andrew says:
December 14, 2010 at 5:37 pm

I left new hampshire years ago but am not surprised by tales of small-town police departments in new hampshire taking liberties with the rights secured by the US and New Hampshire Constitutions. I defended allegations like this regularly as a public defender in NH and fully believed that some police officers, including senior officers and prosecutors for the local police departments, were willing to violate constitutional rights to obtain a conviction. Not all police officers violate individual rights, of course Ė many police officers tried to do the right thing, in my experience. Iím particularly chagrined to read such negative comments about Bill Hart, the former Rockingham County Attorney. While I never thought much of Bill as a prosecutor, I didnít have any reason to doubt his ethics. these articles about him arenít flattering. who knows what the truth really is. law enforcement officers who violate constitutional rights deserve to be punished.