killing of bobby wayne root

Winter Park, FL

#726 Jul 11, 2012
Well the way I see it ,,, She never held a grudge against him when he kicked her out (because of you) And she was there with us at the hospital holding his hand while he was dying from YOU shooting him in the head,,, So hands down she is a better person than you will ever be in the eyes of God and anyone else with any common sense

Winter Park, FL

#727 Jul 11, 2012
<quoted text> yeah right.i SEEN different,shawn and i would come to your house to drop off acea and bobby would yell at her, raise his hand at her to back hand her and he even SMASHED A BOX OF BABY WIPES ON HER FACE just because she walked outside when me and shawn was there. he broke up with her right in front of us and told her and cici to KICK ROCK and sent her ass walking down the road.AND THAT WAS WHEN SHE WAAS PREGO! i could go on and on about them....
And here you go again changing the script on me,,, I thought I was lying when I said he got someone else pregnant on facebook MAKE UP MY MIND WILL YA ,,, and why don't you go on about it , you kill and unarmed man and before that have your aunt hold down a pregnant woman while you pistol whip her,,, and you can quote all the bible verses you want but it wont change the fact that you are EVIL all the way down to the core ,,, physch patient

Winter Park, FL

#728 Jul 11, 2012
while we are on the subject of being sick in the head,,, you do realize that sleeping with the boys 18 to 21, at your age, is border line child molestation,,, but when you started laying up with a 16 or 17 year old boy well that crossed the line all the way,,, no way to explain it out that is all the way child molestation and just down right sick,,,
snac pac

Ocala, FL

#729 Jul 11, 2012
Ohhhhhhhhh now he abused acea 2 huh funny I never seen a mark on her and I seen u smack acea in the face many times but I will give u this u never even spanked the boys. I got my ass beat by my parents a good 3 times a week an I can tell ya now I deserved every bit of it. Get ready here comes another round of denial. You on the other hand say u were abused and that's why u don't spank ur kids. To answer ur question the only thing I hope to accomplish is nothing by doing this and its working good so far.

Lady Lake, FL

#730 Jul 11, 2012
<quoted text> andrea, if he would of stayed with jojo he would of FOR SURE KILLED HER.get real.
at least if he killed jojo he would still be alive and we could visit him in prison

Deltona, FL

#731 Jul 11, 2012
<quoted text> andrea, if he would of stayed with jojo he would of FOR SURE KILLED HER.get real.
your funny really he would never have killed her he was better off with her they should have had there baby together but no thats another life on your hands huh ...damn girl your hands are dirty
daddios wife

Lady Lake, FL

#732 Jul 11, 2012
you really have a lof balls Adeline to sit there and talk crap to Andie when your dumbass shot him. u need to respect her and his family. u need to get off from your high or intoxicination and get down on your hands and knees and pray to us for your salvation. You need to beg for mercy for the sins you have committed to Bobby. It is wrong how you are dealing with Acea in this mess. When u know we want to see her, Christy does all she can so we can. But nobody is gonna kiss your skanky ass. I hope u rot in hell and you never have peace.

Orlando, FL

#733 Jul 12, 2012
someone in lockhart wrote:
and yes i did say that personally to smiley at the car wash ask him... i am not picking on him... just letting bobbys family know that they love to lie and spread bullshit... i dont know why they want to start shit with everybody... maybe its because thats how they roll.or they are so pissed that the charges have been dropped they are trying to get someone else to start some lies dont fall in to their trap be careful edwin
You sure do love to talk bullshit yourself charges we're never brought but they will be y'all don't worry your little heads about that justice for bobby will be served rot in prison and rot in hell Adeline u will pay for the damage u have caused

Deltona, FL

#734 Jul 12, 2012
she has to be held accountable for her actions sooner or later and im not gonna judge your past or your actions because im gonna leave it to my Lord to dothat because you see he might help us find out things and he mght give us tounge to speak but he is the only one who will be her jugdge and jury and for her actions i would be terrified i would turn into a nun to even think i was coming close to forgiveness...she did the ultimate crime she killed one o God shilds one said he was perfect and that his past was clean but we do say she had no right to kill him and she admitted here ...but her ugliness is skin deep she cant get it out its burnt in her soul now she hurt more than one person when she killed bobby she hurt a family she hurt friends and i believe she hurt herself in the process they have not dropped chages because they have not really picked them up yet but there still questioning people They are still trying to find out her past also things add up and she sure does like to add to her trouble shes a spoiled brat one minute getting everthing from her momma then she is an independant woman that has got her stuff zsll by herself she is a liar she cant remember the lie she told today to cover the lie of yesterday ...her so called friends or her mouth will get her in trouble she will say something to the wrong person one day and some one will shoot her and her family will want justice for her ..because what goes around comes back around sooner or later just have faith that the Lord will see fit to punish her for her actions .... His Wrath is stronger
Soo Sad

Winter Park, FL

#735 Jul 12, 2012
I just found out that if you try and do a back ground check on this Adeline firl all this pops up bright and clear. So every job she tries to get or people she meets that just might want to check her out before getting envolved with her can know everything she did to that poor boy. You dirty dirty girl. I hope you have a hard time looking in the mirror. To his family, I am sorry for your lose, and I hope you get the justice you seek

Winter Park, FL

#736 Jul 13, 2012
Another sleepless night gave me more questions and more confusion, If anyone can please help with some answers I would appreciate it,,, This is to Adeline's "followers" how can you accept the fact that when Josh died, she was there, maybe she didn't pull the trigger, but she was envolved in the event of his death. However within months she was ok and in bed with the man that killed him. Even though she claimed she loved him and he was her life... within 8 weeks of Josh's son being born she was in a relationship with someone else (Bobby) who then became her life she was so in love with him, but within 3 days of her shooting him in the head she was in bed with Shawn. The day of his funeral she was "partying" with Shawn so hard he couldn't even attend the funeral. Within a month of Bobby dying she was telling you people on the street, along with an adult (thank goodness) that she killed Bobby for Shawn because he was her true love. Aren't any of you the least bit concerned where you are following her too? Damnation? distruction? Do ya'll really want to be souless like her? Could any of you be envolved with your childs parents death and be ok with it? Even if you don't have children with the person is it ok to end a persons life and be ok with it? This is really bothering me.

Deltona, FL

#737 Jul 13, 2012
Andrea she has to have a heart to care about the people she "loved" and she dont her heart or where it should be is a black coal thats why she can just kill or have killed the next man to give her attention is who she loves all he has to do is say ill take care of you and she is gone she dont have a good bone in her body she talks behind everyones backs she says she is so good now and Gods child hold on while i laugh you can live in sin and think you walk with Jesus you cant do the worstcrime in the world and think your forgiven you cant trash mouth his family and pray later you cant keep doing drugs and doing dirt and think You can Be okay it dont work that way when you repent your sins and want to be forgiven you have to lve sin free judgement free nasty foul mouth free your still the same you have not changed just the company you keep has ....your false faith wont be enough in the end Adeline

Winter Park, FL

#738 Jul 13, 2012
We were at a store today and some guys noticed the van we were in stating justice for Bobby they both knew of Adeline and they said there is a total of 4 bodies that they know of for Adeline. And they are going to see what they can do to help us... I am so hoping that people are going to start coming forward and she has to pay for the things she has done to people

Ardsley, NY

#739 Jul 13, 2012
Andrea you forgot to mention her sleeping with one of the witnesses that was there when she shot Bobby and the fact that he was only 16 when they started their romp

Deltona, FL

#740 Jul 14, 2012
Dat bitch dun it again wow she gud at messin up lifes man im sorry you had to see it firs hand she always doing some budy wrong either messing with home boy or trying to fight home girl man and i thought josh and home girl was the only one she had killed now its more she try to fight my girl niki but when she seen she was bout it she back down damn karma guuna love dis girl you can be bout the streets then talk smac bout it

Ardsley, NY

#741 Jul 14, 2012
She killed a girl too? Wow, when did this happen? I wonder how many more bodies will surface before this is over. But mostly I wonder how many more people will die or get hurt before she is taken off the streets.

Sanford, FL

#742 Jul 15, 2012
I just hope this family can one day get some closure!The past is the past & who cares who did what,the simple fact is Bobby is dead!!Never gonna get a chance to post on here,see his family again etc!!Let him rest in peace & hopefully,if the justice system doesnt correct this in due time Karma will,people dont get away w/murder,they will pay one way or the other!RIP BOBBY

Tavares, FL

#743 Jul 15, 2012
Karma wrote:
I just hope this family can one day get some closure!The past is the past & who cares who did what,the simple fact is Bobby is dead!!Never gonna get a chance to post on here,see his family again etc!!Let him rest in peace & hopefully,if the justice system doesnt correct this in due time Karma will,people dont get away w/murder,they will pay one way or the other!RIP BOBBY
and u know whats sad is she sticks to her lies and cant b a woman and admit she was wrong god will get her

United States

#744 Jul 15, 2012
I bet she don't know what her "new LOVE" was doing last week!!! Your friends do!! We got you girl... Is that what we say??? I will look you in the eyes as you walk away in SHACKLES!!! Your slowly but surely screwing up!!
Jazzy Jazzy Jazzy

Deltona, FL

#745 Jul 15, 2012
logical liar, blowin' shit out of proportion
The looniest, zaniest, spontaneous, sporadic
Impulsive thinker, compulsive drinker, addict = Adeline

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