is the backclub a joke or what????

Manchester, KY

#21 Oct 15, 2008
just my thoughts wrote:
no it is not all junk i've seen first hand yes there are some junk in it but there is also nutritional food in it like granola bars rameon noodles if you put all nutritional food in it woul the chidren have as much fun with it. i think not. every child needs a little junk food.
Just to add to that--apple sauce, vegetable cups (corn, green beans) raisins
just my thoughts

Macon, GA

#22 Oct 15, 2008
you know what do you receive items from the backpack club. you know not only do they send home food for children they also help with needy children at christmas time. you seem to be a very ungrateful person. and if you were reading right you would have seen they buy most of that stuff from walmart. and if you have ever worked there you would know they do not save outdated items.
it sounds like me you need to volunteer to do something or quit downing what the rest of the world is trying to do. i'm sure the city wouldn't care for you take time out of your life to do something better.

London, KY

#23 Oct 16, 2008
sounds like they want a steak and baked potato.

Cleveland, GA

#24 Oct 16, 2008
Most of you keep saying it's food for the weekend. First of all, it's not FOOD and second of all, how can it be for the weekend when it is gone before they get home? I know the FRC/YSC can't control this but the kids are told if they open the bag before they get home, they will no longer get backpacks. The only way they know about it is if someone tells a teacher and they let FRC/YSC know. I'm not saying it's a bad program but, it does need to be tweeked.
ky girl

Cynthiana, KY

#25 Oct 16, 2008
why would anyone start bashing someone over starting an organization that takes so much time to do to help children? I know for a fact how hard Stacy works and I know some children who wouldnt have food any other way after school as well, we should be proud to have people willing to help our kids in this area and not putting them down, what type of volunteer work do the ones bashing do to help? how many hours do you all work and volunteer?

Eubank, KY

#26 Oct 16, 2008
huh wrote:
<quoted text>
What is the "backclub"
I think they mean back pack club.

Hudson, OH

#27 Oct 16, 2008
I remember when I was still in school riding the bus, heres what really happens to it, the kids usually end up having alot of it ate before they get on the bus or during the trip, like most little kids they tend to give it away when an older kid ask you to give them something and your that age of wanting to fit in with the "older kids" you do as they please. which means older kids end up getting alot of it. I remember seeing whatcha ma callits, bags of chips, granola bars, junk food but i agree kids need some junk food. leave kids alone about food let them be givin what they want and let hem eat what they want as long as they dont waste it i see nothing wrong with it. i would rather support something like this than a $700 billion bail out you can take junk food money out of my paycheck anyday you want maybe some of you never went to school and dint have money for milk and ice cream and some kids still dont today so leave kids alone

London, KY

#28 Oct 16, 2008
like they said it is out dated stuff that came from where Lola workd and need to get rid of it a tax write off. so they feed it to our kids....

Hudson, OH

#29 Oct 16, 2008
does it matter to some kids that could be all that they would get leave it alone is it costing you anything? do you benefit from it? you gonna tell a kid they cant eat something? didnt think so. so shut up about it if you have nothing better to do than set here and talk about what their giving kids you really need to find something to do with your life
ky girl

Cynthiana, KY

#30 Oct 16, 2008
amen wow...At least they are trying to make a difference in a kids life, and I also know that local stores donate food as well..its not Just what Mrs Reed gets at all, save alot has donated and other stores as well.
shut up

London, KY

#31 Oct 16, 2008
Living Conservative wrote:
The Backpack Club has the best of intentions. Unfortunately, like most things, people abuse it. Children tear open their bags and sell the pieces out of it to other students. Or they take the best things and dump the rest for the bus drivers to deal with. This is fact. There needs to be more regulation so that the students that truly need it, get it. The ones who abuse it, need dropped from the list. This is in no way a bad reflection on the Reeds. They help provide a beneficial service. The YSC/FRYSC end up handling the brunt of the responsibility of determining who exactly needs it. Not always an easy thing for them to deal with since they are responsible for so many things.
so the same needs to be said about welfare and food stamps. at least the back pack club doesn't cost me one red cent unless i choose to donate. the rest of the dead beat losers on welfare and food stamps (that should not be) are costing me and the rest of the american citizens and arm and a leg on a yearly basis. it is a program designed to help kids at school, not to give them a free paycheck at the first of each month so they can live better than the working class of people. come on!!
holy money

Lexington, KY

#32 Oct 16, 2008
grace wrote:
Just something elso the Reeds are over and think they can run like most of the town and church it is time we all stand up and put the Reed's in their place at ( home)...
I think this is a discussion for their home church and not a discussion for topix. If by chance you are a member then shame shame shame on you for posting about brothers and sisters of your very own congregation, not the way Jesus would have you discuss a "problem" (if there is one anyway). If not then still what a shame! If you have a problem with someone get another person or two to go talk with them and see what comes of it. If something is wrong God will right that wrong, but to get on topix about something that should be left between you and another person is not only wrong, but sick too!

Eubank, KY

#33 Oct 16, 2008
If you will check the majority of the items are outdated when your child brings it home. Yes it is a good thing but why can`t they check the dates on the stuff?
back pack joke club wrote:
i heard it was just out dated christmas candy and slim fast bars, junk that lola needed to get rid of from her job at laurel gro. so they can claim it on there taxes, and farcis was going to turn it into a paying job for stacy, but he got fired.
Amber Bowling

Hopkinsville, KY

#34 Oct 16, 2008
no they arent i think its great but god will get you for judging people any ways
ky girl

Cynthiana, KY

#35 Oct 16, 2008
well i think we all have a little outdated things in our own home, do you check every single item in your home? things are safe fro months after their dates 99% of the time, this is per a show I watched on the today show, so I am sure that nothing is harmful, its just being a little bit picky, and I am sure they would love to buy all new things but that would be impossible..try looking at things more positive and not picking them to death, at least they are trying to make a difference and not just turning a blind eye to our community problems, this is allot of donated time for some people..
ky girl

Cynthiana, KY

#36 Oct 16, 2008
Also, I am guessing that by knowing the dates on these items, this means your family or someone you know well is getting this service FREE so why not be appreciative and saying thanks to these people who make sure the kids get it and not gripe at them..

London, KY

#37 Oct 16, 2008
I have seen kids cry when the YSC ran out of those bags on Friday afternoons. Yes, some kids get it that don't really need it, but it does get to some kids who do. Some will be wasted, yes, but some will benefit from it. SO IT IS WORTH IT.

Hudson, OH

#38 Oct 16, 2008
Heres my outlook on it, when you was growing up did you ever see something you wanted in a store but couldnt get it b/c you was being mean? of course. but when you seen something in the store you wanted and you had been good or got good grades your parents got it? yeah im sure you have whether it was a pop or candy or a toy, what alot of people around here dont understand is alot of people dont have the money to fully provide for their family does it make them bad no, it's called giving your kid what it needs not what it wants. some people cant afford all the necessities of life to give their kid everything they want like that box of candy or bag of chips. theres tons of kids out here that dont get to eat or have the privelage of going to school to get a warm meal let alone a brown paper bag full of snacks for the weekend, just like people preach kids should be more into sports instead of video games have you ever looked at the cost of playing sports even at a younger age? its crazy and at the end of the yr what do you get a little trophy alot of kids would love to do stuff like this but cant b/c their parents cant afford it. WHEN SOMEONE IS NICE ENOUGH TO HELP A CHILD OUT YOU SHOULD BACKOFF you dont know what that kid will eat if he/she eats anything during the weekends IN MY EYES PPL THAT GIVE AND HELP CHILDREN ARE ANGELS MAYBE SOME PPL DONT UNDERSTAND BUT KIDS cant make their own decisions or provide for themselfs. did you ever think it could be god working seeing how good of a heart you have i believe he done this before you think god want test you, I REALLY WOULDNT WANNA LAY MY HEAD DOWN TONIGHT AFTER TALKING ABOUT someone who has given and helped a CHILD out. and im not meaning to go into the bible but god did do this if you would like the verse i will be more than happy to get it for you and repost. It dont matter as i have said before if its old or out of date or not little debbie cakes dont go out of date until 3 mths later the date on the package is when it has to be off the shelfs in the stores. stop judging people over what they give kids if it was your kid and you knew you couldnt feed it but once a day on the weekend would you complain about a brownpaper bag full of snacks? no you wouldnt you would be thankful that someone has big enough of a heart to help your child out stop dragging kids into your own personal matters with someone, it's kids like these that their mommy and daddy probably dont qualify for welfare or foodstamps to help out not everyone that draws them dont work imagine being a single mother of say 2 or 3 working 40hrs a week at 7.50 an hr could you afford rent, utilities, car payment, groceries, lunch money for the kids, gas money, insurance? no you couldnt im a man and i dont see nothing wrong with ppl in situations as the one i showed getting help. everybody has to have help somewhere in life you wasnt born with a gold spoon in your mouth and diamonds pouring out of your ass. I do not uphold people who are to lazy to get out and work to get help i do however uphold people who are not able to work getting help. Im tired of hearing about things like this as i have said before this isnt costing me or anyone but the people giving a dime, nothing is free in life so appreciate it, I would love to see all the taxes i pay in go toward something like this instead of it going toward people who guard the mailbox at the beginning of the month waiting on a check, and sales papers its people that dont wanna work in life are the ones who have it made in life they dont have bills or obligations to tend to but setting and judging other on how they live their lifes. im sorry for getting off the topic from time to time

Mount Vernon, KY

#39 Oct 16, 2008
that last post is so true in so many ways, you hit the nail on the head with that one.

London, KY

#40 Oct 16, 2008
the point is that stacey reed did not start this progam the old kid's pastor did his name was john and he started out with 20 bags and now it has grown to this . yes it good but i think we need to find better thing to give then candy and stuff for kids to give away or throw on the fround after school...

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