people in military bases in France in...
Tom Johnson

Seymour, TX

#1755 Nov 9, 2011
Contact me at [email protected] and we'll see what the problem is with joining the Group. Do you have a Yahoo Account? That may be the problem.
Jim Buttrey

Rogers, AR

#1756 Nov 9, 2011
Looking for anyone stationed in Evreux from 1959-1962. I had a band that played in the Pergola for about 2+years. I also do remember LaBoheme(sp) in Montparnas(sp) I read someone had entered questions about that club and also Blue Train in Pigalle. There were other bars in Pigalle that I recall for example there was the Canada Bar,The Elephant Bar, Garlands Bar, Arletts Bar, Dirty Dicks, Rudy's, Trinity and sevedral more that I don't recall at this moment. If anyone wants to contact me, my email is [email protected] I was in 317th Civil Engineering Squadron.
P Schwartz

United States

#1757 Nov 9, 2011
Walt Bollech

Dover, DE

#1758 Nov 10, 2011
Mr Ed Freeman wrote:
I was stationed with the 106 th Signal Group from
March 1964 til April 1966. I spent about 2 months in the 293 Sig Co. in Fountainbleu, we transferred to 246 Sig Co. in Dreux AFB, after about 2 months I transferred to the 257 Sig Co. in Camp des Loges and remained there til Apr 1966. I believe I was on Bravo shift. I rememember CWO Folmer Starr, CWO Jack Higdon, SFC Darnell. Anyone stationed there during this time period.
Mr. Ed
Hi Ed,

I was with the 257th Signal Co. at Camp des Loges from Jan 62 to May 64. I worked at the telephone opts center Bld 503. You must have worked at the CINCEUR message center? We may have crossed paths during the two months or so we were both at des Loges.

Walt Bollech
Frawley BECKER

United States

#1759 Nov 10, 2011
to Jim Buttrey:

I worked in Special Services at Camp des Loges between 1958-1961. An airman stationed at Evreux named Joe Swindle (real name) came into CDL by bus to do several shows for us. He did a standup routine of mimicking comic songs in front of a recorder and was a howl, always brought down the house with "The Yellow Rose of Texas" and Eartha Kitt's "C'est Si Bon". He also worked for me at Camp des Loges as a straight actor and I TDY'd him to Nancy where he performed in two more plays. Did you ever cross paths with him, maybe be in some show together at Evreux? FRAWLEY BECKER [email protected]
mel graham

Dahlonega, GA

#1760 Nov 10, 2011
J Francomacaro wrote:
To Mel Graham,
I saw your message to Christine regarding the name of Chalons-Vatry. I aslo lived in Citi Americain from the summer of 1961 thru the summer of 1964, as a dependent. I remember Christine and I also remember Marmonstein but I thought he was a major at the time. I was a year older than Christine and Major Marmonstein's daughter. There were tanks stored at the airfield for awhile, M-60's I believe. As kids age 13 and 14, we took the shuttle bus from Citi Americain to the Vatry base for movies and the gym. We also sneaked into the EM club whenever we could until my father caught us in there and I, at least, never went near the place again. Needless to say, I enjoyed living in France and have returned several times in the last 10 years.
Hello J.
The name Francomacaro sounds familiar. Was your father stationed at the Chalons-Vatry Base? If you were a dependent at the base in '61, I'll bet that we crossed paths, because one of the duties we had was to drive the "pass bus" to Chalons and to the base on the weekends. I very well may have chauffeured you a few times. Also, we ran the school bus from Citi-Americain to Vitry-le-Francoise during the School season. I had to do this a few times also. Did you possibly attend that school?
Marmorstein may very well have been a Major when you knew him.
The Base Commander at the time I was there was Maj. Charles Monges. Marmorstein may have replaced him.
Alicia Franzen-Chilton

Bonney Lake, WA

#1761 Nov 11, 2011
Bob Gaudio wrote:
<quoted text>
I have photos but your email address bounces.
I thank you for your attempt and I would love to get the pics myself, but my grandpa passed in May last year. I have been trying to do some research on his service time to learn more about him. I am sure the family would be happy to get them and to maybe be able to finish his project. Thank you so much. You can email me at [email protected] If anyone has any stories about Robert T Franzen, please email them to me! He never really spoke of his time in service other than his first few years. I don't even know what his job was.
J Francomacaro

Germantown, TN

#1762 Nov 11, 2011
To Mel Graham,
Yes, my father was an E-7 with a POL detachment located on the airfield. In fact, I think his office was in the hangar. I took the shuttle daily from Citi Americain to school at the base in Vitry for 2 years and then 1 year to the dorm in Verdun. I also remember Major Monges because we had visited them one weekend (I think he may have lived on the "economy", whereas Major Marmonstein lived around the corner from us in Citi Americain). I bet our paths did cross. Did you know any GIs who were involved with the dependents' Boy Scout troop? Our scoutmasters were GIs, obviously, and they always had access to military vehicles for scout trips. At various times, we rode in deuce & a half trucks, Citroen vans, as well as buses. It was a lot of fun for a 12 to 14 year old boy.
Don Rohrbaugh

Landisburg, PA

#1763 Nov 11, 2011
Bob Gaudio, Here are some guys you might remember; Bob Longley[sometimes we called him ;Fingers; because he had such big hands. Also Glenn[Steve] Page, Bill Barder, Kenny Rouska, Carmasella ? John Bradford, Mike Montgomery. All these guys and I would hit the town in Fontainebleau or Paris on some weekends and dream about the day we would rotate back to the states. Hope you recognize some of these names, they were some of the best friends I ever had.
Norman Gardner

Brooklyn, NY

#1764 Nov 12, 2011
I am trying to locate old army buddies, that served with me in Hq. Co, Bussac Depot, during 1960-1962, Specifically: Robert Sosnowski, John Calvin Williams, Danny Dunkel, and Pfc Nolan. You can fid a Photo of these people on my Facebook page. If anyone can give an update on the guys, it would be appreciated.
scotty bennett

Jefferson, GA

#1765 Nov 12, 2011
Hi Norman,
I was in Hq Co from 7-60 to 10-60 before being transfrred to 83rd Engrs, "Braconne.
I worked with Robert Susnowski & John Williams at the POL area next to the air field. Robert was from Irvington, NJ.I'm pretty sure that I know Danny Dunkel & Nolan.
Do you remember SSG Bell, Donald Sayers & Donald Hunt? I have pictures of other guys, but I don't remember their name.

Middleton, WI

#1766 Nov 13, 2011
I lived in France with my family when my father was stationed at Chambley AFB. For a year or two we lived off base (part of that time was in Onville). The last two years we lived on base in a trailer with a lean-two. This is where most the families lived. There was also a barracks for single men (I don't recall any women soldiers being there at that time). There was, as with most bases: a main gate, Headquarters, Motor Vehicles, Chapel, Base Exchange, Commissary, Snack Bar and Gift Shop attached to a club (for school plays, USO shows, square dancing club, and wedding receptions), a second-hand store, hangars, school for dependent children grades K-6, two playgrounds for the kids. The older kids took a bus to attend classes at Toul-Rosieres Air Base, grades 7-12. We traveled to various cities to visit: Nancy for the Nancy Zoo: Metz, Pont-au-Mousson, Stasbaurg, etc. to shop and see the sights.

Middleton, WI

#1767 Nov 13, 2011
Celtic Ancestry wrote:
Hi: I was age 4-5 and lived in France in 1957-59. My father was a Captain on an American Military Base there. I have some vivid recollections however, I have been trying hard to piece together where specifically we lived as both mom and dad are deceased and their records were destroyed in a flood in '69.
<quoted text>
Have you asked the Veterans Administration for a record of your father's assignments? This would tell you where he was stationed and when. They usually release this to family. You could send them copies of your father's death certificate as proof he is deceased. Just a suggestion. I lived in France from 1961-1965 in Chambley AFB.

Middleton, WI

#1768 Nov 13, 2011
Jack wrote:
Elisabeth, I would like to know what happen to the girl that ran the news stand in the mess hall at Chambley, I think her name was Renee. Sorry I don't recall your mother, what did she do on the base??
My father was stationed in Chambley from 1961-1965. I was a child but I recall a woman named Renee who ran the news stand. If it is the same Renee I am thinking of, she married an American G.I.(can't remember his name, sorry) in June of 1965, just before my family moved. I believe they lived off base for a time in an apartment in Gorze. I do not know what happened to them after that. I assume he was stationed elsewhere and I assume she went with him.
Norman Gardner

Brooklyn, NY

#1769 Nov 13, 2011
scotty bennett wrote:
Hi Norman,
I was in Hq Co from 7-60 to 10-60 before being transfrred to 83rd Engrs, "Braconne.
I worked with Robert Susnowski & John Williams at the POL area next to the air field. Robert was from Irvington, NJ.I'm pretty sure that I know Danny Dunkel & Nolan.
Do you remember SSG Bell, Donald Sayers & Donald Hunt? I have pictures of other guys, but I don't remember their name.
Hi Scotty,
If you worked with these guys, I have to know you. Iworked in the ECP, across from where you worked. Also, you had to be billetd in the same barracks as I was.
Of course I remember Sgt Bell. I remember Sayers and Hunt, but can't put a faces to the names. I had so many pictures of so many of the guys, but over the years they have been mispalced or lost. I am now down to just one, and would appreciate any I can get. The one I have left is a photo of Myself, Williams, Dunkel and Nolan. I can e-mail it to you, if you would like. Just send me your e-mail address. My e-mail address is: [email protected]

Middleton, WI

#1770 Nov 13, 2011
Frawley BECKER wrote:
Was there a radio station, perhaps originating in Germany, that transmitted American music to all the military bases in Europe? Would that have come into a French frequency? I assume so. Maybe a certain frequency was assigned to the American military by the French?(How else would Axis Sally and Tokyo Rose have gotten into American radio stations during WW II otherwise, for example?)
Would bases such as Orléans, Fontainebleu, Camp des Loges, Verdun, Metz, etc. have this station? What about in military housing?
Much thanks!
[email protected]
Hi. My father was stationed in Chambley AFB from 1961-1965. He ALWAYS listened to the radio, even late at night on our trailer on the base. It was always called "Radio Free Europe" as far as I recall.

Middleton, WI

#1771 Nov 13, 2011
Jack - Harrisonburg Va wrote:
Anyone remember Chambley AB, between Verdun and Metz, in the '50s & '60s.
Yes. My father was stationed there from 1961-1965. He was Sgt. Ernest Boles and was a mechanic in the Motor Pool. I have many fond memories of that time. His best buddy was Sgt. Ted Turner. I attended Chambley AFB Independents School, as did my brother. My older sister, Gloria, was a teller at the base bank at first and later was a salesclerk at the base exchange there. She married an American G.I. while we were there, Daniel Devlin.
[email protected]

Middleton, WI

#1772 Nov 13, 2011
Ray Mills wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, I remember Chambley AB since my wife & I lived in Thiacourt down the road from the base when we first got there. I remember that one of the French girls that worked in the cafeteria liked the song "Pretty Woman" and played it over & over while we ate there. We lived just south of the American cemetery on the French economy.
Hi. My father was T/Sgt Ernest Boles stationed in Chambley 1961-1965. His best buddy was Sgt. Ted Turner. We lived off base for a year or two before we moved on base. We looked at a few homes in Theacourt but chose one in Onville instead. Love my time in France. My sister married a GI from the base, Daniel Devlin and they lived in Gorze. On the base, our friends were the Walkers and the Slaysmans. Anything sound familiar?
MERCIER jean Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France

#1773 Nov 14, 2011

Belville Taylor Rosy Mae Arriston Alabama 29/03/1933
Yes! there are people who remember this period in Blaye.

Tony Lopez

Shippensburg, PA

#1774 Nov 15, 2011
I was stationed in Saran, At the major tape relay center from November of 1958 to Oct of 1960.

At the time I was a Sp/4.

Have lost touch will all but Pfc George Canales from Battlecreek Michican.

Anyone out there from this time period.


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