Gary of Independent Opportunities

Gary of Independent Opportunities

Created by What a Joke on Feb 19, 2010

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does anybody know

What's going on there

Rumor has it

Knoxville, IA

#42 Jul 24, 2010
Well, since we want to talk about people lets just talk about Mary too.....what about Mary York? I have heard all kinds of rumors about this lady and I haven't been with the company for 3 months yet. I heard that she is a lier and trys to get everyone that she doesn't like in trouble or fired. I heard she lies to her husband about gossiping at work, since he is so against it. Did you know that she talks about everything that you tell her... hubby?? I know you don't believe it and thats your choice but your wife is nothing more than a once cheating, two bit lying bitch. I know all kinds of things about you Mary!! The guy that rents off of you likes to talk.....ALOT!! I think I'll talk to him some more and get more info and let everyone see what type of person you really are you little jealous tramp. I see you every day.....wonder who I am......haha!!

Knoxville, IA

#43 Jul 25, 2010
I think when Chloe takes off then Gary needs to be the one to give orders to everyone else instead of Mary. Every time anyone comes into the office she treats them like crap. I don't belittle her so why does she do everyone else like that. Oh, by the way every time I walk by Mary's office she's always playing with her hair. News flash!!!!.....your hair isn't that nice so stop playing with it. Teheeeeehee!!
been there

London, KY

#44 Jul 25, 2010
I wonder sometime 2 if she is supervisor because she seems to make all the calls there. The other RC seem to not be that way but i dont know them that well.
shame on you

Brodhead, KY

#45 Aug 1, 2010
This is for all the case managers that's on crisis when is the last time that you took your crisis call and responded. I'll tell you when never. I know because I've called you before and you never responded. Do yourself a favor and hire someone reliable to do crisis and take it away from you people looks to me like the state would care enough to check on this.

Waterloo, Canada

#46 Aug 4, 2010
First of all I have worked with Mary for two years she has alway been very nice to me. She cares about staff as long as you do your job! And she cares about ind. As for crisis the R.C. Do go out when needed. You have no idea what your talking about. You all are bunch of cry babies! If you'd do your job and stop worring about stuff that is none of your business everyone would be better off.

Since: Jan 10

Somerset, KY

#47 Aug 5, 2010
Antilewis wrote:
First of all I have worked with Mary for two years she has alway been very nice to me. She cares about staff as long as you do your job! And she cares about ind. As for crisis the R.C. Do go out when needed. You have no idea what your talking about. You all are bunch of cry babies! If you'd do your job and stop worring about stuff that is none of your business everyone would be better off.
Either you have long term memory loss, or you have not been at the company for very long. The state walked in 3 years ago and had a staff member to call crisis for a mock crisis situation. Guess what? The state employee did not receive a call back from the initial responder for about 45 minutes! I am glad it was not a REAL emergency. Crisis is a JOKE. It is only as good as the first responder(case manager).

London, KY

#48 Aug 23, 2010
G.B really showed his true side Friday at the meeting and That was the most uncalled for thing that i have seen anyone do in a long time. Just dont get how some people can get away with acting like and keep there job.

Las Vegas, NV

#49 Aug 24, 2010
anyone no if mary cobb still works there.

Stanton, KY

#50 Aug 24, 2010
What did GB do at the meeting on Friday?

Since: Jan 10

Brodhead, KY

#51 Aug 24, 2010
You saw his true side. I have only seen one side. His ass. He is an ass. He was an ass when he came to London, and now 3 years later, he remains an ass.

Waterloo, Canada

#52 Aug 28, 2010
I.O. The future Oakwood if things don't get better. Its a shame because I.O. Once was a great place to work.

Richmond, KY

#53 Sep 25, 2010
has anyone noticed that the new case manager chasing after that boy tyler that works in adt. Its the same boy that Brittany Norton was sleeping with.It won't be long before she starts showing off her thong under wear like Brittany does. Don't understand how Brittany keeps from getting into trouble for the way she dresses I quess where she is in the office with Billy that he is happy therefore Chloe is happy. why is this stuff allowed to go on at this company. Gary must have his head up his butt,playing stupid.

Hazard, KY

#54 Sep 25, 2010
Brittany did not sleep with this Tyler boy that works in there for one. She is married and has know reason to chase after little boys. you must be one of the many fat staff the works at this company and fails to do what you are supposed to do and work with the ind.

Vilonia, AR

#55 Sep 25, 2010
that gerri norton that has the big ass that walks around like shes hotshit they need to get rid of her shes a joke.... ive worked around her for a long time.....
your special one

Bolivar, MO

#56 Dec 8, 2010
if yall cant handle working for the retards, yall should find another job
You are Correct

United States

#57 Dec 16, 2010
gosh wrote:
<quoted text>i got ideal how bout everybody just focus on your own job help one another and leave others alone......
If everyone would tend to there own affairs and instead of putting there nose where it doesnt belong...maybe just maybe our company could grow like it has been. I,agree things have been a little crazy this past year ,however,things are on the up and up...nevertheless the power to make a difference, see results that everyone is complaining about...Is in your hands...No problems,Just Solutions

United States

#58 Dec 16, 2010
I don't have anything to so with thiscompany but med coordinaters don't require a degree not even aft surpervisor has to have one. As for state andknowing when they come we all know when are certification is due so we know about when they will show up. They also do a monthly visit. If there is harmful stuff going on with meds then that should be reported
been there

Madisonville, KY

#59 Dec 18, 2010
heard they let an individual get pregrant and then shipped her to another company true or false
and done that

Stanford, KY

#60 Mar 19, 2011
Hello all you people stuck there with a bunch of pure power hungry, stupid, cheating, not having enough brains to get out of the rain, management runing this law breaking, document altering, paying off state officials, stealing money from the chalenged people, covering their own ass, instructing employess to do things against state regulation company. I really feel sorry that you dont have enough balls to get out of that crooked, money hungry, employee ball breaking company. Wayne Harvey, the self ritious bastard, gary baltama the wayne harvey head man (the reason he talks with a lisp type head man) chloe the company slut, Mary the lieing back stabbin do anything to kiss chloes ass, billy the do nothin riding on his slutty wife chloes apron...oppps billy wears the apron and chloe wears the slacks. This is the worst managed company I have ever had the displeasure of working for in my life. I left this company on my own free will not a fired employee as they always try to say the not so happy comments come from. I know the employees there feel they have to have a job and maybe so but it dont have to be for this lowlife, lieing, cheating company. They will tell you to do something but if it comes back on them they know nothing about it and it was totally your ideal. This is the kinda of management you are working for. They will hang you out to dry and for doing what they asked you to. I had been told this several times when i worked there. You new employess beware, even if you do as instructed and it blows up in their face they will put the blame totally on you. IF you dont kiss their rectum no matter how faithful you are for your work ethics, they will ride you to the ground. Someday i pray the state will see them as they are and shut this worthless company down because the individuals are not their concern but the money they can steal, workers they can harress and sit back and laugh about it is their main company objective no mater what kinda of jive they talk its certainly not the walk they do. If all you employess that is not in the magic management round table would grow you some gonads and just stop going to work calling in sick, three days is one accurance, and put those lazy bastards in your job they would quit in two days. In closing to the Your special one......the ones you care for are mentally challenged.....the retards and the worthless pile of shit management......and to gary who threatens to find out whos is posting what. you cant scare who dont work for you and didnt scare me then and the employess there now need a good strong work union where seniorty should rule. best wishes to my old time friends still there and hope to see you all grow you some nuts.

Somerset, KY

#61 Mar 20, 2011
a job well done that is the truth1184

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