Women ....... Vote Against Romney

Women ....... Vote Against Romney

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Since: Sep 09


#1 Nov 5, 2012
A note. There are two of us writing this threat but it is being put under my name as a matter of convenience.

The posts below are to be taken as one issue pertaining to the ‘new’ Republican party’s stance on American women. Because there are so many different fronts we, women, are being hit from in only two years we put these as separate posts to make it easier to sort through.

Some of these I already used on past posts but due to the election being tomorrow they need to be brought up again as a reminder to women to vote against Romney and the 'new' Republican party in this election.

You must consider that all these bills & issues below are coming from a single source ..... The Republican party and since 2010.

Is there a war on women ..... yes, there is.

Since: Sep 09


#2 Nov 5, 2012
One important thing to think about is while Romney was Governor and women in higher state positions drastically dropped from 42 percent down to 25 percent in only 2 1/2 years they (the women) were replaced with men, not other women.

What causes skilled professional women to leave at that rate in such a very short time? Dropping 42 percent down to only 25 percent?

Since: Sep 09


#3 Nov 5, 2012
I was recently talking with a conservative republican named WillyP. He had what is sadly a far too common outlook among the 'new' Republican party toward women.

Willy P said something that made me think about the reasons I and other women are no longer consenting to what our grandmothers and great-grandmothers had to accept. It isn't about free birth control and unhindered abortions, it's about things like I'm about to say on down below.

First I'll put what Willy P said .....

WillyP wrote, "Apparently, having a career and family is of zero interest to Democrat women. Judging from their political speeches every Democrat politician knows that women are interested only in free birth control and unhindered abortions."

Having a career 'is' one of the things it's about. But it's only that to a certain level ..... it's far more about 'being able to' have a career if we choose. It's having the ability to. We can also have a family if we choose, that is one of our options. The key factor now is it's 'our' option, we're not choosing it because it's the only one open for us.

It's about things like this.

The 2012 Olympics ..... America ..... 104 total medals ..... 58 won by American women (only 45 won by American men)..... 43 of the 58 are gold & silver.

We now earn more college degrees, particularly doctorates, than men. And more of us finish college than men. We also have a higher GPA ..... grade point average ..... that means we make higher grades than men.

In 2010, for the first time in history, we passed up men and make up a higher percentage of the work force.

We can choose our own path. Or make entirely new paths to follow. The same as men always have, but has never been open to us to do.

This is what it's about. The fight is about not letting controlling conservative men with overbearing egos, double standards, and outdated religious beliefs knock us back down to being what we were a hundred years ago.

Since: Sep 09


#4 Nov 5, 2012
A few views of women by the Republican party ~~

“We’ve got real issues to talk about, not the latest bimbo eruption.”
~~ Republican Jon Huntsman (2012)

"I think it's harmful to women. I think it's harmful to our society to have a society that says that sex outside of marriage is something that should be encouraged or tolerated, particularly among the young. And I think we've very, very harmful long-term consequences to our society. Birth control to me enables that, and I don't think it's a healthy thing for our country."
~~ Republican Rick Santorum, on why he wants states to have the power to ban birth control pills. The pill, not abortion.

"You could argue that money is more important for men. I think a guy in their first job, maybe because they expect to be a breadwinner someday, may be a little more money-conscious."
~~ Republican Governor Scott Walker (2012), on why he repealed Wisconsin's 2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act

"It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare (pregnancy from rape). If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."
~~ Republican Todd Akin (2012).

Btw, what the heck did Akin mean by 'legitimate' rape? Does he think we have nothing better to do than lie about being raped?

“Well, you could become a Muslim and you could beat her. I don’t think we condone wife-beating these days but something has got to be done.”
~~ Pat Robertson, two days after campaigning with Mitt Romney last month. Robertson, of the 700 Club, said this in answer to a man asking him what he should do about his wife who doesn’t respect him.'Something has to be done'? What is the “something” which should be done to correct disrespectful wives? Robertson doesn't think “these days” we condone wifebeating. Have we 'ever' condoned it? Maybe back in the 'good old days' that the 'new' Republicans & religious extremists are attempting to take women back to.

"The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians."
~~ Pat Robertson, who campaigned with Mitt Romney last month.

But this (the two quotes above) are also a good example of how profoundly the Republican party is catering to the extremist-religious movement. Romney was out 'campaigning' with Pat Robertson.

"I think Kirsten Gillibrand is an attractive woman, I think she's bright, and I think she's probably a good mom herself."
~~ Bruce Blakeman (Republican U.S. Senate candidate) on Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Notice how he perceived the Senator's looks & ability as a mother are more important than her political standing as a Senator.

"I'm going to treat you like a lady ... now act like one."
~~ Sen. Arlen Specter to Rep. Michele Bachmann. Specter was a Republican that switched to Democrat in 2009. Treat you like a lady? Again, it’s an example of how Republican men perceive women in politics (or in any job). Why should a woman Senator or Representative be treated any different than a male one when she’s doing her job in Washington?

"What's the difference between selling out your party's values and the oldest profession?"
~~ Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller about Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski. Guess what he just called her.

Since: Sep 09


#5 Nov 5, 2012
Remember all the yelling over the pill a few months ago? Mostly from the extremist-religious movement which has taken over such a large part of the Republican party. Why do religious extremists fear the pill? Because .....

The pill has done more to empower us than any other thing. It puts us on the level of men. Us just as free to have sex without fear of pregnancy, free to set our own path in life, to work a career, do anything we want ..... not tethered and chained to a house and kitchen. It makes us equal. That's what the republican leaders and a lot of religions fear ..... women truly being equal to men.

There's many medical reasons a great number of women use the pill. For menstrual problems, cramps and pain, premenstrual syndrome, irregular cycles, loss of bone density, reduce the risk of ovarian cysts, and protect us from uterine and ovarian cancer.

Another medical point is the pill reduces the number of children with birth defects due to it keeping a drug addict or alcoholic from being pregnant until she finishes her recovery.

Also, low-income families do not become overloaded with too many children and become overwhelmed and devastated financially. Using the pill families can control the number of children they want. Women can stop at one or two, or at the number they chose.

But while fighting the pill I 'not once' heard the republicans or religious people condemn men's viagra being covered by insurance. Which viagra already is. Why is that?

Not once was it mentioned.

There are far more fully justifiable reasons for the pill than there are for viagra. But it's OK for viagra to be covered by health insurance, isn't it? Otherwise the Republican party and leaders would have also fought against it like they have against the pill.

Since: Sep 09


#6 Nov 5, 2012
Here in America some states use to have laws banning the sale of birth control pills to unmarried women. That even ran up into the 1970's until those laws were fought down by us, women, taking our case to the US Supreme Court.

If you notice, the right to have full access to the pill came in the 1970's. That is dead on center with the primary battle for equal rights for women.

If you'll notice many religions to varying degrees require men have dominance over, or be a step above, women. The pill greatly threatens that hold on us. Therefore they fear the pill. Not because it's against a religious doctrine, but more so because it gives us the same freedom and equality as men where having sex is concerned.

There is once again a movement to give states the authority to ban the pill at the state level. To take us back to the old days like before the 1970’s.

It is not so much an issue if it will succeed, it is a matter that it’s being attempted. And if the extremist-religious movement gains enough power within the Republican party with Romney as President what will keep it from happening?

Since: Sep 09


#7 Nov 5, 2012
There was a GOP-led Congressional hearing on contraception earlier this year. To speak or testify at it was by invite only. The first panel to testify at the hearing was made up of five males. On the second panel of witnesses there were only two women, the rest men. Who uses contraception & who would be more affected by decisions made at that Congressional hearing?

Since: Sep 09


#8 Nov 5, 2012
I have another WillyP addition to my WillyP collection. Yes, believe it or not, he is a real person.

He said .....

"Are you going to get back to us on how the Lilly Ledbetter Act was so much help to you? I've been imagining you suing your grandfather, or maybe the welfare office, for equal pay or something. Surely there must be a secret benefit in the Act known only to you, or else you'd be lying."

Why do conservative men think this? There is no 'secret' benefit within the Fair Pay Act. It is very open and clear in its purpose. Unless fairly paid you can sue the company practicing discrimination against you. Nothing secret or hidden in that.

It also covers men, different races, religions, etc. But it's mostly women and minorities that fall victim to discriminatory pay. So that is who will receive the most benefit from the Act. Did you know black females are more often victimized by unfair pay practices than white females? So even race pays a part in this on a lot of jobs.

The greatest component of the Fair Pay Act is it lets businesses know not to attempt unfair pay practices. It motivates companies to be fair to all employees in the first place. It makes attempts at pay discrimination not worth the risk.

Why is the new Republican party and it's supporters against laws saying men and women must be paid equally for the same work? Bush would not pass it. Now the 'new' Republican party even has several bills around the nation to abolish state level Fair Pay Laws. In one state the Republican Governor ‘did’ repealed the state’s equal pay law. President Obama signed the national Fair Pay Act into law on his third day in office. It was his very first law to enact.

There is a bill in Washington to improve the Fair Pay Act. Of 2009. It’s been blocked twice since 2010 by the Republicans.

This anti-women behavior by the Republican party cannot be accepted the way our great-great grandmothers may have accepted being treated as less than they were. This is 2012 and we are far better educated and have the means to fight back. We can make and win an election when also comprising other groups of people that the Republican party has crossed and angered.

Women ..... Vote for what is best for “you“. Both as an individual & woman. Vote Democrat. If you are a member of a minority, do the same, vote Democrat.

Since: Sep 09


#9 Nov 5, 2012
The Fair Pay Act of 2009 was a needed law President Obama passed. It was killed by Bush during his term. Why do laws like this frighten the present Republicans? Is equal pay for equal work between men and women that loathsome to them?

There are Fair Pay laws in various states that make it a violation of state law or state civil rights laws to practice pay discrimination. Some of those state laws are under direct attack by the Republican party this year. They are seeking to abolish them. Why is that? Why only the Republican party doing it?

In Wisconsin the Republican Governor ’did’ repeal the state’s 2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act.

Get this .....

In Washington last June (2012), Republicans again blocked a pay equity bill for the second time in two years.

The bill would have paved the way for women to more easily receive pay equality when they are victims of discriminatory pay practices by a company. But Republicans united against the measure.

The bill would have also bared companies from retaliating against employees that inquire about pay disparities.

Do you know what one trick is that 'has' been often used? A company knows they are hiring a woman to do a certain job. But they assign a different job title to her employment type. Then put her doing the same job (as they intended) with men which have a different job title with a higher pay wage (but it's the exact same job and solely a scam to pay her less for equal work). Other businesses just outright pay a woman less.

Since: Sep 09


#10 Nov 5, 2012
Related to the above issue and women in the workplace is a national Republican leader (there may be more supporting this issue) wants to abolish workplace sexual harassment laws. He says they are not needed due to women having the option of quitting a job if sexually harassed on the job. I guess he thinks money and a job isn't as important to women as it is to men, and we, women, don't need our jobs. If we work a job for 10+ years and some guy begins sexually harassing us we should just quit and find another job.

Since: Sep 09


#11 Nov 5, 2012
The huge lie Romney publicly told.

In case anyone missed it, in the second Presidential debate Romney bragged about him having 'binders full of women'. This was to attempt to counter for some of the anti-women issues which he and his party has been involved in.

But he lied.

He boasted in the debate that he appointed his staff to do a full scale statewide or nationwide search for women for putting together those binders and told about how 'he' contacted women's groups for their help.

Those women's groups (MassGAP) have come forward and said Romney is full of bs. Before Romney was elected Governor, MassGAP had put together portfolios of skilled women and went to both the Republican Gubernatorial candidate (Romney) and the Democrat runner. The groups talked both into agreeing to hire more women for state posts if they won. They (MassGAP) then gave the candidates the already finished portfolios. This was before Romney was even elected as Governor.

Romney lied about he himself deciding the state needed more women in the state capital and hunting all over for qualified women, him falsely claiming he sought the help of women’s groups and receiving the 'binders full of women' after he became Governor.

How many other things is he lying to us about concerning our rights and freedoms as women and equal citizens? He cannot be trusted.

Btw, they are called portfolios, not 'binders full of women', but that's Romney’s way of thinking and how he views us.

Houston, TX

#12 Nov 5, 2012
Jenny, your a Lowlife C()unt, who cares who you vote for.

Since: Sep 09


#13 Nov 5, 2012
Romney's 'real record' for women while Governor. And feel free to look it up. Romney did at first appoint women in state positions in his first year as agreed upon. Women went from 30 percent to 42 percent. But it was just to temporarily humor women during the first year as Governor because the number then began sharply dropping. By 2006 only 25 percent were women. Less than when Romney first became governor.

These were skilled professionals recommended by MassGAP, not high school drop-outs sent by the unemployment office. That drastic of a drop in only 2 1/2 years means something ran them off.

Romney supporters can argue all they want in an attempt to cover it up ..... the facts and statistics are clear ..... a drop from 42 percent down to 25 percent in just 2 1/2 years.

What causes a drastic drop in women from 42 percent down to 25 percent in only 2 1/2 short years? A hostile work environment is usually the biggie.

And Romney refilled the positions with men, not women.

Since: Sep 09


#14 Nov 5, 2012
Another thing from the Presidential debate.

Don't ya just love how Romney recognizes that if you’re going to have women in the workforce that you need to be more flexible so we can get home to fix dinner?

Ummmmmmm ..... where the heck is the husband? Is cooking, cleaning, and raising children solely our job (on top of working a job)? What does Romney think a husband is capable of? Only coming home from work and then sitting on the couch drinking a beer while watching the 'little lady' do all the work (after she also has come home from a job)?

What happened to equality in a marriage and home? A sharing of responsibility? Especially when both spouses work.

It isn’t whether it’s a good thing or bad thing. But the mindset of Romney toward women. Remember that there was a drastic drop of women from 42 percent down to only 25 percent in only 2 ½ years in women in higher state positions while he was Governor.

Since: Sep 09


#15 Nov 5, 2012
Romney, while governor of Massachusetts, vetoed a widely supported bill that would make the morning-after pill more accessible to those which needed it and require hospitals to offer emergency contraception to rape victims.

But his veto didn't stand long. The state Senate voted unanimously to overrule it, and the state House voted 139-16 to do the same.

Since: Sep 09


#16 Nov 5, 2012
Did you know Florida's Republican governor vetoed funding for 30 rape crisis centers? Not proposed new centers, ones already existing. Do you know when he did the veto? In the middle of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Since: Sep 09


#17 Nov 5, 2012
"Congressman says abortions never necessary to save life of mother"

"Republican Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois said after his Thursday debate against Democratic rival Tammy Duckworth that abortions are never necessary to save a pregnant woman's life, because modern technology has eliminated the risks of childbearing."

Wow ..... he needs to tell that to the husbands of the women that have died. It will take a load off their mind and help them understand that their wives are not dead, just snuck off hiding somewhere.

That doesn't count the women permanently affected physically due to going through pregnancy when their bodies were not capable of handing it (for various medical or physical reasons).

There are deaths (and in others serious permanent complications can be caused) even now.

Another issue is pregnancies can cause complications in already existing medical or physical conditions.

This is surreal. Just how many of these guys exist in the Republican party? Our favorite is the 'women cannot become pregnant from rape' thing.

Since: Sep 09


#18 Nov 5, 2012
Roe vs. Wade is a US Supreme Court ruling. But close to 1,000 anti-abortion & anti-choice bills have been introduced across the country since 2010.

We can't think of anything approaching that number of bills with the goal of creating jobs in that same time span. Can you?

Since: Sep 09


#19 Nov 5, 2012
As for Republican party leaders wanting to force rape and incest victims to have their rapist's baby ..... Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan among others signed onto one of the Republican bills (HR 212) seeking to ban abortion even for rape and incest victims, and for women who's life is endangered by pregnancy, plus no matter what the age is (female children would have to bear a baby even if it killed her).

Forcing a rape victim to have their rapist's baby is a cruel continuation of the rape. Rape is horrible enough without being forced to carry and have your rapist's baby. The psychological effects of that can be permanently devastating.

When raped they tell women to move on and get over it. But I notice men cannot handle rape, move on, and get over it.

Twenty-three percent of male rape victims attempt to or commit suicide and seventy percent have to receive psychological treatment. But they want us ..... women ..... to accept a continuation of our rape ..... have our rapist's baby. It makes pregnancy a part of the act of rape.

If male rape victims also had to bear their rapist's baby I wonder how high that percentage of attempted and successful suicides would climb? It's at 23 percent without pregnancy.

Since: Sep 09


#20 Nov 5, 2012
Is the Republican party pro-women's rights?

Which political party has .....

Several bills around the nation to abolish state fair pay laws? In Wisconsin the state fair pay law ‘was’ repealed.

In at least two states attempting to list being a single mother as a form of child abuse?

Require invasive transvaginal ultrasounds (which is the same as rape with a foreign object)?

Attempting to cut education? This affects young women as well as young men.

Have in Kentucky fought down a bill to give EPO protections to adult women being stalked and endangered by ex-boyfriends?

Attempting to force women by law to have a baby against her will?

Force rape and incest victims to have their rapist's baby (both Paul Ryan and Todd Akin among others co-signed a bill for that, HR 212)?

Bills all across the nation to go to 'abstinence-only' sex education with it forbidden to mention or teach about birth control (which the girls will pay the price for, not the boys, by way of pregnancy).

Cut or do away with a lot of women's health services such as breast cancer screening?

Fighting down laws to force insurance to stop charging women far more than men for the exact same policies?

Do away with new laws stating insurance companies cannot refuse to pay for medical treatments by claiming pre-existing conditions related to only women?

Which party has fought against the pill? Are attempting to ban some forms of birth control? Ban the morning-after pill?

Etc, etc, etc. Because there are even more bills around the nation targeting only women.

'All' of them are Republican bills. All since 2010.

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