have you been raped or molested and n...

Greenbrier, AR

#25 Mar 6, 2012
lost soul wrote:
one day if death becomes of me, i will take vengence in my rapist.I can still smell his scent he smelled like old italian salema.It was over 25 years ago and i was just a little boy,it makes me sick knowing that evil man is still preying on boys.The reason i dont tell a soul is for my mothers sake,she is a wonderful lady and it would crush her, knowing that something happened to me on her watch.When my mother passes away vengence is mine,my life has been a failure in the scence of success.The sick thing is i feel he has injected me with a warped sex turn ons.When i watch a movie and see a rape scence it turns me on.I was taught that women are princesses so i would never hurt one.This is the only piece of space were this reality was written.
you are not warped. the same thing happened to me, and i am turned on by rape scenes as well. it is not warped. i understand what you are saying.

Greenbrier, AR

#26 Mar 6, 2012

London, KY

#28 Jan 31, 2013
I feel for anyone who was truly raped or abused..But on the other hand i have seen the damage a lie can cause.They try forcing you [some not all]to admit to being raped or abused when you receive councling.now a woman i know is lying about abuse to try to get a crazy check,ssi.It is me she is lying on so i just wish we had a way of separating the real abuse victims from the liars who are trying to use it for personal gain,this girl has took so many drugs all her life ,her brain is shot.She really was raped when she was 12 by a boy we all knew,but she will not admit to it,she'd rather make up lies.I have noticed a lot of victims lie about who their real abuser[s] really are,they can't hold it in,but they don't want the real abuser outed,i can not understand this for the life of me.
empowering women

Lexington, KY

#31 Feb 2, 2013
simple rule to remember...if you ALLOW yourself to become a victim, you WILL be a victim.

London, KY

#34 Feb 8, 2013
trying to forget wrote:
I was molested when I was very young. He was my cousin, someone my parents trusted to watch me and my sister while they worked. He never touched my sister, Thank God! I assume it was because she was to young, mind you we are only 18 months apart, but it also could have been because I was overly developed for my age and she still looked like to much of a child. I never told anyone except for my sister, but since she was there when it happened a couple of times she new anyway. He is still around and only certain people know now. I never told anyone as I got older and understood what he did to me was wrong because I didn't want my family to hate me, so I kept it to myself. I told my mom as I got older, but I didn't really get the reaction I had expected. She was molested as a child also for many years by her step father. I think she doesn't really want to cope with my abuse when she still has even come close to handling hers. It has seriously affected my life as it has hers. I just wish I knew how to get past this because I don't want to be like my mom. I don't want this to mess with my life for the rest of my life. I want to get through this so I can move on. I still see him everyonce in awhile. I use to speak to him because I was usually with a family member, but now I don't speak to him at all. I avoid him if at all possible. I need help. I don't know what to do!
...confront the abuser...tell him how you feel. He may have been abused himself...they usually are...so just maybe you can help him..

London, KY

#35 Feb 8, 2013
FlowerChild wrote:
I was molested by my Uncle when I was young. I never let him actually touch me, but he constantly tried to trick me into touching him or getting us alone together. I was only around 6 or 7. He would try to get me comfortable enough to let him touch me, he expecially enjoyed when I wore a dress and he would sit me on his knees. But I would always try to get away or say I'd scream. My mom found out and dared him to ever get around me again. Eventually he stopped coming around and trying to take me fishing by himself. It sickens me though when I see him at our reunion each year. Especially because there are normally quite a few little kids there. When he tries to talk to them (it's very public area so I don't get to worried...though I do keep an eye on him), or hold them, or pick them up to help them get food from the buffett, I make sure I watch his every move in such moments. It makes me sick to my stomach to know that none of the mother's there know about him.
You should tell the mothers...otherwise you are protecting the sick abuser...

London, KY

#36 Feb 8, 2013
Hard to go back wrote:
I was molested by my step father. He did not rape in the full sense of the word, but he took my childhood and stripped me of my innocence. I cant tell the things he did. I cant forget it, i cant get the memory to go away. I was 13 yrs old. I ran away from home. Told my school councillor. They called in DSS...Social services asked him about it and he said no...that evening he threw me up against the kitchen door and screamed at me, then knocked me to the floor and hel me down and yelled some more. My mom told me I was lying that he had a daughter of his own and would never hurt a child...I know better...No he didnt cause physical pain exactly, but the mental pain still wont go away. I have to see him when he comes to town to get my sister. It really screws with my mind knowing that he did this to me and could have done it to her too..I guess since i wasnt really his "daughter" that he thought i was fair game. I wanted to tell my sister for the longest time, but she is still young. I dont want her to hate the daddy that was so good to her.
Talk to your sister...If he is doing that to her, you are allowing him to get away with it. Win her trust and try to help her...The molestor does not care if it's his daughter or step daughter...

Mount Sterling, KY

#38 Feb 9, 2013
concerned wrote:
<quoted text>
Talk to your sister...If he is doing that to her, you are allowing him to get away with it. Win her trust and try to help her...The molestor does not care if it's his daughter or step daughter...
every case is different, in my case my step father never touched his daughters. that man makes me sick.

London, KY

#39 Feb 10, 2013
okk wrote:
<quoted text>
every case is different, in my case my step father never touched his daughters. that man makes me sick.
You should bring him to justice

Mount Sterling, KY

#40 Feb 12, 2013
hoot wrote:
<quoted text>
You should bring him to justice
i want to really bad, i just dont know how.

Mount Sterling, KY

#41 Feb 12, 2013
this was about 20 years ago when it started.....

Genoa City, WI

#42 Feb 12, 2013
Yeah when i was 2 til eleven i was raped by my half brother and by my step brother i would go to my dads on the weekend i would get raped by my half brother and when i go back to my moms i would get raped by my step brother i tried to tell but nobody paid attention it went on for years and i didn't understand why it had to be me i hated myself and had a low self of steem. Now i know it wasn't my fault and learnt how to deal with what happened. Those memories never go away .

Ashburn, VA

#43 Mar 10, 2013
I was raped by a strange who was passing by,i blame my mother for this because if i had not gone to where she sent me than it would have not happened.Worst of all is i told my girlfriends at school than the whole school then i was bullied physically and emotionaly.Worst thing is my parents dont know and i dont think i will ever tell them.

Waynesboro, VA

#44 Apr 22, 2013
I just turned 18 no more than a week ago and I've been trying to cope with being raped no more than a year ago. Last year around my birthday I hung out with a guy who was 20 years of age. I had no feelings nor had intentions being with him. Well, as we started to hang out more (let me fill you in, this was only two weeks of hanging out alone) he was falling in love with me he said. Well, I thought that was crazy and immature. So I started drifting away from him. A week later after texts and texts from him of guilt, I felt bad and decided to hang out with him. I ditched some concert with my friends to go hang out with him, that night, he wouldn't let go of me and raped me. I couldn't get away, he was much stronger than me, and taller. I'm only so small, I was like a child compared to some man. The reason I'm typing all this, because yesterday, with my boyfriend that I've been with for a year now, I saw him at the mall and nearly had a panic attack. I had to leave immediately. I'm scared of him, he's disgusting, repulsive, and just a sick guy for everything he did to me. Ever since that night, it's messed me up quite a lot with depression and feeling guilt in my relationship. My boyfriend knows and a close friend, but I was never able to tell anybody, not even my family.
i have

Franklin, IN

#45 Apr 22, 2013
I have been molested my whole life by my dad he still try touch me today but have nevet been able to di anything about it when I was little I would tell and no one would believe me and that hurt even worse and got me beat so I hide it and grew up being molested and now today I'm grown and married and hate my dad and so sad about it cause I never had any one love me and care about me

Macon, GA

#46 Apr 22, 2013
I am working on my Masters in psychology and counseling. If any of you need to talk I can give you my text or email. I am too a victim so I know how each of you feel.

Waynesboro, VA

#47 Apr 22, 2013
Trustworthy wrote:
I am working on my Masters in psychology and counseling. If any of you need to talk I can give you my text or email. I am too a victim so I know how each of you feel.
That would be nice, text or email.

Macon, GA

#48 Apr 22, 2013
Here is an email. For those of you who want to text or talk on the phone or whatever you feel comfortable with, email and i will get in touch with you. [email protected]m

Columbus, IN

#51 May 2, 2013
I was drugged and raped by a "friend" many years ago. Gave him a ride home where some other friends had gathered to have a few drinks and play cards. After the other friends left I stayed for one more drink. Whatever he put in that drink made me dizzy and next thing i knew was him on top of me and me just saying no over and over. I was too weak almost paralized and couldnt fight him off. Later i woke up, no one was around, so i got dressed and went home. I never told anyone. But now 20 some years later, I'm married to my second husband. He and my rapist were buddies in high school. They haven't talked or hung out in over 20 years, but every now amd then my husband brings up his name. It makes me sick. I haven't told my husband why, but I have asked him to NEVER mention his name in my presence again. He has once or twice. I think if he ever speaks his name again or makes reference to his good buddy, I will tell my huaband what his good buddy did to me.

London, KY

#53 May 2, 2013
Now the democrats and lefties make it much easier for them to hide their actions.

This is the most asinine idiotic decision ever to nallow OTC sales of abortion pill..

Now every abuser can keep it on the down low and continue abusing the girl till she commits suicide or runs away. Walk in, no records, no background check or history for OTC purchases.

Thank God we are at least stylish. Democrat and stylish forget those forced to remain in abusive situations.

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