people in military bases in France in...

Marlborough, MA

#226 Sep 2, 2009
Was anybody in the Fouras area in the early 1950s? My father was Sgt. William (Fritz) Revene and my mother Peggy Revene.

We lived in Fouras 1952-1956. My father passed away years ago and my mother has dementia. I was very young and have some memories and photographs but would love to hear from anyone who lived there around the time I was there or who remembers my parents.

Thank you,

maggie ryan

Bedford, IN

#227 Sep 2, 2009
Judy Nathan wrote:
Hi All...
I lived in France also in the 60's, also lived in La Celle-Saint-Cloud in a complex called Petit Beauregard, and went to the Paris American school. I went to movies and summer camp at Camp de Loges. My brother and I were just in Paris after attending the 65th anniv of D-Day in Colleville-sur-Mer on June 6th. Actually, we took pics outside our old apartment there. I used to love going to the O'Club with my folks for the great dinners there. What a small world. <quoted text>
HI Judy and anyone,
I am looking for students who might remeber teachers at the American School in Paris especailly 62-? and or if there was a school at Camps des Loges.
Also does anyone remeber the young lieutenannt who ran the officers club LT. JIM ?, from Winnetka ,Illinois or Mike Garvey, courier, and Weir LaBatte, San antonia,Tex, ran commisary.

Finding some teachers is most important .

many thanks....merci mille fois.
Jim Finn

Biddeford, ME

#228 Sep 3, 2009
charlotte -yonkins-gant wrote:
My father was stationed at La rochelle,bordeaux, captieux and portiers 1951-1953. I was 15yrs old and went to a military school in La rochelle I remember a Maryann Pizaro, Bob Evans, Joanne and Donnie Merchant also a Jim Dumas. If any of you read this and remember Charlotte Yonkins please email me at- [email protected] Would like to hear from you.
Hello. I was stationed in Braconne. Played post level basketball and baseball all over the BASEC part of COMZ, including LaRochelle. I found the submarine pens very interesting. they were made of reinforced concrete. I remember seeing bomb craters on the roof of it, which did no damage at ll. Would be glad to hear from you. E-mail me at [email protected]
Frawley Becker

Glendale, CA

#229 Sep 3, 2009
Bonjour Gene Walsh --

I was the civilian Entertainment director for Special Services at Camp des Loges (Hqs EUCOM) from 1958-1961 and lived in Paris till 1972. I'm now a published book author and published and produced playwright. Would love to find out more about "the Blockhouse", since the name rings a distant bell. Also, did you ever dine at the restaurant "Chez Laurent" on rue des Acacias (number #11, I think) when you lived there? It later moved down to the Côte d'Azur. After I left the government in 1961, I became a dialogue coach in the film industry and took Peter O'Toole (and many others) to that restaurant in 1966. In fact that's mentioned in a book of mine, "And the Stars Spoke Back". Would you consider connecting by e-mail? This site is getting unwieldy. My e-mail address is: [email protected] À bientôt.
Frawley Becker
Gene Walsh

Lakewood, NJ

#230 Sep 5, 2009
Bonjour Frawley Becker:
I will compose a synopsis of the Paris Blockhouse and send it to you via your email address. Its an interesting part of War 2 history and the site of some espionage that took place during the Cold War. As for the Chez Laurent. I don't recollect it. I know that the Hotel Acacias Etoile was and is still located there. It must have been located to the left, facing the hotel. The Rue des Acacias was and is a great location. My old abode the Hotel Villeret, at 14 was demolished and another appartment builing took the spot.
My wife whom I met during 62 is French and I get back to France every year. Though she doesn't care much for Paris. Its not as nice as during the 60's through the 80's. But anyone who's never been there would probably not notice what has changedd.
tom parisella

Woodstock, NY

#231 Sep 5, 2009
Jack Wright wrote:
Hi, I worked on all the US Bases in France during the 60's, as an English musician,working wih a blind piano player called Stan Hume,,,,anyone remember 'The Stan Hume Quartet'with girl vocalist. [email protected]
Jack was this at the NCO Club at Camp de loges.
I remember going there every night to sing along with all the beattle music that she sang. She had a great voice. Were you there when they had the fight that broke out and the General told us that if this ever happens again he will shut down the NCO club. It never happened again while I was there from 1964 August to August 1965. President Johnson was planning on to extend the troops world wide wherever you were located. Sorry he did not.... I would have had another year of partying in Paris.
Lance Powell

South Lake Tahoe, CA

#232 Sep 6, 2009
Mary Jane North Mata wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi my brother and i lived in Petit Beauregard and moved back to Wright patterson Ohio in 59 or 60. we investigatred that old charteau too. i do not remember any history of it except live ammo could still be found and was frequently brought home.
My name is Mary Jane North-Mata and my brother is Chick North. I was 11 when we left and my brother was 15.
Hi Mary Jane,

I lived in the same apartment building in Petit Beauregard that you did and went to school and Scouts with Chuck. Were you the little girl there that kicked me in the ankles every time you saw me? [email protected]
Nancy Sampson Jackson

Virginia Beach, VA

#233 Sep 6, 2009
My father was civil service (he was an auditor)with the Air Force. He started his career at Westover AFB in Massachusetts. We lived in Chaumont-Semoutiers Air Base from Feb 1959 until about July 1960 (my brother was born at Chateauroux-Deols Air Base on February 29, 1960, after our base hospital closed). I can remember that at the beginning of my first grade year (Sept. 1959), we had 4 first grade classrooms, but at the end of the year, we had only one - most of the people got transferred to England. While Dad was at Chaumont, we lived on the economy in Euffigneix, and then moved to Pershing Village just before I started 1st grade. I remember we were friends with the Walters family. In July, 1960, Dad was transferred to Dreux-Louvilliers AFB. We lived in La Loupe, and then in Senoches. I think they were housing for US Military, but owned by the French. Dad was stationed in Dreux from 1960-1961. Dreux did not appear to have a base hospital, because I had my tonsils out in Chateauroux (spent a whole week there). While we were living in Senoches, I was friendly with the Protestant Minister's twin daughters. I was Catholic, and made my First Communion at Dreux. The priest's name was Father O'Hara. Dad's last assignment was at Evreux-Fauville Air Base. We lived in US built, American housing from October 1961-August 1962. That was when we went back to the States. Dad was then stationed at Plattsburg, then Griffis (Rome, NY), and then Robins AFB (Warner Robins, GA). I would love to hear from anyone who what at Chaumont, Dreux, or Evreux from 1959-1962. I was Nancy Ann Sampson at the time. My e-mail is [email protected] My parents are both deceased.
MERCIER jean Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France

#234 Sep 7, 2009
You Know alumni of the American military university of Biarritz installed(settled) in the hotel of the PALACE in 1945???????
John Amond

Lake Oswego, OR

#236 Sep 12, 2009
Hello Dennis Kettinger. I too arrived in Captieux in 1957 when I was 17 years old. I left in August of 1960 to return home in Ohio. While in Captieux I worked in the machine shop that maintained the three renovation lines when equipment broke down. Sgt Dorr was my section Chief. I have many memories of The Curtain and The Tracks. The last year I was in France I lived in St Macaire. You may have met Christian Desmoulin if you drove and insured a car. He was a friend that insured my VW Bug. I remember Larry Maltby was from Chicago. You may know him. I am now on the west coast in Portland Oregon and just celebrated my 70th birthday last week.

Marlborough, MA

#237 Sep 13, 2009
We lived in Fouras from 1951 - 1954. Does anyone know a website for military living in France in the 1950s?
Frawley Becker

United States

#238 Sep 13, 2009
Dear John Almond
(in Portland, OR)
You mentioned that you "worked in the machine shop that maintained the three renovation lines when equipment broke down". I'd love to learn a little more about that, if possible. I'm a published book author and published and produced playwright. You can pull my name up on line and some of my works will come up. I was also in the army, but Stateside, in the Fifties in the Medical Corps. I'm presently working on a new book, a novel, that has numerous military characters, stationed in Seine Area Command in France in the 1959-1961 period. I'm in the middle of a scene in an EM club where a Special Services major and a civilian have just brought a show to the troops. There is a bit of dialogue when the officer engages a Private in a conversation, asks him what he does. So here are my questions:
1.(back to your statement) When what kind of equipment broke down?
2. What is a renovation line?
3. What was your job title? Mechanic? Machinist?
4. What was your MOS?
5. What were The Curtain and The Tracks?
6. What were some of your duties?
I don't know if you use e-mail, but for me it is easier and quicker to comminucate that way than scrolling through this site. Here is my e-mail address. I'd love to hear from you and you could be very helpful! Thanks so much! Mille mercis! And Happy 70th! I'm a bit ahead of you there! E-mail: [email protected]
Frawley Becker in Los Angeles

Carrollton, GA

#239 Sep 13, 2009
I, too, lived in Paris from 1965 to 1967. My father was stationed at Camp De Loges; we lived in apartments (Grande Terre...not sure of the spelling). My father was SFC Harold Huey Palmer.
David White wrote:
Bonjour Philippe,
I lived in Paris from 1965-1967 while my father worked at Camp de Loges. I've returned to Paris several times in the past 5 years and, although I did not look for that former base, I did tour the apartments where we lived (in La Celle Saint Cloud). The only other location in Paris that I found from the 1960s was a former American officers club on Rue Marbeuf.
CindyMinish nee Palmer

Carrollton, GA

#240 Sep 13, 2009
I, too, lived in Paris from 1965 to 1967; my father, SFC Harold Huey Palmer, was also stationed at Camp de Loges. We lived in apartments (Grande Terre...not sure if the spelling is correct).
charlotte -yonkins-gant

Harrisville, WV

#241 Sep 14, 2009
Maureen wrote:
We lived in Fouras from 1951 - 1954. Does anyone know a website for military living in France in the 1950s?
Maureen, I lived in Fouras in 1952. Went to school in La Rochelle. I was 13 yrs old at the time. Did you know anything about the military school in La rochelle? There was a teacher there named Robert Fortier. Charotte Yonkins-Gant

Marlborough, MA

#242 Sep 14, 2009
I was only a baby. I've gone back to every place I've lived except France - went 23 yrs ago but only stayed in Paris). My father died 20 years ago and my mother has dementia so I have no one to help me learn more about where we lived, what things were like. I have some bits of vague and sporadic memories. I would appreciate anything you could tell me. I plan to visit next year. My mother remembers some things and likes when we talk about the army life and our travels.


MERCIER jean Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France

#243 Sep 15, 2009
Bonjour à tous,
In 1957 the American military operations by amphibian machines took place to SOCOA-CIBOURE-St JEAN DE LUZ,(Basque Coast(Rib) near Biarritz) and the beach of fine sand destroyed(annulled) by German was reconstructed at this moment there.
Know American veterans having participated in this operation, it was about laborers(operations) of landing.
Jim Finn

Biddeford, ME

#244 Sep 15, 2009
MERCIER jean Bordeaux wrote:
Bonjour à tous,
In 1957 the American military operations by amphibian machines took place to SOCOA-CIBOURE-St JEAN DE LUZ,(Basque Coast(Rib) near Biarritz) and the beach of fine sand destroyed(annulled) by German was reconstructed at this moment there.
Know American veterans having participated in this operation, it was about laborers(operations) of landing.
Bonjour! I participated in an exercise to unloaded ships out at sea in 1958. We called it a NODEX exercise. It was predicated on loss of seaports, perhaps in a nuclear attack by Russia... I would be happy to correspond with you.
Frawley Becker

United States

#246 Sep 15, 2009

Make that Palmer, not Plamer! TYPO!

Frawley Becker
Robert Monk

Cantonment, FL

#247 Sep 17, 2009
Evreux,'62-'66, USAF, CAMS Orderly Room, La Boheme, Pergola, Nebraska Bar, etc. arrived at age 19 - learned a lot.... don't see anyone here that I remember...
Returned in 1978 as a civilian and stayed in Paris for 9 years...

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