Littleton's Laziest Man Award

Littleton's Laziest Man Award

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#1 May 22, 2010
This award was recently won by a very lazy 50+ year old tow truck driver who proceeded to throw a tantrum and treat his girlfriend like a piece of dirt. Not only did he treat her like complete crap, he also bad-mouthed her entire family just because one person in her family agreed to do him a favor and the arrangements of the *last minute* favor were not suitable to him. FYI: You're not 6 years old, so don't act like it.

1. If you have hotel reservations that need 24 hr cancellation notice, don't wait until its too late to cancel it to try and make arrangements for "your" animals.

2. Don't leave the responsibility of taking care of "your" animals for an entire weekend soley to one person that has an animal themselves. Example: If you have kids and the first babysitter on your list says they can only watch them on certain days,what would you do to fill in? CALL THE NEXT SITTER ON YOUR LIST AND FILL IN THE GAPS) It's really a no-brainer.
*On this point you were told very specifically that the person doing the favor could do A and B but NOT "Q" so your tantrum was completely unjustified.
3. Don't expect someone else's family to want to do you favors when you do NOTHING to help your girlfriend.
4. We've never seen you do any of the following in the 12+ years we've known you:
Mow your own lawn, mop the floor, weed-wack, fix the kitchen floor, take her to the movies, go to any of her family get-togethers, be interested in anything she's interested in simply because it means something to her, never make any effort to talk to her family.

We've never seen you do any of those things but yet for the last 12+ years she's given you:

1. Free maid service
2. Free answering service for your mostly non-existent business
3. Free lawn care
4. Free cook
5. Looked after your parents when they were really sick, doing their laundry, taking them to appointments, cooking for them when NONE of your family (save for one sister that traveled 6+ hrs to get here) would do it. NONE of your other relatives even came up to visit!!
6. Given you significant amounts of money toward your bills when you had no work coming in and you haven't had enough ambition to find other "jobs" to pay her back.

You are an extreme disappointment. You own a building that you could be renting out for storage spaces to have money coming in, you could also use the outside of the building for advertising, but you've done neither.

You tore the kitchen cupboards apart before CHRISTMAS because you were going to do something, you haven't done it and all the cooking supplies are piled on top of the table and stuffed in tote bags. If you actually tried to cook in this fashion you would see how inconvenient it is. Its now MAY and you haven't done anything to remedy this situation.

Don't ever throw another "tantrum" and use it as emotional and psychological blackmail to get your own way. It is not attractive behavior and only serves to make people think you are emotionally unstable and should be on Prozac.

As long as you continue to be lazy, don't expect any favors to be handed out to you.

Neither animal belongs to you. They belong to her and you will never be able to take them simply for the fact that she's paid ALL of their vet bills and all the bills are in her name only.:-)

Start making changes because nobody will put up with your behavior forever. If you are not careful you will be completely alone in an empty house and the only thing that will "love" you is the dog you pick up from the pound. Or a cockroach, whichever comes first.

Take the following suggestion with a grain of salt before its too late:

Grow up, get some motivation and get things done. You will find yourself much happier.
turbo mouse

Brooklyn, NY

#3 May 22, 2010
I was just perusing the forum to keep up with the latest from back home and I have to say: I left my boyfriend 4 years ago due to similar reasons and to this day he's still single because of it. It's not worth the effort and time when I can find someone else to make me much happier. If I find someone, great. If not, who cares? I don't have to check in with anyone, don't have to cook foods I don't eat, etc. I never realized what I was missing.
Must be Mexican

Secaucus, NJ

#4 May 22, 2010
Hate to say it but he may never grow up. Some mens brains are naturally wired to assume women should stay in the kitchen and be slaves to them forever. Move on and find someone that cares about you for who you are, not what they wish you were.

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#6 May 22, 2010
Men suck wrote:
My husband is so lazy that even our NEIGHBORS noticed and called him on it!!! It sucks, but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. I'm waiting until I've completely had my fill and then I will remedy it. Big time.
Your post is confusing. If your neighbors are noticing, isn't that where most people typically draw the line? Or have you not had your fill yet? I'd be at max capacity at that point if I were you.
Wiccan Priestess

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#7 May 22, 2010
If he never talks to her family, I can guess that he never picked up the phone and asked for the favor directly?

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#8 May 22, 2010
Sounds like he's so lazy he wouldn't be able to get out of his own way unless someone stood there and gave him directions.

I am not one of these men. I like to take some pride in the fact that I know how to cook, clean, do laundry, and make general repairs. My house does not look like a herd of pigs came to stay for months and then I never cleaned up the mess. For the women of the forum, not ALL men are senseless idiots.

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#9 May 22, 2010
He sounds unreasonable and very mentally unstable. If he won't talk to her family, why would he want them to do him a favor? I can't believe expected them to do it. I would have told him to his face "No way!" if I was his girlfriend.

Walnut, CA

#11 May 23, 2010
Kick his sorry butt to the curb! He's a poor excuse for a human being if he has no feeling for anyone other than himself. He needs to be put with someone just like him then maybe he would gain some much needed compassion and motivation. I would have clocked him with a cast iron frying pan if he treated you as nasty as I imagine he did. I know the type, they will try to say everything they can to guilt you and force you into doing what they want. You can do much better. Move on. You will be glad you did.

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