, but I am proud of who I am and will never change to please uneducated folks such as yourself.

Good day, read a book or two, will do you well trust me.

Jersey City, NJ

#21 Apr 22, 2014
Your ugly and have a miss piggy face. Who would want to look like your fat ugly ass. You need a tan too. Stop dying your hair black. Your trying to hard to be exotic when in reality your fat ugly and generic looking

Duncanville, TX

#23 Jun 5, 2014
Can we please stop fighting, and get over it? I think Europeans look pretty, and so do Lebanese. Goodness, it's amazing how people could fight over looks. And making a big disgrace for each other's races isn't funny. These hate forums aren't doing us a big favor anyway.
palestinian girl

Istanbul, Turkey

#24 Jun 19, 2014
first of all you look like any white trash i know :) second only horny men that just want any pusy would look at you :) because girls like you are easy and who looks at easy girls? ugly horny low life men :) trust me i live in turkey istanbul and all i see is german girls always getting fukd and thrown hahaha and arab girls are strong, beautiful, and know what their doing ... so just go get fukd easy tezeee

Stafford, Australia

#25 Nov 3, 2014
I'm lebanese and I'm here to steal your white skin

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