Hadlocks Stopping New McDonalds

Hadlocks Stopping New McDonalds

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Justin S

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#1 May 1, 2010
The only thing stopping Hadlocks from getting business is HADLOCK! Not a new McDonalds. I find it amazingly funny that this guy waits until they've started clearing land and everything to start screaming that he won't get any business because it will interrupt traffic flow to his building. The last time I had an insurance policy there none of the girls in the office even knew how to process the payment by credit card. Every month I would go in and stand there for approx 10-15 minutes while they figured out "yes indeed our computer system DOES know how to process the payment." Should have just listened to your customers, after all they're buying the insurance, chances are they've shopped around enough to know what company takes what payment and on what schedule. Who does auto-draft and gives a discount for it, and who doesn't. You get the idea. Anyways, sick of dealing with the payment hassles, when my policy came up for renewal I went with Metlife. They give discounts for auto-draft and also for every year you are "claimless" they reduce your bill by at least $50\year. Oh, and they give you a break if you add on your renter's insurance with them too.:-) So my message to Hadlock: Grow up. The more you stupidly complain about issues like this, the more nobody looks up to you or believes anything you say. After all you just made a giant spectacle out of yourself about this one!:-) Stop trying to blame the fact that you have no business on McDonalds. We all see right through it.

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#2 May 1, 2010
He's not stopping anything. If McDonald's doesn't go in there, something else will. I fail to see what his problem is.

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#3 May 1, 2010
What problem doesn't Hadlock have? He's always screeching about something. If Hadlock took a sh*t right now, one of the people on Town Council would be right there to wipe his *ss. Personally I hope the McDonald's goes on, as well as a couple other businesses right next to his. Screw it, I don't care what Hadlock thinks. If they put in a Sonic or Dairy Queen I'll be down there having lunch the second they open the doors.

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#4 May 1, 2010
They should put a Super Walmart complete with a full tire section and gas pumps. They can bring Sam's Club and put it next door. That would be the ultimate in shopping for Littleton. What does the town think people want when they come here all winter to ski? All summer? And all Fall? We're a tourist trap so we better start acting like it and providing the necessary "needs". That means doing the following:

1. Add Super Walmart

2. More unique eateries (They can be fast food, I don't care, but they have to be GOOD, like Furrs Family Dining, Sonic, Golden Corral), a good steakhouse, etc just NOT another Chinese restaurant, pizza place or sandwich shop! We already have too many of those. We need to get rid of Mr Lees, Jing Fong and a pizza place.

3. Get a decently advertised well known CAR RENTAL place. Not some place that's going to screw you with $187 worth of "fees" written into the fine print on their contract. We don't even advertise car rentals in town, so how do people know what's here?!!

4. Make an effort to fund events like the Lipizanner horses, Native American Festival and other things we USED to do that we now can't seem to be bothered with. People notice, trust me, and its not good.(We can remember that next year and they year after that when the papers print articles on how bad Littleton's economy is and we sit around and cry feeling sorry for ourselves because its not ski season and we have no money.) BECAUSE WE MADE IT THAT WAY. WE FORCE TOURISTS TO GO TO OTHER AREAS BECAUSE OF OUR LACK OF VISION AND AMBITION.

Good Luck Littleton, you're going to need it!

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#5 May 1, 2010
Bring it on! I'm so laughing right now at how much of a stir Hadlock has created. Interesting to see how it plays out. Do I like Hadlock? Nope. He just wants to play " I'm king and everyone has to listen to what I say." What a joke! LOL I think he should quit his antics while he can still save some face.

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#6 May 2, 2010
I think Super Walmart should buy the Highland Croft site and build complete with the tire center, gas pumps and whatever else a really large Walmart has. Then bring in Sam's Club next door. It would be perfect. Tourists and locals need some place to shop year 'round instead of just Shaw's or our small Walmart that looks like post-war Soviet Russia because they're out of stock, get rid of stuff, or are just constantly sold out. I would love to see that happen for Littleton. We need to figure out a way to get with the program and bring in some more money, make our town more convenient and competitive pricing, make tourists want to stay here. Pretzel is correct. We survive a large part on tourism for most of the year, so why do we not do things and add businesses that cater to that need and convenience?! Not only would we cater to tourists, we'd make it easier for locals to live here too by having more competition and better pricing.

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#7 May 2, 2010
Hadlock's is a piece of work. I looked for insurance there and they told me the "only" company they could find was some place that wanted 6 months worth of insurance paid at a time. I said "No way", then I started calling places myself and checking online and found something much better than what Hadlocks could offer me. McDonalds stopping him from getting business?!! That's hysterical. I think the fact that they don't go the extra mile to draw in or keep customers is what makes a difference if he gets business or not. One thing this town needs to work on is an ordinance on RENT CONTROL. I mean, how can people working 2 jobs that don't pay crap afford $750+ in rent?!!! Some of those rents don't even come with utilities. I've had landlords attempt to charge first\last\security too which is ILLEGAL in the state of NH. But what choice do you have but to pay it and then show them the law and take them to court to get your money back? I had one person tell me "That's what we charge because we've been screwed before". My reply was " SCREEN YOUR TENANTS BETTER and stop breaking the law, otherwise you will find yourself sued or your building destroyed, especially if you refuse to give the so-called security deposit back. How can you sue someone for damages when you did something illegal to begin with?" She shut up and didn't say anything else after that, I turned around and walked off, told her I wasn't interested in hearing anything else that came out of her mouth. That's why we have some landlords that don't care about their buildings, like right behind "Jackson's Corner" or whatever its called? Directly as you turn onto Jackson St on the right. Those apartments are nothing a cockroach would even rent! I'm glad I found my new apartment when I did. My current landlord kept it vacant for months because she wouldn't rent to just anyone. Plus she'd seen me around, so when I asked about it she said "So when do you want to move in?" I was like "Now, please!" My ex-landlord was one of those "slum-lords" I was referring to above. She'd jack the rent up $50-$75 in one shot for 3 consecutive years, invade your privacy without notice, all kinds of things. Idiot landlords are the reason tenants install security systems and buy guns.:-)

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#8 May 2, 2010
I totally agree we need rent control! Why is it that just the "Ahead" apartments and places that cater to section 8 and druggies get the rent control? Employers here don't pay anything to make $700-$800\month rent affordable. It's NOT affordable, especially since some of them don't even include utilities for that price. Even if you work 2 jobs that's not really affordable for what people get paid here. LMAO at Hadlock!!!!:-)

P.S. When OBAMACARE really kicks in and forces people to pay insane rates for insurance these overpriced apartments and their slumlords will be effectively screwed.
Justin S

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#9 May 2, 2010
Yes I know. Rents are too high here. Most other areas already have rent control, especially in cities where you have more options to rent from. That's why you'd expect them to have it here, there are LESS options, too many people want to move here, which forces other people to move to find work cause all the people moving here don't care if they work for min-wage. They are probably all on welfare with 5 kids anyways, so what difference does it make? Or they're druggies (or both). Some people I work with have no pride. They have 1, 2, 3 kids and just blurt out that their job doesn't pay enough for them to live, that they live off charity and have a therapist. How can you afford a therapist, a new $2500 Mac laptop, high-speed internet, a new car and whatever else if your job pays less than $10\hour?!!! THE STATE PAYS WILLINGLY even though this person has a full-time live in BOYFRIEND that contributes to bills and they STILL get a crap-load of assistance!!!


Stop letting people that don't need it live off charity, you'd save money and stop crying that you're over budget!

Impose rent control, if people feel the need to live off charity then maybe the rents ARE too high in most cases.


#11 May 2, 2010
We have rent control here, works very well. What is wrong with your town? Are they snorting their breakfast? Sounds like people don't get paid enough and flat owners want to run amok! What a nightmare....

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#14 Jun 2, 2010
He's not stopping McDonalds.:-) I heard some other stuff was supposed to go in there too. Can't wait! Littleton is a bit "weird" though. Have you ever noticed how some of the people that want to have the most "control" in town are just creepy? And I don't understand what the big SECRET is about what businesses are going to go in by McDonalds. Its not like the people have anything to gain by not finding out what's coming to town. That in itself has always been strange if you ask me. If you act creepy and slimey about something then 9 times out of 10 you're doing something wrong or illegal.

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#15 Jun 2, 2010
Stevie: I wouldn't trust half the people in this town for the reason you described. Sneaky and slimey. I don't think the tax collectors special either because last time I went in to make a payment, I put in the memo of the check 'payment on PRINCIPLE'. Not payment on interest. What did they do? Applied the entire payment only to the INTEREST, so then the principle never goes down. That's not right. Payments should be applied equally to the principle and interest, not just one or the other.

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