Lockport Shooting
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Lansing, IL

#1 Jun 27, 2008
LOCKPORT -- At approximately 1:20 a.m. Friday, Lockport Police responded to a report of a person shot at a residence located on the 16700 block of Adobe.
Police learned that two masked male black individuals had entered the residence and demanded the location of "the stuff." A short struggle ensued inside the home. One 20-year-old resident received a gunshot wound to the stomach. He was transported to Silver Cross Hospital and is in critical condition. A second resident, also 20, received head injuries. He was transported to Silver Cross Hospital and is in stable condition.
The two offenders, who fled the scene in a dark colored vehicle, have not been located.
Not Alarmed

Lockport, IL

#2 Jun 27, 2008
This was an isolated thing. There was always people comming and going from the house, speculation has always been that it is a drug house. I live around the corner and from what I was told was they had busted in and asked for the safe to be opened. What are two punk 20 year olds using a safe for and obviously they knew there was a safe and what was in it. I for one am not concerned even thogh we all know Lockport will now be compared to Joliet. It can and does happen everywhere.
Broken Arrower

United States

#3 Jun 28, 2008
If you "live around the corner", why does it state you're from Homer Glen? Just curious.
I actually DO live on the next block...this is a small subdivision of duplexes, mostly nicely-kept & with quiet, nice neighbors. 100% white, if that means anything. I walk daily & have never seen ANYONE come in or out of that house or noticed traffic that would indicate it being a drug house, but a neighbor did say there were two young guys living there. I was shocked to see the crime scene tape...I assumed murder-suicide. I, too, am not alarmed. We have good neighbors and this will root out the few punks. This neighborhood had Eric "Blaxican" Jaglicic (the Bohemian boy who thought he was a rapper) living here until he ripped a bunch of businessmen off of 1.7 million & moved to Homer, where his house was seized. He's now in jail.
Not Alarmed

Lockport, IL

#4 Jun 28, 2008
First of all I do live around the corner,(on Natoma) actually right next door to the lady whos daughter use to live in the house but now rents it out to those guys. Why the profile says Homer I do not know. Do you walk at night, when most people who do the things they don't want you to see? The lady who lives right behind them had talked on many occasions of the concern about the in and out traffic. Yes it is a friendly neighborhood with good people, mostly family people as we are. Our kids play outside all day and have never nor do I now worry about it. There are a few shady Lithoanian boys down the street that frequented the house of the shooting that have trouble with the police very frequently but that is all. As I stated it is an isolated thing and it can happen anywhere. Shady people are everywhere including rich neighborhoods.
Street Recon

Chicago, IL

#5 Jun 28, 2008
Everyone's out to blame the young men living in that house. What about the one's who were armed and broke in to that home in the wee hours of the morning and shot one of the residents and from what the paper said, caused some sort of trama to the other resident over what may have or may not have been in a safe. And I'm fairly sure it's not illegal to have a safe in one's home. The true crime here is that a 20 year old male is clinging to life because of a home invasion. Until you have iron clad proof there were or are " drugs " being sold from that resident, be very careful what you say. Please don't forget that we were all young once and were in and out to all hours of the morning.
jiggity g 1234

Port Orange, FL

#6 Jun 28, 2008
i am friends with the guy who got hit in the head there with a dumb bell....and my brother is friends with both of them...the kids like a brother to me so u guys need to stop calling them punks...the kid had no where else to live and he happend to b there at the wrong time. So stop talking about it! the one who was shot got 75 percent of his stomach blown off aND HES GUNNA LIVE SO LETS STOP TALKING NOW
ThE DuMBell HeRo

Plainfield, IL

#8 Jun 28, 2008
Well First of all Mister Not Alarmed. You have no idea what your talkin about. I was there and just to let you all know he is gonna be ok.I saved his life and now he is gonna live. Those kids broke into our house. We dont know who they are. I had nothing to do with them coming there, but i risked my life to stop them. YOu tell me who else would have done that. This could have happened to anyone not just us. You think just because your not twenty it wont happen to you. You think cause your a big grown up man with a family that makes you invincible. Well i got news for you bud it doesnt. I tried so hard to save him and i did. Im not sayin im super man or anything, but he is gonna make it. One more thing them kids are goin down for a long time thats all i have to say. Anyways everything is gonna be cool cause he is gonna live. So thank you all for even talkin about it. Peace!!!!!!
Street Recon

Chicago, IL

#9 Jun 28, 2008
DuMBell HeRo, it's a good thing you were there!
I hope the bad boys who did this like 3 hots and a cot for the next 10 to 15 years.

Your room mate won the lotto when he moved in with you!You guys are now and forever brothers!

Keep on keepin on!
jiggity g 1234

Des Moines, IA

#10 Jun 28, 2008
Hey mr. dumb bell hero haha i luv the name...u should know who this is bro from my name...and its a good thing ur alright tell my dumb brother to b safe and not to act like an idiot
Not Alarmed

Lockport, IL

#11 Jun 29, 2008
All I was saying is that it seems to be an inside thing. I still belive that when everything is cleared and all the info comes out if they do and hopefully they do find out who did it somehow they would have had known there was a safe and what was in it. I do not for any reason want to see anyone shot or killed or even hurt. I was just stating what has been speculated by sum for a while and that I felt it was a safe neighborhood, a good place to live, and that all places have bad people and bad things happen everywhere. I did not mean to jump to conclusion based on concerns others have expressed in the past, but when those concerns are made known and something like this happens, it usually validates them. I apologize for jumping to conclusions. This is a message board for people to state there opinions and facts. I will wait as we all have to now to see the outcome. Good luck. I hope your friend does make it and can move on to lead a normal life.
Lockport Opinion

Downers Grove, IL

#12 Jun 29, 2008
Have they identified who the attackers were yet? Have they been arrested and did the victims know them?
Lockport_Shootin g

Lansing, IL

#13 Jun 29, 2008
I believe the persons name that got shot was Jim Wildy, is this true or right?
ThE DuMbeLL HeRo

Joliet, IL

#14 Jun 29, 2008
Well when they get these guys. They are not going away for just 10 to 15. I cant tell you that they are goin away for way longer than that. It is really not for me to say if they found them or not but you all will know sooner or later. He is gonna be ok though. He is one badass dude thats all i have to say. Once again though thank you all for caring!!!
daddy green genes

Plainfield, IL

#15 Jun 29, 2008
the kid is gonna be fine. he will make a full recovery. DUMBELL HERO IS THE MAN! and they will find the monkeys who did this
Lockport_Shootin g

Lansing, IL

#16 Jun 29, 2008
Is the guys name Jim wildy? also what was "the stuff" was it marijuana?

Elmhurst, IL

#17 Jun 29, 2008
Why is there no information in the newspaper? I would like to have an update to know if my neighbors are ok. Do they need help? Are they home?
Broken Arrow Neighbor

Homer Glen, IL

#18 Jun 29, 2008
I was shocked this past week to see caution tape and police everywhere! I know our subdivision is extreemly safe and quite... This incident doesn't sway me at all from living here or recruitting friends/family to move here! It does concern me that there were individuals living such dangerous lives on OUR block! Having children myself that we enjoy playing in our front yard, and knowing now that some of our neighbors have drug dealers visiting them... Absolutely has me on alert. This situation should be a concern to every neighbor here, to watch more closely to people "visiting". I'm not an annoying neighbor or hard to deal with or anything, I warn this before I write this statement, I absolutely have no problem calling the police in the future if I see any interesting people visiting our quiet Neighborhood. I am very glad to here no one has died, as I was definetly thinking a murder had taken place with the police activity outside the home. It just blows my mind.... as did the Blaxican raid when the police were siezing property from his home the same week we were moving in! Crazy!

Lansing, IL

#19 Jun 30, 2008
Yes the guy who was shot is James Wildey and he has a safe full of a bunch of marijuana and cash so my guess is that was what they were looking for.
concerned neighbor

Chicago, IL

#20 Jun 30, 2008
Unless you've seen the contents of the "safe" from that night, how do you know what was in there? Also no one knows with certainty that the gun-shot victim is going to live.

Lansing, IL

#21 Jun 30, 2008
well i used to be good friends with jim so thats how i would know whats in the safe, hes got weed out the ass and a shitload of cash in it

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