The second week in January has been sort of rough in southeast Louisiana. We are water and that is what we are! Lakes, rivers, streams, canals, creeks, the Gulf, and the list goes on. Add a week of rain non-stop and everything becomes soaked, even you, if you live here that is.
I have a home today, just like you. Tomorrow can be a different story, because I can become homeless and so can a lot of other people. Just like Louisiana has torrential rains, tornadoes and hurricanes, somewhere else in the world there are cyclones, earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters that are taking place right now. So many people ask “Why do you choose to live in a swamp or along the river banks?” It is because people here love their home, just as people live in the areas of earthquakes love their homes. It really does not matter where you live, because God is always in control of the weather and weather forecasters sometimes become confused.
It will take about three more feet of water to rise over the hill. Nature in my backyard is attractive and breathtaking. I like listening to the night sounds of nature, the early morning songs of sparrows in the trees. I think about these things as the water continues to rise. My son Taylor likes to fish in the Natalbany River, but at this time he is disappointed because it is really not a place for sport or play. At this time the river is dangerous with its rough waves rushing over downed logs. I open my backdoor and about five feet away is water. Today, is January 10, 2013 and it is a peaceful evening with no rain, so far that is. The weather forecasters are calling for more, so that means more rising of the river. As the evening sun begins to set, what a beautiful scene over the river.
It is the natural beauty and peaceful evenings like this that keeps us here. Louisianians are a strong people who have a long history, culture and heritage. We love our state just as much as you love yours. When something is destroyed, we continue to rebuild. When wildlife habitat is gone, we remake one. When floods wash our homes away, we start over. When tornadoes with their swirling winds, relocate us, we find our way back. When hurricanes make their destructive path, we continue to live on. When rivers rise and knock at doors, we answer, but with the knowledge and respect of nature, we prepare for the worse.