Who's A Good Lawyer For Child Custod...

Who's A Good Lawyer For Child Custody Cases?

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London, KY

#1 Sep 26, 2010
I need to find a lawyer to speak with about the custody case I'm about to go into.anyone have a suggestions of a good lawyer??

Bloomfield, KY

#2 Sep 27, 2010
There are several good lawyers in the area. But with custody issues it really depends on the case. Depending on your case would determine if you should proceed or not. Kentucky law states what is in the best interest of the child. I know sometimes it doesn't seem to come out that way. If you have a good case and you are the more stable person and would provide a better environment for the child etc...and is the other parent going to fight. You could be wasting your time and money. Some people want custody to avoid child support. I hope this case. But you should be able to find a good lawyer. Just shop around, most provide a free consult.

Cynthiana, KY

#3 Sep 27, 2010
it all depends on your sex. if youre a female it doesnt matter who you get, with the screwed up system we have here in hickville youre gonna win even if youre a [email protected], if youre a man, youll have to go out of the tri-county area because all of the lawyers in laurel,whitley,knox are all buddies and will screw you over. go to somerset or north to get a lawyer, youll have a better chance. my ex should have gotten jail time, instead she got custody and $500 a month. i know someones gonna get on here and run their mouth but i was there amd know all the facts and details, noone else does so dont care what anyone else thinks, this person now knows the truth

London, KY

#4 Sep 27, 2010
i agree most father get f### out of the rights they should have while mother not all but some get all when they dont know how todo crap

London, KY

#5 Sep 27, 2010
well i am the mother in this case and i dont want to go to court but her father is the one talking about all of that.even though i told him he could come any day for as long as he wants to see her.i was just wanting to find out who i could contact to find out what to expect from all of it. anyone have suggestions on a good lawyer to talk with?
Case worker

Paris, KY

#6 Sep 27, 2010
Well, has the father ever had any charges/felonies in his past..If so, he will have to comply with dcbs (social services) as well. He must also have his own residence (not live with his mommy or friends). He must have a stable income. He will have to have a bedroom for each child.(I guess in your case one child) Even if he goes by all of this, more than likely, he will only get every other weekend visits. Don't worry about it. If the judge sees that you are a "fit" mother, it won't matter who your lawyer is! Get who you can afford.

London, KY

#7 Sep 27, 2010
well he has prior drug charges.i had to call the police last week on him for coming to my house and going wild and wouldn't leave.he has an income but does not have his own place.i was wanting to check into it and see what i could expect if it did go to court.thanks for all the replies
case worker

Paris, KY

#8 Sep 27, 2010
You probably don't have anything to worry about then, especially if a police report was filed. They would put all of this in consideration. If anything, he will have to pay child support if he takes you to court and will have supervised visits and will have to comply with social services for future un-supervised visits (random drug screens, and counseling). Even if he has a period of sobriety from past drug charges, if he has had them in the past, it doesnt look good and if a child is involved they will look out for the child's best interest.

Cynthiana, KY

#9 Sep 27, 2010
i dont understand why he would want to go to court if you are letting him see the child whenever he wants, that just doesnt make sense to me. something doesnt sound right, i think its just another woman telling lies. if you dont care when he sees the child all this other crap wont matter, you can go together to the child support office and agree on an amount and if youre letting him see the child why would he feel the need to go to court to get visitation? youre just tryin to find out what all you can use against him and what will happen to him, you hoping youll get the money each month without having to let him see the child? i think thats more the case here, dont worry, caseworkers got you covered if anyone knows how to screw over a man in this county its the child support offfice and their overwhelmingly sexist employees
case worker

Paris, KY

#10 Sep 27, 2010
Gag, it sounds to me like you don't like taking responsibility of the financial needs your child requires. If you don't want to pay child support, sign your rights over and I'll pray that your child/children will find a mature, nurturing father to take your place.

Macon, GA

#11 Sep 27, 2010
What about the father that has the child that the mother walked away from?I have one and her mom walked out/Any help with this?THANKS
thats for sure

Winchester, KY

#12 Sep 27, 2010
quit listening to all the bs and get a really good attorney like jill o. edwards. shes the best in these matters and her and female judge are friends.

Cynthiana, KY

#13 Sep 28, 2010
case worker wrote:
Gag, it sounds to me like you don't like taking responsibility of the financial needs your child requires. If you don't want to pay child support, sign your rights over and I'll pray that your child/children will find a mature, nurturing father to take your place.
this shows how ignorant you are and to what lengths youll go to make a father look bad, youre an excellent example of the kind of people we do not need in the child support office. can anyone anywhere show me where in my post i said i did not want to take care of my child, anyone? nope you cant, i merely stated the truth about how crooked and sexist the child support system is, but like always someone has to say " oh own up and take responsibility" and i always have to say the same old crap, she spread her legs and joined in the fun voluntarily or i would be in a different court, but its always the guy who has to overpay, i dont mind paying to take care of my kid but when the child support payment is more than your house payment its too much, if you expect m to live off $131 a week with rent and bills explain to me how a child needs $500+ a month to live? and thats just my contribution, so $500 and whatever the mothers responsible for. ive went without food so mommy can buy my kid a new wii, and of course when i get my child im limited to what we can do because i cant afford gas or a new (or even reliable) car to go anywhere. yep its a fair system, i just dont want to support my kid you got me stupid. this is a system that supports [email protected] and nothing else, and its enforced by [email protected] thank god i still have freedom of speech, at least until the child support office takes that away from me.
I know how you feel

Mount Vernon, KY

#14 Sep 28, 2010
Gag-I know exactly how you feel. I know someone going through the same thing. He has temporary rights and child support. The mother doesn't comply with the court ordered visits and nothing is being done about it. We have spoken to several people within the system and were told plainly that the system always sides with the mother until they are proven to be unfit. There are many men out there that are more capable of caring for the children but the system is sexist.

My opinion is since it takes two to make a baby that the time should be divided between both parents and both parents should provide for the child equally.

Mount Sterling, KY

#15 Dec 3, 2010
Well, that explains a lot. Guess that whole best interest of a child thing just doesn't matter a bit in the end does it?
thats for sure wrote:
quit listening to all the bs and get a really good attorney like jill o. edwards. shes the best in these matters and her and female judge are friends.
sick and tired

Mount Vernon, KY

#16 Apr 15, 2012
well id have to agree with gag,men dont get treated fair at all in child support cases.and im a woman!i know this man thats paying 800.00 a month on 3 kids that probally dont even belong to him.he went to clay county childsupport office and asked about his rights because he pays so much and dont even get to see the kids and all they had to say is you gotta get a lawyer,what the hell!!!!!!the woman thats receiving the money uses it for zanex and pain pills.thats what they are making you support.none of his money goes on the them kids cause the kids dont even live with her they live with her aunt ,so tell me caseworker does that sound fair or is that some bullsh##,i think you all should start making them show recipts for the money they get and then maybe,just maybe the kids will be took care of....oh by the way she lives with mommy and daddy still and has no responsibility so there for you take 800.00 dollars from a man that works everyday to support a pillhead!!!!what a system we have........

United States

#17 Apr 15, 2012
Don't answer questions and put all your business out here.

Contact an attorney before you say anything else.

London, KY

#18 Apr 16, 2014
Does anyone know which state I would need to get a lawyer in? I live in Ky and my child lives in a different state. So do I need to get a lawyer from the state my child lives in or can I use a Ky lawyer?
My baby comes first

Charleston, WV

#19 Apr 17, 2014
What state does the child live in?
Pissed off real parent

Georgetown, IN

#21 Nov 17, 2016
I need to find a good lawyer about custody and getting parents tpr. I'm the real parent, a realative. I'm the one go feeds, puts a roof over their head, clothes on their back, cleans their puk, run endless Dr appointments, listen to their fighting and wipes their years. I'm the one that ticks them in and years their laughter... I have a document that is supposed to say I've got temporary custody, and education rights. It's 5 months and I have no idea what the hell it says. The school still won't let me speak to the special ed teachers, my lawyer hasn't don't shit about it. I need a lawyer with brassy balls and will tpr these dead beat parents. One stays in jail, and the other runs from the lawyer. Both are usless peices of shit

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