Huntington grapples with diversity -

Huntington grapples with diversity -

There are 59 comments on the Newsday story from Oct 14, 2007, titled Huntington grapples with diversity -. In it, Newsday reports that:

Lynda D'Anna and her husband settled down in Huntington -- and even persuaded three of their siblings to do the same -- in large part because of its diversity.

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Huntington resident

United States

#61 Oct 15, 2007
Everytime I read Newsday, they keep harping on building affordable housing, especially in Huntington Staion around the 'train area'. Well, I live here and both I and my neighbors invested money in our homes and try to keep the neighborhood clean and safe. These hispanics crept in here illegally, regradless whether they work or not, and now we have to embrace them and build them housing? COME ON - LETS GET REAL!!!! SEND THEM BACK!!!
Voice of Truth

United States

#62 Oct 15, 2007
(Same arguement different day)

Has anyone in office ever done research on the rising crime rate in Huntington vs. influx of illegals??

United States

#63 Oct 15, 2007
So sad wrote:
"Then there are those of us who understand we aren't going to deport 12 million people".
Does huntington have 12 million illegal aliens? Good heavens.
Of course we don't have to deport 12 million. We have to round up and deport the portion which are hiding out in our town. We do it the same way the 12 million+ did it when they arrived, by the tens and hundreds and thousands. Not by saying well we can't deport all 12 million by friday next so let's just give up and let anyone who wants to jump the boarder and crowd our schools and emergency rooms at taxpayer expense.
treat people respectfully, but enforce our laws.
And that means deporting those with no right to be here.

United States

#64 Oct 15, 2007
the reason "immigration" has become such an issue is the liberal media's insistence,(i'm including newsday here), of not drawing a line of distinction between legal and illegal immigration! if America dares to uphold it's laws against illegal aliens, they are accused of racism, and rallies are held which are dubbed "pro-immigration" rallies; likewise, anyone opposed to the ideals of the ralliers are dubbed, "anti-immigrant", rather than "pro-law", people.
i'm not racist - my ex-wife is from central america, as is my oldest son. my younger son is half-honduran, half-american. let all the immigrants come to this country - legally, or not at all. that goes for immigrants from europe, asia, wherever.

Northport, NY

#66 Oct 15, 2007
I've try to be the voice of reasons-illegal immigrants are here for jobs and to provide for their families any way they can. SUPPOSE U.S. was a 3rd world country and Mexico and Central America was where the real money is...can you honestly say that you wouldn't try to go there ANY WAY you can to earn money for your family? If you try to say you wouldn't and then you my friend are spoiled and have no idea what hardship is...oh you couldn't afford the Mercedes so you got the Lexus. Most of us are here for jobs as it is. If your company moves to Colorado-you would most likely follow the company right? That principle works worldwide-follow the money-no matter where it is!
Not Compassionate

Stony Brook, NY

#68 Oct 15, 2007
It is a cancer - the kind you cannot destroy. It is too late. We can get some out, but the children in school, the medical needs, etc.

Forget it. It is like roaches. Once you got 'em, you can't get rid of 'em.
nationalist party

Scarsdale, NY

#69 Oct 15, 2007
nationalist party wrote:
My friends are nurses at Huntington Hospital. They tell me 2out of 3 babies born to an illegal 16 year olds .They get the best FREE care around. This places a huge fininical burden on the Hospital. Plus at least 1/2 of all patients get free care are iundocumented illegals. We live in a very backwards Nation, when our own citizens must pony up all the cash for their care. Our government has failed its citizens by not enforceing the laws for the past 2 decades...
Also the Dolan Center is donated for these people to get free care and free medicine, and they can't even understand english. Workers must speak spanish. Do we the U.S. citizens have a free care clinic with free medicine? Thanks alot all you Policitians who have blown off all of us U.S. citizens.It is time for a political party that will take care of citizens first,Like Dubyai.

Kansas City, MO

#70 Oct 15, 2007
"I think diversity is a strength of ours," said Superintendent John Finello.
Spoken like a true politically correct administrator. Mark my words. Huntington will be Hempstead by 2025. I'll be back to ask the D'Anna's and all of their diversity-loving neighbors what they think of diversity then!

Providence, RI

#71 Oct 15, 2007
What they fail to tell you is that Huntington Schools are now suffering from an influx of gangs. It has gotten so bad that the white kids WANT to go to private schools!

Mission Viejo, CA

#72 Oct 15, 2007
There is a simple cure for illegal immigration, but it requires a bit of intelligence in the federal government. We should mandate that all American industries in China, move to Mexico. China is obviously trying to destroy our economy and putting manufacturing in Mexico would give us quality as well as giving Mexicans work at home.

Jackson Heights, NY

#73 Oct 15, 2007
Either change the illegal housing situation so a one family home is rented to ONE FAMILY and not multible illegal families or get ICE in to arrest &/or deport the illegal mothers & fathers to decrease the school population. ALSO STOP giving the illegals any social service benefits.
Fed up

Wyandanch, NY

#74 Oct 15, 2007
This is BS! Start speaking ENGLISH, start PAYING TAXES & THEN you can b*tch about the right to be here all you want! Why is this so difficult? You're not in Central/South America anymore, you're on U.S.A. soil- so start acting like it! You want to live here? Pay your fair share and learn the language.
Hey Government- if you start collecting taxes from these people, think how much you could line your pockets with!
Fed up

Wyandanch, NY

#75 Oct 15, 2007
This is BS! Start paying TAXES, Start speaking ENGLISH and then you can complain about the right to live here. You're not in Central/South America anymore Toto, you're in the USA- so start acting like it!

Hey Government- if you collect taxes from these illegal aliens, think of how much you could line your pockets with!
Fed up

Wyandanch, NY

#76 Oct 15, 2007
"I don't think we're looking at a problem of undocumenteds, I think we're looking at ethnic tension in a changing neighborhood," Singer said.

We're not looking at the same neighborhood, apparently!'Cause all I see along NY Ave is undocumented aliens! You must be blind, dumb and joking me!

Bronx, NY

#77 Oct 15, 2007
Tired of uppity towns wrote:
It's funny. I thought America was the land of the free. A place where if one worked hard enough they could be someone. I guess that's only good for a "special groups" right the people who where born and raised here.
Leave them alone. Reasons why hispanic are coming to america and it's a good one. They want to be educated, have a family like everyone else and the are having to go through alot of red tape just to do what most take for granted. Stop being mad a people who are just doing what we all should be doing. Handling buisness the best way they can.
Huntington, a great place for who??? If you don't like than move.
I was stationed in that town for three and a half years and it is not the assho-e of the Marine Corps and Army for nothing!!!! You are wrong and need to stand down !! You obviously didn't learn anything in your american or world history classes in school or college.I also have a friend of mine stationed at my old MCAS. IT STILL SUX! I don't want this town to be like Yuma!I am sick and tired of my friends and family moveing away because of 1 taxes 2 overdevelopment 3illegal immigrants. Depot roads area is a joke 2nd pct can't keep enough sector cars on that road 24/7.
Too much spin

Brooklyn, NY

#78 Oct 15, 2007
Just to set the record straight. This creep Carmela Leonardi is a phoney and a fake. Like many others she plays the diversity card to excuse her awful incompetence as an educator. She's vindictive and only cares about building her empire of flunkies. The biggest joke is that she doesn't care about hispanics or anyone else. She's a user. As for Huntington and diversity: if we can bring the best of other cultures here, fine. But if the influx is too large we won't be able to afford the related costs.

Commack, NY

#79 Oct 15, 2007
I got the chills after reading this article. I hadn't realized Huntington had gotten so bad so quickly. As those on the Old Brentwood board can attest, that really was a nice place, once, before those people came in. And now look what has happened there. You just can't stop them, once they start to come. You may hate what is happening all around you, but everyone seems powerless to stop it. And they keep coming and coming, and the whites start to flee at an ever-more rapid pace. Who would buy in Huntington now? Do you think this article will accelerate the pace of white flight in Huntington? I'm spooked, for sure. Even if many of the houses are nice, I would be afraid to invest there.
PC Police

Paterson, NJ

#80 Oct 16, 2007
Thanks for trying to censor this message board Newsday cutting the link to the story. Pinkos!
huntington for ME

Cold Spring Harbor, NY

#81 Oct 23, 2007
" for the guy who wrote

"Huntington, a great place for who??? If you don't like than move."

I was born in Huntington Hospital. You move, f*ckface. Go back to your third world toilet.

But I think thats what this is all about, isnt it.

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