Walmart is rude and unhelpful

Walmart is rude and unhelpful

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#1 Dec 26, 2009
The local Walmart in Littleton, NH is very rude, particularly their service desk. Workers refuse to lift a finger to actually help customers. I've had many instances where I've gone in looking for something specific and its not at all where I'd expect it to be. Then when I ask 2 different people where it is and if they can help me find it, they go, "I think its in Pharmacy" or "You might check in Automotive" and instantly turn their back and keep doing whatever they were doing before I showed up. Would any of them offer to help me look? Nope. Not even when I dropped the info that they were the 3rd person I asked they STILL told me to find it myself! IF I WANTED TO FIND IT MYSELF I WOULDN'T BE ASKING FOR HELP NOW WOULD I ??!!! Then I went in last week and took something back, I specifically asked the clerk at the service desk when the item went on clearance and she wouldn't look it up, she just refunded me whatever the current clearance price was cause I didn't have any gift receipt. The person that bought the item didn't even know they could ask for a duplicate receipt or "gift receipt" because they don't post it anywhere that you can do that, nor do they post anywhere they they are only will give the recipient of said gift the last price it sold at without the receipt. Nor did they instruct me to ask the giver for the credit card or bank account number it was purchased on so they could go back in their database and find the transaction and purchase date (Yes they can do this, I called LL BEAN, Zappos, Walgreens and a few other well known stores and asked them how THEY do it and they informed me that the information CAN be looked up) The caveat was that it can be looked up IF Management or the Service Rep is knowledgeable enough, courteous enough and feels like actually providing the service. One person at the service desk when I called to merely ask when the item had been put on clearance absolutely refused to give her name. I wasn't even asking for her last name for Christ's sake! She simply answered the phone "Walmart, Service Desk!" No "How may I help you?" Nothing. I would have at least expected "Walmart, this is Stephanie!" in a friendly manner. Didn't even get that. Then I asked "Who am I speaking with please?" And got the same generic and somewhat unprofessional "Walmart, Service Desk" reply. So I tried again "What is your name please?" She immediately pretended that I never said it, so I repeated it in the same inflection and you know what she said?! Her reply was "Nope, sorry!" I'm left no choice but to assume that Walmart is an entity that only cares about taking your money from you in any way they can and don't want to take any responsibility for their lame customer service and unknowledgable staff. I guess when you're only being paid minimum wage, they ask you to work overtime or a holiday and then take one day away from you so they don't have to pay you for it, then its all relevant. It's clearly displayed in the level of service they choose to dish out. My response to their incredible stupidness is "You cant expect to rip people off if you don't bother to post your policies regarding gift receipts, gift exchanges etc and then just expect that we're not going to tell you to get F*CKED when you give us a hard time about it and refuse to tell us who we're even speaking with when we ask !! Makes you want to keep coming back doesn't it?


#2 Dec 26, 2009

Given the above and the outstanding customer service I received, you're extremely lucky you weren't told to get f*cked (or anything else I was actually thinking at the time).
I can definitely understand now why people boycott.:-)

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#3 Dec 26, 2009
I've never understood why they don't have the information posted at all the checkouts that if you are giving items as a gift to make sure you get a separate gift receipt. There are PLENTY of people I know that I can guess don't know about it either. That's really sad that that happened to you and they talked to you that way. Let me guess: They didn't bother to apologize? I too have walked in looking for stuff and they've basically refused to help. I don't have the problem at any other Walmart except for the one in Littleton. With a lot of websites offering the same items walmart sells: crock pots, griddles, stereos, cd's, movies, whatever and offering free shipping to your HOUSE and a lot better in the customer service department, there's not really any reason for me to shop walmart anymore. I asked them about stuff a few times and kind of got the brush-off, then started shopping online as far as that stuff goes. Any groceries I need I look for coupons for the brands I buy and then shop the Co-op and Shaw's. I don't need Walmart.
Anti Walmart

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#4 Dec 26, 2009
Allison is right. I don't even go to the Littleton Walmart for underwear anymore. TJ Maxx has a good selection. Once I got used to not shopping at Walmart, I began to realize how much calmer I'd be. I wouldn't be all wound up and running late on doing the rest of my errands because I had to spend so much time either hunting for or forcing workers to help me find stuff I needed in Walmart. I'd simply go to Staples, TJ Maxx, Dollar Store or wherever and then be driving home going "Oh, you know what, I'm really calm right now. I got everything done, I'm on time and I just now realized I'm not about to bite someone's head off!" I never shop in Woodsville because I'm not ever down that way but I've heard people say that the service is much better and there are more groceries. I may give it a try but I will not be going back to the one in town anytime soon.

Burlington, VT

#5 Dec 27, 2009
shopper wrote:
Given the above and the outstanding customer service I received, you're extremely lucky you weren't told to get f*cked (or anything else I was actually thinking at the time).
I can definitely understand now why people boycott.:-)
I'm with you! Wal-mart thinks they are the cats ass, and they should be aware that they are not the only game in town.

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#6 Dec 27, 2009
I know. They think they're better than everyone else and they don't have to put out any to help customers. Well I am buying a new computer, it's a really decent looking one too. E-Machine is a brand that Walmart sells, but I am purchasing it through another site for less than $200, new condition, it has a dvd\cd rw burner, all in one media card reader, dial up and ethernet modems, 160 gig HD, 2GB memory, eveything. I can't build one from the ground up for that cheap, and I'm sure if I drove down to Walmart right now nothing they have on their shelf compares in price. Not only that but the seller is willing to negotiation with the manufacturer for a different OS install and creating separate driver CD's before purchase (which Walmart would never do). :-) Walmart: You suck, you lose.
burnt toast

Chicago, IL

#8 Dec 27, 2009
I've shopped here on vacation before and find it less than pleasant. Not easy to find items. Some items like glues and things you'd expect to find either in multiple departments or at the very least in Crafts was actually located in Hardware. I had to ask more than one person before I was able to find it. The bathroom was a bit nasty. I left feeling like "Why did I bother coming here?" The aggressiveness that goes on in the parking lot to get a space I find to be unnecessary too. It's not worth the time and effort for me.
walmart is hell

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#9 Dec 28, 2009
Walmart is the embodiment of all things Americans (and some tourists) truly HATE:

1. disorganized store
2. unhelpful workers
3. underhanded tactics regarding employment, pay and benefits
4. greedy to get money any way they can and then won't own up to malfunctioning products
5. Scam you out of money on returns
6. Ask you for your ID like you're a CRIMINAL when you try to make a return or exchange
7. Nobody you talk to gives a rats ass (from the head manager on down) when you have any sort of complaint or suggestion, they simply say (for USA customers) "Oh well if you don't like it, call 800-WALMART and air your complaint there!" Excuse me, but what the HELL is that all about?! Do you mother-f*cking job!

8. Per above post :-) Workers are too dumb or "scared" to give their name on the phone, they need to grow up and get some interpersonal skills. I've had that happen to me too when I've called a store to ask for something specific.

Bottom Line: Walmart needs to learn some manners. Straighten out or keep losing business.

Portland, ME

#10 Dec 28, 2009
The only people that are afraid to give their names are the one's that aren't doing their jobs properly. Other posters are right. Walmart needs to learn how to get and keep customers.

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#11 Dec 29, 2009
I live in Littleton but only shop the Walmart in Woodsville. I prefer them over the one in town because they are a lot friendlier, but also because there is more grocery and clothing selections there. I don't know what's wrong with the Littleton Walmart, but a lot of the people that work there need to learn communication skills or get a total personality transplant. One or the other. I don't know as I'm totally opposed to boycotting ALL Walmarts yet, just the pissy ones.
former customer

Portland, ME

#12 Dec 30, 2009
Walmart has proven to me that they are not worth my time and effort and I no longer spend my money there. I switched all my prescriptions to another store too.

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#14 Jan 4, 2010
Littleton Walmart stinks. I just make it my mission to be very direct when I go there. I already know they are going to come across lazy and rude so I wait until they actually do and then make a special point of basically telling them to get off their @ss and help me. I literally say "Don't tell me to get it myself, you need to help me find it." They're getting a bit screwy with their prices. Some of their pet supply prices have gone up anywhere from $2-$4 at once per product for some items just recently. They're also getting rid of stuff and changing everything around (AGAIN). If they keep doing that it will probably be cheaper to order online via Petco or Petsmart and get free shipping! LOL The fact that they constantly change stuff around is very tiring. Don't they know that its NOT GOOD to keep changing your pets food all the time?!!! Pretty soon I will have to start buying that stuff online anyways cause they just got rid of one of the dry foods I was feeding, cant find it anywhere local now and had to switch to something else. That sh*t's for the birds.

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#15 Jan 4, 2010
Dear Walmart:

Don't think we didn't notice that you just raised the price of the cat litter an entire $4 HIGHER than what you had it before ($11) which is now almost $14! Its not like there's a world clay shortage or anything.
kiss my butt

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#16 Jan 4, 2010
I noticed the high cat litter price too. If you check other places you can find it cheaper. :-) Trust me.

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#17 Jan 7, 2010
I noticed cat litter too. Scoop Away went up from $11 to almost $15 overnight. I can still get it cheaper other places though. I can also get Tidy Cats for under $11 too. My new computer (a non-walmart purchase) arrived the other day and its working great. I bought it for over $100 less than I could have gotten the same thing at Walmart. Walmart claims that their distributors are charging them more for the products. I don't really believe that because I have to think that Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and Shaws must have some of the SAME distributors. I got whole milk for $1.89 at Shaws, Walmart is $2.24 a half gallon whole milk. Shampoo went up about 70 cents per bottle overnight for Tresemme and some of the other brands like Pantene. They're totally crazy. Lucky for me I look at the online circulars for Walgreens, Rite-Aid and stuff and then find printable coupons and get them when they're on sale+coupon and I make out pretty good at Rite Aid and Walgreens because Walmart ran them up so much lately. I never see Tresemme on sale at Walmart anyways and thats where I was buying it when it was $3.87\bottle. Stores think we don't pay attention to this stuff but we do, cause consumers tend to buy the same things all the time and\or look for bargains. Jacking the prices up overnight isn't helping me shop there. I didn't notice Rite Aid or Walgreens doing that, just WALMART. Go figure. The only thing you can do to get around it is save your receipt from when you bought cat litter or cat food cheaper at another store the week before and buy it at Walmart and ask them to price match it. Or have them call the other store and confirm pricing and then match it if they want to sell it. Its time consuming and aggravating when you already have a cart full of stuff to have to do that on 2-3 items but if you get them to do it every time you shop it would pay off and hopefully get them to lower the prices again.
Littleton Resident 2010

Alstead, NH

#18 Jan 8, 2010
I don't like any Wal-Marts. I have gone there several times looking for children's gifts. Everything is cheap plastic. And pretty much every toy is based on a cartoon character. I don't even like going there for toilet paper. If there was another big store in the area I would shop there. Too bad Target doesn't want to open a store up here
S Siemenz

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#19 Jan 9, 2010

Try cat litter in Woodsville, its cheaper. Walmart lies about why they raised their prices (just like Melissa Hill lied in an article posted yesterday) about not knowing Walmart cuts up perfectly good clothing to destroy it and prevent people from returning it at full price.

NEWSFLASH: If you want to prevent people from ripping you off, just mark it on clearance and either make them provide the credit card number that they purchased it with or have the receipt to prove the price paid, its a no-brainer. Don't throw out perfectly good clothes people less fortunate could use!

Littleton Resident:

The toys are cheap and break in less time than it takes you to get said toy out of the fort knox type packaging they put it in!
Stevie Lake

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#20 Jan 9, 2010
Walmart told me they raised prices because their providers are charging them more for the products. That's supposedly the reason for the prices going up overnight....That would make sense to a non-shopping savvy consumer. The problem I have with the answer is that other Walmarts in a 100 mile radius of this zip code do NOT charge the higher prices and neither do other stores in Littleton selling the same items.


#21 Jan 9, 2010
Wow! What a bunch of losers! The reason I dislike WalMart is the NH customers--now I see I am right.
Stevie Lake

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#22 Jan 10, 2010
Stuart: Very funny.

Walmart's been lying about cutting up clothes for years. All you have to do is google search it. Its such a stupid waste of good items.

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