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Nashville, TN

#2 Feb 25, 2013
Lost a good friend to sepsis in that pit. They flat-out killed her. Only reason I would ever go there is if I was gushing blood so badly that I couldn't make it to Ragland and Rileys.

Nashville, TN

#9 Feb 26, 2013
They don't want competent nurses they want yes people, people that don't ask questions and just do what there told. Patient care is at the bottom of their list of things to do.

Nashville, TN

#11 Feb 26, 2013
Some of the nurses on that oak point are down right abusive to there patients. I had a family member there and she said that one of the night nurses threatened her if she didn't be quiet and do what she said. Poor old lady of scared to death we reported her but it did no good. She is still there, so much for competent nurses.

Ashburn, VA

#12 Feb 26, 2013
Livingston is a good hospital. People who post stuff like this is just mad because they probably got fired or something. Kathy Saxon is a great person. She does care. Stop this stupidity.
Who are we too believe

United States

#13 Feb 26, 2013
This is scary!
Level headed

Mokena, IL

#18 Feb 27, 2013
Did you stop taking your medication or something? You and rave and probably got terminated for your attitude and rightfully so. My family was cared for very well when they were in there and they have great caring people. Stop trying to make waves and cause trouble.
thank you

Nebo, NC

#19 Feb 27, 2013
I'm so glad someone has said something about this problem. My grandmother passed away in 2011at Livingston Regional after being discharged in the morning THEN admitted again that night! After four days in ICU she passed on. Cause of death?...Sepsis!!! What in the world is going on there?
ER Nurse

Nashville, TN

#20 Feb 27, 2013
John Lennon wrote:
Community, please speak up and ask questions, speak truth to power. This corporation is a threat to your community's health and safety and all the others. We are our brothers's keepers. Cry out, FOWL!!!!!!!!!!
You want us to cry out "FOWL" as in waterfowl or some other bird?? Forgive me for saying this but I read your posts and if your grammar / spelling are any indication of your intelligence / competence, I find it extremely hard to take you seriously!!
Sherry Saxton

Nashville, TN

#21 Feb 27, 2013
John Lennon wrote:
<quoted text>
We can change that. Do the opposite of what they want. Speak out. Do not be the drones they count on you being. You are intelligent sensitive beings, so act like it.
I wish we could all same the same for you (about being intelligent). You hide behind a fake name and yell cry out, and expect people to take you seriously???

Brentwood, TN

#23 Feb 28, 2013
who is on the board of directors at the hospital? name them!!its all politics.
former paitent

Byrdstown, TN

#24 Feb 28, 2013
you may be er nurse and our grammer may not be good but don't take or go to that hospital the people that work there are great and friendly the equipment that they are working with must of been there since the building was built and doesn't work most of the time.
Mark David Chapman

United States

#26 Feb 28, 2013
Damn you John Lennon. I thought i shot you years ago.

Jamestown, TN

#27 Feb 28, 2013
watchdog wrote:
who is on the board of directors at the hospital? name them!!its all politics.
pam sadler sits on the board.
why I dont know
good hospital

Livingston, TN

#32 Mar 1, 2013
sounds like someone mst of got fired from here. they are some of us who love our jobs there and do excellent pt care. ask some of our real pts. any hospital is going to have good and bad.9254
Old timer

Jamestown, TN

#38 Mar 1, 2013
John Lennon wrote:
<quoted text>
I wish that we're the case. I certainly want good things for this community and this hospital. It is sad that the love of money has such dire consequences for the health and safety of people. What is crazy is the fact that what I said is all too true. Not angry at anyone, just hope someone out there takes notice and can do something. I am nobody, but there are people who could change things. The doctors that work there could speak up.
Some Drs. that work there have spoken up. My Dr., different times has advised me to go to Cookeville, and I don`t think there is that much difference. Except more staff or patrol watching for smokers.

Arcadia, SC

#57 Mar 2, 2013
I am only 15 years old and find this gossip immature and childish. This is highschool behavior. My mother works at Livingston Regional Hospital and she is the reason to this very day I have shoes on my feet and a roof over my head. You all should be ashamed. What kind of rolemodels are you being for you kids? The hospital didn't kill them. If they were going to die, they were going to die let it be God's will. This is downright ridiculous. This town would complain if they had golden assholes. All hospitals have problems, and yes Livingston may be understaffed at times, but what can you expect at the size of this town? My mother works 12+ hours a day everyday. This is foolish. If you have a real problem, take it up with the mayor in person instead of hiding behind your computer screens afraid to reveal your identity.

Monroe, TN

#58 Mar 3, 2013
John Lennon wrote:
Administration at Livingston Regional Hospital receive hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for short staffing nurses. The end result of that is lack of care and danger resulting in death and nurses that are in a quandary, trying to deal with what they are forced to do to cover up and not confess. THEY HAVE FAMILIES THAT ARE HELD HOSTAGE. THEY CAN NOT CONFESS.
Dr Cox and Dr Mason don't give a shit about what happens all they care about is the all mighty dollar. That is not gossip or fiction it is a fact. The sad thing is one of these days they are going to be one of these patients in need and their money and power will mean nothing. When they leave this world all their money won't mean anything eaither. If you go to heaven you won't need it and if you go to hell it will just burn up. If it is money in their pocket then they could care less about a patient, nurse or anybody else.

Arcadia, SC

#59 Mar 3, 2013
Like I said, you people are ridiculous. If this isn't gossip, what would you call it? You all are hiding behind your computer screens bashing on people who save lives! That's their personal business whether they are in it for the money or not, who are you to judge them? If you don't like it, don't go to Livingston Hospital and keep your damn mouth shut about it you hypocrites. How old are you people? And your on ? That's worse than Facebook drama! Some people never grow up. I hope all the doctors and nurses talked about on here see this and sue all your asses. Then they'll def. be getting the money!! And they deserve the money they make, they went through YEARS of college to get there!! They don't sit behind a computer screen and talk shit about people.
john lennon---not

Livingston, TN

#60 Mar 3, 2013
sounds like john lennon was there needing pain pills and his nurse was late getting them because she was busy taking care of a pt who needed her
john lennon---not

Livingston, TN

#61 Mar 3, 2013
This is a good hospital who takes care of there pts, Cookeville is the same ive had family in both, there isnt much difference, You have good and bad nurses where ever you go

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