christiane virmont

Grenoble, France

#991 Dec 31, 2010
voici l'adresse ou ce trouve les documents militaires
ST LOUIS , MO 6313265100
bonne reception et bonne année 2011
MERCIER jean Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France

#992 Dec 31, 2010
Bonjour Christiane,
Merci pour votre aimable réponse.
Je fais comme vous, si ce n'est que je ne suis pas directement concerné, cependant, j'essaye d'aider ceux qui m'appellent et qui recherchent aujourd'hui leurs pères!!!!......
UN de mes amis américains faisant comme moi,me disait: là, ce que certains ont fait, ce n'est pas bien!.., cette exclamation n'est pas de moi!!...

Je pense que vous me suivez sur ce site, site qui a le mérite d'exister!...
J'ai essayé de vous joindre par fil !.....
MERCIER jean Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France

#993 Dec 31, 2010
re christiane
Merci! bonne année à vous aussi!
Aviez-vous les indications demandées??
Date de naissance, N°Matricule, et N°ssn ??
Je crois que dans nos cas ces questions deviennent difficiles !...On connait les dates de naissances des enfants et le reste !...
Mike Mantor

Reno, NV

#994 Dec 31, 2010
Hi Everyone;
My Dad was stationed in Fontainebleau, France from Feb'56 until June '60. Went to the American dependents school there during that time, played basketball and little leauge baseball during those years there and in Chataeroux, Verdun, Paris, Orleans, etc. Hung out with Phil Ferrari, Steve Lyons, Robin Plancich, Lauralee Green, Kathy Dowd, Hunter Thomas..Would really love to hear from anyone who was there!


#995 Jan 6, 2011
Merci Monsieur Mercier pour vos réponces! mais non je n'ai pas d'information hormis le fait qu'il était au camp de la braconne fin 1951. Il avait un ami du nom de georges martins qui s'est marié avec une française.
Shirley Farlee

Morehead City, NC

#996 Jan 6, 2011
Mary Jane North Mata wrote:
<quoted text>
we were stationed in France with my Dad Chuck North and mother Jean,both deceased, at camp Des Loges, lived in Petit Beaueregard which was like heaven after the trailers at Etain and Dreux,...My Dad flew in all the swings and slides there with help from many Dads. We had nothing to play on when it was 1st built and lots of kids were going into the old chateau and finding live ammunition and all kinds of stuff form the war but many were injured. Dad got the AF to authorize a cargo of swing sets etc and boxes and boxes of hula hoops. They were a sensation! We went to the movies at the English base and I can't remember it's name either..We left Paris either in 1959 or 1960 to sail home on the United States to Wright patterson. We attended Paris American schools too ( I was in the elementary, 5th grade when we left) My brother Chuck attended Paris American HS, we went to La Plage to the pool rambled aroud paris with my adventurous mother, shopped at la Prisunic...
ate those wonderful fries, viewed Yankee go home signs painted on the bank of the seine, The French were not very friendly to us . The PX was in paris..There was rioting about Algeria in downtown Paris and that caused us to be moved from school on buses with armed APs occcasionally and to be sequestered due to anti American sentiment. I have a scar on my scalp forma re ock thrown at me in the village across from petiti beauregard..We loved Europe and went on many camping trips to Italy and Spain. Went off to Holland and enjoyed it all..We spent some Christmases in Garmisch Germany. These are goofd memories.
Mary Jane North-Mata
Reading your post brought back so many fond memories of Petite. I played for countless hours on the playground equipment your father put there. I lived there from 1963-1966. I was went to Paris American too for third to fifth grade. Petite Beauregard was a great place to be a kid. I had lots of friends and a great neighborhood to play in. While we were there they blacktopped the sidewalks in front of all the buildings and they were all connected together so we could skate completely around the 15 apartment buildings and back to ours without leaving the blacktop which was so smooth with dips and curves and little hills in it. We would walk to the base Valuso to go to the movies for the whole day on Saturdays for 10 cents. We camped all over Europe too and even went to Garmish for two weeks. My dad brought home about 65 antique clocks and numerous dry sinks, figurines, potty stands and all kinds of neat things they bought at the flea markets. My Dad is 81 and Mom is 79 and both are still doing great with their house full of antiques and the clock ring every 15 minutes. Dad taught himself how to repair them since they were in rough shape most of the time when he bought them and still has a booming business fixing antique clocks for several jewelry stores and moving companies. Reading your post is like a blast from the past. One of my favorite things I remember was eating candy shells and coca cola suckers. I'm surprised they don't have them over here. My daughter just moved to England for four years and I really hope to go visit her and while I'm there I hope to get to go back just to see how things look there now. My parents took my brother and I everywhere in Paris and the rest of France and most of the European countries. Such great childhood memories. Dad was a sargent in the Marine Corps. We lived in Building 3 Apt.7. I and my friends were very thankful for all the fun stuff your dad thought to put there. I'm in eastern NC now but I think of those days often and my folks still talk about it at every family gathering.
Berdie Socks Desrochers

Travelers Rest, SC

#997 Jan 7, 2011
I lived at Petit beaureguard and also climbed thru the Chateau near by with my brother and classmates in 1955-56. My father was assigned in Paris and I loved roaming Paris alone. Does anyone know if the Apartments are still there? and where it was located? I would love to Google it. I can't remember how I got to Paris alone. It was a safe time for American then.Berdie
Melinda Mozley

Panama City, FL

#998 Jan 8, 2011
Celtic Ancestry wrote:
Hi: I was age 4-5 and lived in France in 1957-59. My father was a Captain on an American Military Base there. I have some vivid recollections however, I have been trying hard to piece together where specifically we lived as both mom and dad are deceased and their records were destroyed in a flood in '69.
<quoted text>
My Dad was a colonel and stationed there in 56-58...I was 1 1/ brother was 7-9 and remembers much more than I. I do recall the house, our nanny and a man that lived on a trail behind our house with goats. My brother went to visit several years ago and they were tearing down the base housing...he found a piece of concrete where he had engraved his name while it was wet :)
Should you like t contact me at
Shirley Farlee

Morehead City, NC

#999 Jan 9, 2011
Philippe wrote:
I'm looking for American citizens who have lived in military bases in France up to the sixties. I'd like to listen to their memories, possibly see some old pics. If I can get in touch with a sufficent amount of persons, I'd like to write a book about these specific circunstances.
Looking forward to hear from you
My family lived in France from '63-'66. He was one of the few Marines at Camp Deloges. Let me know if you get this and I can tell you more or connect you with my Dad who is now 81 and loves to talk of his time in France.
Shirley Farlee

Morehead City, NC

#1000 Jan 9, 2011
My family lived from '63-66 and my dad was one of the few Marines at Camp Deloge. He is 81 and loves to talk of the time he spent there. We had a wonderful 3 years there with LOTS of experiences!
Let me know if you want to know more.
Shirley Farlee

Gallardon, France

#1001 Jan 10, 2011
Bill McQuesten wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi Fotjadi: I was stationed at Saran during some of the period you were working at Maisonfort (1960-1962). I have been back to that area around Saran; of course, you cannot recognize the way it was in the 60s. A bit of the airfield is visible above, but the rest is not there and a highway now passes by where our front entrance used to be. A cafe we called "Mopey's" was just across the road. I remember the good times.......they are all good generally when you're young and in good health. Bonne Annee et Meilleurs Voeux! I'm retired now and live near Bourges.
Bill McQuesten
Hi Bill !
I'm living very near the old airfield and I knew that "café" where I have been sometimes for a drink whith friends.
The runway which was stil visible until last month is now unmade and scrapers are at work : rigth now, the whole area is being mainly converted in a Hospital complex.
You're rigth ! old times were good since we were younger !
So you retired in France ! Are you married to a French lady ?
Je crois que vous devez aussi parler le Français !
I whish you a very happy new year
Al Boka

North Las Vegas, NV

#1002 Jan 10, 2011
I was stationed at Orly Field [7370th Flight Service Squadron] from Dec. 1957 until Dec. 1961. I know very well La Boheme bar on a street that no longer exists and is next to the Tour Montparnasse, a skyscraper. I remember that they had a lot of action and an "everybody's" restroom. Great memories. I live in Las Vegas now.

Since: May 10

Chaumont-sur-loire, France

#1005 Jan 11, 2011
fotjadi wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi Bill !
I'm living very near the old airfield and I knew that "café" where I have been sometimes for a drink whith friends.
The runway which was stil visible until last month is now unmade and scrapers are at work : rigth now, the whole area is being mainly converted in a Hospital complex.
You're rigth ! old times were good since we were younger !
So you retired in France ! Are you married to a French lady ?
Je crois que vous devez aussi parler le Français !
I whish you a very happy new year
Bonjour Fotjadi: I'm OK in speaking and reading French, but still terrible at writing it. I'm retired in France with my wife, Colette (Francaise). Thanks for the update on Saran. If you want to get in touch directly, my email is
James Francomacaro

Germantown, TN

#1006 Jan 11, 2011
I lived in citi americain in Chalons from 1961 thru 1963, and attended school in Vitry for 2 years and then one year in Verdun. I remember Beryl Landry and her brother Woody who was my age. I also remember Harriet Marmonstein and her parents as well, Dorothy and Major Marmonstein. By any chance are you Sgt. Smart's daughter? Sgt. Smart was a medic, who I later heard was wounded or hurt Vietnam. You can contact me at, or through this bulletin board which I just found today.
James A Murphy

Bangor, PA

#1007 Jan 11, 2011
stationed in 313 signal serv. poitiers, and , ingrandes france in 1965 thtu 1967 in radar repair repaired anything elctrical between St. nazair to captzule fr. looking for people served.
christiane virmont

Roquebrune, France

#1008 Jan 12, 2011
bonjour PHILIPPE

j'ai trouver pour JOHN E. RICHARDS . Il est décédé en FL le 25 mai 1993 a l'hopital des veterans a brevard county.
sincèrement . CHRISTIANE
Al Boka

North Las Vegas, NV

#1010 Jan 13, 2011
With regards to my previous postings I recall the following person with whom I worked at Orly Field from 1957-1961. Has anyone out there knowledge of their whereabouts? Of course there were others but their names escape me now.

Bob Euliss
Bobby Hargis
Bill Sewell
"Smilin" Dave Maclan
Sarkis Samargian
Maj. Jack Thompson
Steve Satulla
Chet & Mary Harding
Lou Hopwood
Jim McGowan
George Knight
LtCol Hoover
Thomas Wilson
Richard "Dick" Liffridge
Erica B in UK

Pencader, UK

#1011 Jan 13, 2011
We were stationed in Paris at Camp De Loges from 61 to 65. Lived in L'Etang-La-Ville, St. Germain en Laye on
My family lived in SHAPE Village, based around the Chateau d'Hennemont and I was for a time at the Village school We moved there in 1954/5 and left in 1957/8.. La Plage I think is the Club at Villenes, on the Seine, which you had to get to by boat. There was a chute alongside the pool that people went chasing down into the river, I remember, and I got so hypotised by it one day watching them lift off the end, that I lifted off the side of the river snd ended up in it myself! How I remember those gorgeous Summer days - always seemed to be summer - but I also remember Snow in winter.
Lost touch with all the people I knew - particularly the Richards family who lived below us in Block 3, all of the 3 boys went to the American School in Paris - Jack, Davey and Tommy - parents were John & Elaine, I think originally from Texas. Would love to know what happened to them, but wouldn't know how to go about it!
Martine Dernoncourt

Poitiers, France

#1013 Jan 15, 2011
Looking for Willy and Anita Mauger (good spelling?). There are brother and sister. They lived in La Rochelle (next to my house) came and play with my brothers, my sister and I. Willy was about 6 (we still have a photo of him and his jeep); their father was a US Officer my father, Mr Rivière, knew. He used to work in La Pallice La Rochelle. I was 8 years old, and I am... 62 and a half. Good memories of the "Ricains" in La Rochelle.
Al Boka

North Las Vegas, NV

#1014 Jan 15, 2011
Bill Young wrote:
Does anyone remember Buttercups Chicken Shack in Paris during the 60's? It was once the home of the infamous Cafe La Boheme...but it turned into a great jazz joint where visiting American artists (and local French aficinados) could go the hear good music. I last visited in 1965...but when I went back in 2000 I couldn't find its location (I think it was in the Area of the Gare du Montparnasse, and that entire area was "redeveloped". I did manage to find the Le Chat Qui Peche jazz club...I saw the Ray Brown trio there in 1966.
I remember very well the "cafe" La Boheme though it was not really a cafe but rather a bar where French girls went to meet GIs. I freqnented the bar in 1958 and 1959 and had many good times there. You are correct in that the street it was on is no longer there as redelopment has altered the area to accommodate le Tour Monparnasse...I believe. Ah! La Boheme!

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