Who is the biggest gang in Kentucky

Who is the biggest gang in Kentucky

Created by Worried about the gangs on Feb 28, 2009

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Latin Kings

Skin Heads

Folk Nation



Vice Lords

Gangster Deciples


Brownsville, TN

#21 Apr 2, 2009
It amuses me that around this area these late teen early 20's boys think that they are "ganstas" and "hustlas", I say drop them in the middle of L.A. or NYC and watch them be like little lost kittens in a cage full of pit bulls. They all would be curled up in the fetal position calling for their mommies! They need to all grow up and get jobs and try to make something out of their lives.
NLHS student

Cynthiana, KY

#23 May 8, 2009
the gangbangers around here are mostly multiracial crips and bloods, and ive heard of some gang called the saints or sumthin, but anyways they arent as hardcore as the LA OR NY gangbangers ,but ive seen some dudes who get in fights with people at the moveis all the time over gang affiliation and there are some pretty bloody fights actually

Since: Feb 09

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#24 May 8, 2009
Mexington, Ky is going to blow up soon enough with the Mexican gangs. They don't give a crap.
Lexington Resident

Cynthiana, KY

#25 May 8, 2009
Psycho_B wrote:
Mexington, Ky is going to blow up soon enough with the Mexican gangs. They don't give a crap.
thats a good one Mexington hahaha

Palo Alto, CA

#26 May 8, 2009
How about those girls in the green that hang out almost everywhere? They're outside almost every store at one time or other. There must be thousands of them and they're always selling ammo or something.
harry pothead

London, KY

#27 May 10, 2009
The law, from court systems to lawyers to cops. Thats the biggest gang of thugs in Laurel Co. Remember when the cops got that big grant from the U.S Government for gang activity in London? Remember when Holland left office with tens of thousands of dollars in his pocket? Who is the gang? Remember when Brian "Fat Assbert" was caught steeling? Who is the gang?

Cynthiana, KY

#28 May 24, 2009
Im from London,KY and my son is always going around flashing gang signs
and carrying around a bandana , saying hes "crippin" or sumthin like that. I dont think hes in the Crips but the people he hangs out with are im pretty sure ,and ive did everything and i cant convince him not to join.
Seeker of Truth

Somerset, KY

#29 May 24, 2009
The biggest gang in Kentucky is Christians. If you don't believe me just tell one a little bit of the truth about their religion, and watch them wriggle and then get violent. How can a belief system be both pro-life and pro-war at the same time. They will tell you they believe in freedom of religion for all, but they believe in freedom for people to believe the way they do and nothing else.
Open your eyes.
bright one


#30 May 24, 2009
SeductionByDesign wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah join the Military and kill another Million Innocent Iraqis,that is exactly what we need.No we need to get our Heads out of our Butt,and wake up and see whats exactly going on
omg..you ARE the biggest moron! hahhaha
double duce

London, KY

#31 May 24, 2009
london_dude wrote:
There are no "gangs" in Kentucky. Occasionally you'll see little kids put together their "little" clubs and try to play "gang life" like they've seen on TV. But that doesn't last very long after they get their asses kicked a few good times. LoL
Silly kids...
you are quite wrong there are gangs in ky
when i was 13 (1995) i lived in somerset and used to get beaten up by bloods everyday because i wouldn't let them beat me in so i decided to get beaten into the crips and that stopped that but added to my troubles because i was ordered to steal, sell drugs and all kinds of crazy shit which led me to have to carry a gun at age 14 and my first concealed handgun and drug charges at age 15
it got so bad you couldn't go to the mall without someone selling drugs on the corner or seeing big gang fights going on it eventually got so bad that there had to be a police substation put in the mall and a constant police presence on the grounds which caused the mall to almost be shutdown because the young kids to this day do not hang there like back then but anyway this wasn't lil rednecks claiming to be a gang this was multiple chapters of a very big Crip organization based in Chicago who thought they could make major money in somerset which they did for awhile and finally after some close friends were killed (by bloods)while going out of state to pick up a load of drugs and weapons i decided it was all B.S. and had to move away for awhile to straighten up when i came into contact with a marine corps recruiter who helped me redirect my life and become part of something better. i guess the police kinda got a grip on the gangs there but i still don't go there often unless just passin through but the police station still stands in the mall i don't think there are any cops in it anymore. i do know that by the time i left in late 1997 that there were 31 different chapters or sets with over 600 members and thats just the crips now i hear that with the surge of illegal immigrants there are also mexican gangs getting pretty big over there mainly Vice Kings and other clicks who are tied to the mexica mafia

they say there is only 1 way out which was true for my friends who never got to grow up but for me i just left one night and never looked back
the 226 is dead to me now so i don't really care

Cynthiana, KY

#32 May 24, 2009
double duce

London, KY

#33 May 24, 2009
Parent wrote:
Im from London,KY and my son is always going around flashing gang signs
and carrying around a bandana , saying hes "crippin" or sumthin like that. I dont think hes in the Crips but the people he hangs out with are im pretty sure ,and ive did everything and i cant convince him not to join.
i would suggest going to the local armed forces recruiting station and tell the recruiters the situation then if they will help you and i'm sure they will take your son up there and let them talk to him and show him that he can be apart of something alot bigger and more meaningful...that worked for me and i believe to this day that it either saved my life or kept me out of prison!
chances are if your son is stackin or throwin up that his "friends" have already beaten him in and even if it is just a small group of boys playing gangsta it is still dangerous for him as well as you and your family!
i lost 5 good friends to gang violence and i was supposed to be in the same car they were in but i didn't go and when the word got back that they were in Chicago in body bags i knew more people would get hurt so i ran far away and could never return to my hometown!

Cynthiana, KY

#34 May 30, 2009
better watch out for the East Bernstadt Bloods , most of their members are crazy ass lesbians. LOL
gangstas freind

Louisville, KY

#36 Dec 22, 2010
theres gangs, alot of them, anywere from midddle school up there r gangs, we got little gangs just startin out thatll be gone in a few years and we got gangs that r just settin up and will drag hole neighborhoods into hell, just wait, ther will be dealers on every corner eventually, the ganggs will take over, the gangster deciples r biggest, sureno 13 is movin in they ben placin tags, u got 4 sets of bloods, 6 sets of gangsta crips, a bullshit 1 called 4 west peru they aint nuthin tho, some d-lords, a few vl and tvl, e.c.g.c. is here, wat im sayin is watch yer asses and beware wit yer kids, gangs r movin in permanent, soon kentucky is screwed as hell, beware the gangs wont leave...ever

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#37 Dec 22, 2010
The little rascals gang is real tough. Spanky beat my ass every day until Buck Wheat saved me and took me to Alfalfa's for protection.
successful young boss

Clarkson, KY

#38 Dec 22, 2010
campbellsville mafia 4 7ife and dont forget it

Cynthiana, KY

#39 Dec 23, 2010
this is still hilarious lol gang bangers arent anything but a bunch of p#$$ies that cant fight their own fight and need a few people helping them out, as far as the drugs go we dont have to worry about gangs on every corner selling drugs, anyone thats opened an eye around here the last few years will know theres pretty much a drug dealer living on every street, this place is ate up with good for nothing h@es and druggies, i cant wait for them all to od or catch some wonderful disease thats gonna end their life so we dont have to look at them anymore. other posts were right about some things though, the biggest gang now and always will be your government and police force, they are as crooked as they come. and gangs isnt the problem, but all these mexicans are, years ago i saw a show on the discovery channel talking about a mexican gang (mx-13 or something like that)and how they were in almost every state in the US, i say sytart with those b@stards and kick em out!!!


#40 Dec 23, 2010
My opinion is this. If any gang moves in or starts up on our community they should first be warned. If they then cause problems the law should go have a talk with them. If that dont work then we as taxpaying citizens should have a right to open season on their ignorant ass. As for me. I dont bother anyone. I stay home and mind my business or I work. But Im still minding my business. Anybody tries to take what I have worked for Im going to try my dead level best to stop them any way I can. Gang bangers seem to have one huge problem. They seem to like taking pistols to a fight where everybody else has 12 gauges. That pistol puts one little hole in a body. Those 12 gauges will blow your head completely off. Go figure. Gangbangers arent known for their intelligence are they? Kinda like taking a ball bat to a gunfight. UGh. I just saw the post about the EB BLoods being lesbian. a lesbian blood. hhmm. Do they chew on used tampons or something? How did they get that name?

Clarkson, KY

#41 Dec 23, 2010
they are known as

Gray, KY

#42 Dec 23, 2010
they are known as glock smith/Weston. traus and shotgun anne, moss Thompson's but now ole glock is petty bad and so is m16A1 they are bad and me my self and i are bad too.

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