If Rodrigo and Gurpal wasn't so damn busy trying to recall the Mayor and wasting money and time we wouldn't be in this mess. If anyone gets sick they should sue Rodrigo and Gurpal. These two guys are idiots they are not looking to the future they are looking to todays situation. In the future this city will be bankrupt but will they tell the people that "NO". Every person in any office says the same shit every election and look how many years have gone by and things haven't gotten better they have gotten worse. If people like these two can become mayor well dang i should run as well. The only problem is people don't like to hear the truth for instance the water rate or any negative situation. Well it is time for all Livingston residents to WAKE THE HELL UP. Times have changed if you didn't notice and money plays a key role in keeping a city running. So "STOP" voting in people who just want a name and vote for someone who will keep our city alive and not bankrupt.