Dr. Cary L. Hamlin

Dr. Cary L. Hamlin

There are 182 comments on the Daily Record story from Sep 4, 2007, titled Dr. Cary L. Hamlin. In it, Daily Record reports that:

WASHINGTON TWP. -- Dr. Cary L. Hamlin of Long Valley died Sunday, Sept. 2, 2007, at Newton Memorial Hospital, Newton.

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#1 Sep 7, 2007
He was the kind of doc we all wish we could find and keep forever. He worked miracles. He will be missed.

Rutherford, NJ

#2 Sep 7, 2007
Dr. Hamlin was one of the most amazing people I have ever known and I will miss him dearly. His understanding, insight and expertise turned my life around. One of the things I admired most about Cary Hamlin was his incredible depth of knowledge in so many disciplines - he was a true genius. I am shocked and saddened about the news of his sudden death. My condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to his family and the wonderful staff at his office. Thank you Dr. Hamlin for all you have done to help me and all you have done to make the world a better place for so many others. May God Forever Bless Cary Hamlin. Rest in peace my friend...RS

Norristown, PA

#3 Sep 10, 2007
I will miss Dr.Hamlin, last time I went see him he showed me pictures of his Grandchild, Rainier St. Clare deGravelles , He was so proud. He helped me so much and there will nver be any one as nice him. G

Bayonne, NJ

#4 Sep 10, 2007
saved my life in more ways than one. a great man.

Vaudreuil-dorion, Canada

#5 Sep 10, 2007
Great in his simplicity, Dr. Hamlin's character was unique in ways that should have been common for those in the medical field but, sadly, are not. He was selfless, patient, tireless, the consumate advocate and a brilliant representative of his chosen profession. Without ever breaching professional etiquette, he became a member of our family - someone who was always there, forever had your best interest at heart and never, ever let you down. He was a true humanitarian and with his passing, health care has lost a noble ambassador.
In our lives, he is a standard to be met.
In our hearts, he is irreplaceable.
1 of 2 of the Dynamic Duo

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#6 Sep 10, 2007
I was shocked about hearing about Dr. Hamlin. He was the most amazing physician I ever met! 21 years ago I walked in his office suffering full blown panic attacks and he literally saved my life. He treated my grandmother, mother, sister and best friend all with chemical imbalances. He never judged and or gave up on any of us. He always looked outside the box and treated the whole person. He never quit. Although our relationship was purely professional, I feel like I lost a dear friend and I will miss him. I feel the worst for him and his family and loved ones, but also for all those people he was in the midst of giving them their life back. He is irreplaceable-what a profound loss

Bergenfield, NJ

#7 Sep 11, 2007
I can't even tell you how I felt when I called to confirm an appointment and heard the message on the machine. Dr. Hamlin was brilliant,kind, and caring. He was so educated in his field he made me feel at ease speaking to him, and I never felt alone or awkward. I learned many people have chemical imbalances and they are treatable (and not crazy) and he never let me give up and he never gave up on me. I knew he had my best interest in mind. He was able to answer any question silly or not and never made me feel like I was asking something silly. After treatment with Dr. Hamlin, I was able to go out of the house, work, shopping, and even was learning to enjoy life. I will miss him dearly and I pray for him and his family and for all his patients. Does anyone know what happened?

Stewartsville, NJ

#8 Sep 11, 2007
Dr. Hamlin saved my life years ago, and I have known him for 20 years. I suffered from cancer four years ago and Dr. Hamlin stood behind me and once again saved my life. He was kind, encouraging, never gave up and was completely dedicated to his work and patients. There is no such person who can fill the shoes of Dr. Hamlin. I just found out about his death and I have cried for hours. God bless his family and friends. The World has lost a true hero in my eyes. I pray for the patients he could have helped who never had the chance to meet him. God Bless You Dr. Hamlin, may you rest in peace knowing how you helped so many people.
Mary Jo

Moorestown, NJ

#9 Sep 11, 2007
All I know is that Dr. Hamlin turned my life around 12 years ago - I will sadly miss our annual appointments, and I didn't know until last summer that Beverly had retired - she was a Saint too! I just called today, sadly on 9/11, to schedule my annual visit with him, where would usually joke around and I would ask him about his family........so sorry to see this wonderful soul pass on way too soon - no one will ever replace him - and I traveled quite a distance to see Dr. Hamlin every year after I left the area - NO ONE CAN EVER REPLACE HIM - and I pray for his family, patients, and anyone who ever had the honor of knowing Cary Hamlin........


#10 Sep 11, 2007
Thank you all for posting, I think it helps all of us to share our grief. He was a comfort to all of us and there is a void in our lives that is unlikely to ever be filled. As you all have said, there are thousands of doctors out there, but none who did so much for each of us. On one of the doc rating sites someone noted that he was rarely, if ever, punctual. So true. But he was spending his time answering every question we had with patience no other doc ever had or will have. He didn't want any of us to leave in any other way but feeling that we understood our illness and our meds, that we were confident that we would get better, that he had given us every comfort he could and met every need we had for him. We all also knew that he was thinking of us long after we left. Thinking of what might be causing whatever problem we had. I'll never forget the time he told me that the meds another doc had given me weren't working well because I didn't have enough protein and B vitamins in my diet. I changed my diet, took a B vitamin and I was so much better, on the same meds! Went back to the other doc who said that it wasn't necessary, didn't believe that it could help. Yet when Dr. Hamlin explained that the meds attached to protein cells and certain B vitamin cells to move through my body, it made perfect sense to me and it worked. I still see that other doc but I wonder if he really is thinking through my issues or he's just reciting something from a book. I miss Dr. Hamlin.

to llr: He just dropped to the floor and was gone. He didn't suffer. Apparently heart related. If only he took care of himself as well as he did of us.

Clifton, NJ

#11 Sep 11, 2007
I am devastated by his death. He saved my mother's life after I watched her go through years and years of suffering from atypical depression. When I started showing symptoms, he treated me.
Just as I got better he died. We didn't learn until the tuesday after. We were crestfallen.

Now my family will struggle on our own without him as best as we can.

If only he'd had an apprentice of sorts to pass his knowledge onto...

Westbury, NY

#12 Sep 11, 2007
I was so glad to find this forum discussion about Dr. Hamlin. I've been soooo upset since reading the obituary; I couldn't bring myself to go to the funeral, but I did stop up at the office to talk to Tammy and find out what happened.

I can't say any better what everyone has already said;Dr. Hamlin was THE BEST, he did what was best for his patients, and he always made me feel comfortable and understood. I was a patient of Dr. Hamlin's for 15 years. In the last few years I only saw him about twice a year, and it was more like seeing a good friend as well as a doctor. He can NEVER be replaced, and I miss him already. I can't tell you how difficult it was to be standing in his waiting room the other night, knowing he was gone - I kept feeling like he was going to walk in the door at any moment, and everyone thing would be okay. Well, it's good to know that others appreciated him too. Thanks everyone....

Plano, TX

#13 Sep 12, 2007
does anyone know exactly how he passed?

Vincentown, NJ

#14 Sep 12, 2007
He was my lifesaver for 16 years. After having undiagnosed severe Lyme in the late 80s, it hit my brain. He was new to Lyme like everyone else but kept me from suicide with his meds and weekly sessions of caring and follow up. A friend of the great Dr. Fallon, they worked in tandem to save my son who had been mis-diagnosed as schizophrenic when it was Lyme. He cared for my other 2 who had neurological Lyme but refused to treat my one son til he got off street drugs which was a real bold move that I totally thank him for. He was so cutting edge with is QEEG, who else knows what to do except him. I cried for 2 days at his loss and the loss to those who have severe cases or are new to him.

When I went last he had fainted and fallen off his stationary cycle and was all black and blue in the face. He said something about meds and that was it, just talked about his kids a little more because I always pushed him to talk atleast a little about himself as it was like watching his family grow up over the 16 years. God bless him and may some one sprout up to help his many grateful patients, knowing there will never be anyone like him.


#15 Sep 12, 2007
I'm struck by how well he taught all of us to be analytical about our medical issues. I suspect that's what's leading us all to want to know how this happened to him. We all know how he would not have wanted to share that. I'd like to respect that. Knowing will not help any of us. He passed suddenly, unexpectedly without pain. He had his own medical issues. I think we need to remember that any of us could go at any minute. That's how it happened for him. Finding out whether it was heart attack or stroke is not going to give us any comfort. We need to remember to take care of ourselves as well as he took care of us. Certainly harder to do without him but that's what he would have wanted us to do.

We all know how much he loved his kids and grandson. Perhaps I'm ignorant of military issues but it seems to me that going into the military these days carries a lot of risks. We know his son will be going into the military. I'd like to propose that we all "adopt" his son as a soldier. I suggest that we pray for his safety. If I knew how to send a specific soldier a package I would. We can't bring him back but we can remember his family. We can honor him by treating them as well as he treated us.

Westbury, NY

#16 Sep 12, 2007
I'm not so sure that Dr. Hamlin would be opposed to his devoted patients knowing what happened to him, I think he'd want us to have whatever closure we each might individually need... Having been a patient of Dr. Hamlin's for 15 years, I personally felt it important to know what happened, it was bothering me for days. Out of respect to Anonymous, I will just say thatif it's really important to you to know what happened, the office staff will likely be willing to share it with you if you can get through to them on the phone.

Thanks to all, once again, for sharing about Dr. Hamlin, it's been very therapeutic for me, and I know Dr. Hamlin would appreciate all the wonderful comments. It's great to see how many people respected and loved Dr. H - he was the BEST.

And thanks to Anonymous for getting this whole thing started...and that's a great idea about "adopting" his son in military.
Regards to all...


#17 Sep 12, 2007
Kathi, I take your point. My view may not be that of others. We are all anonymous and knew him in different ways. He certainly would want us all to find comfort wherever and however we can. He would want us to help each other. I don't know what you were told. Perhaps you would like to share. But it was a heart event. The final trigger for it will never be known. As others said above, he didn't want to share details about his health. I feel that the factors which lead up to it, including where he was, what he was doing, his own medical conditions, his most recent medical history, what meds he was taking, his lifestyle issues, his stresses and so forth should be his secret. It was totally unexpected. As I said, he fell to the floor and was gone. It was quick and he did not suffer. He had medical attention and could not be revived.

I believe what he would want us to take from this is that life is short. We never know which will be our last breath. We need to live life as if today is our last day.

My purpose here is to have us comfort each other. He would want that. But I also know that he is looking down and admonishing me for embarrassing him. He was a very, very private person. As many of you can appreciate... I can just see the red rising up his face to his receding hairline.:) I teased him often because it made him laugh. So I saw that red a lot. It's those memories that I can laugh at that bring me comfort. All anecdotes welcome.

Personally these posts are all bringing me comfort and I thank all of you for that. I assure you that it is bringing comfort to those who were closest to him.

Westbury, NY

#18 Sep 12, 2007
Yikes, I would never wish to delve into anything regarding Dr. Hamlin's meds, med history, lifestyle, stresses, etc; that wouldn't even cross my mind for an instant. But I did find some level of comfort in finding out that it was a heart related death, and thankfully quick with no prolonged suffering. It was helpful for me, because without some kind of info, my imagination tends to run wild (imagining he was in an accident, or victim of a crime, etc). Yeah, this "need to know" is probably a little obsessive on my part....:)

Anyway, I'm hoping that his family knows how much he was respected and appreciated by his patients. I left a note at the office with Tammy, and she said she'd pass it on.

Anonymous - hope your comment is indicating that Dr. Hamlin's family will be reading these tributes.

Regards to all, thanks for listening!! Kathi

Oxon Hill, MD

#19 Sep 12, 2007
Dr Hamlin was the best. I will be forever grateful to him for giving me my life back to me my life back. Rest in peace, thank you.

United States

#20 Sep 13, 2007
1 of 2 of the Dynamic Duo wrote:
I was shocked about hearing about Dr. Hamlin. He was the most amazing physician I ever met! 21 years ago I walked in his office suffering full blown panic attacks and he literally saved my life. He treated my grandmother, mother, sister and best friend all with chemical imbalances. He never judged and or gave up on any of us. He always looked outside the box and treated the whole person. He never quit. Although our relationship was purely professional, I feel like I lost a dear friend and I will miss him. I feel the worst for him and his family and loved ones, but also for all those people he was in the midst of giving them their life back. He is irreplaceable-what a profound loss
I too met Dr. Hamlin through Franklin Five in 1986 after the Hammer could not do anything for me, I sought out Dr. Hamlin after being discharged and asked him what he would diagnose me with. He took a piece of paper and wrote: 1 Generalized anxiety disorder, 2 Dyslexia, 3 Dysthemic disorder, 5 Passive Agressive disorder and I forget what else. He cured me of these maladies, although it took several trials of new meds that the others would not even try or if they did, they would not presc

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