The city cancelled it's forth of July celebration that would have cost what? As to what cost the citizen's for the recall when in Nov. mind you is only little than a month away to have an election anyway. These two guys has sweet talked their way to most of these citizens that don't clearly understand nor do they have much educational knowledge of things. All they see is their water bill was raised when in fact the garbage and sewer was raised not much of the water. Most of the people that live in this city have at least two to three families living in their home of course the water usage will go up as will there bill. The old mayor and the counselwomen should have never been replaced by two people that only wanted a name for them self and not do right by the citizens. They have been talking about cutting the Parks and Recration program. Now how Stupid is that when the citizens enjoy themselves participating in the activities. If they would get their butts out of the chair or couch and come see the people having fun and how much of a turn out there is and how much the crime has been lower they might have a second thought on things.