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#23 Dec 18, 2012
The Arkansas Schutzhund club is the second oldest club in the Midwest region they have competitors that have competed at the local, regional, national, and world level. They have at least two seminars a year with world renowned Schutzhund trainers. They held the 2010 Midwest regionals and the 2011 national championships.

Memphis, TN

#24 Dec 21, 2012
Enufsaid, Jani was at the club full time the last few trials I have attended. I understand if he is out with family but for a club to have this level of a helper and not utilize him is ridiculous. As I spent the day there, several members constantly talked of how many helpers they visited and how Jani was really good on "doing" what the latest helper they saw do. Really??? And they wonder why there dog is confused?? The last trial I attended Mike and some other guy made fun of several of the dogs while they were on the field, how sportmanlike is that?I don't care how "bad" someones dog is, to come out and grret them by saying your dog is crap really is a turn off. If that is what the person has to start with , that is all they have. Let them learn as much a they can on that dog then help them find a more suitable dog for the future. Being nice goes a long way.

Indianapolis, IN

#25 Dec 22, 2012
gladtobehere wrote:
yeah man!!!
greg helped me train my two dogs and he's the real deal. i used to go to the ASC and its a joke. jeff is the real deal!
So how many Schutzhund Titles ( SH1,2 or 3--- or IPO1.2.or 3 Titles does your friend Greg have? He appears to have a lot of AKC obedience titles..and does police training...but he does do not appear to be an active DVG member nor a member of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America. I am sure he could do a nice job with obedience..but he does not seem to be actively involved training any dogs that have been in any sanctioned Schutzhund Trials, training nor is he affiliated with any club the sponsors any of these events.
Many of the people that supposedly went to the Arkanss Schuzhund Club to do Schutzhund... appear to be looking for an obedience club ( The Little Rock Dog trainig Club has very nice AKC training n obedience, Rally, agility etc..).They do not seem to understand what the sport of Schutzhund is about.
The Germans call it "hundesport", dog sport. For generations, people from Europe and North America have been drawn into this unique idea of participating in an active sport with a dog. Schutzhund offers this in a way that no other sport can. It is outdoors. It is physical. It is mental. The demands are great, but the sport also offers competition and new friendships.

Schutzhund started at the beginning of this century as a test for working dogs. Its initial purpose was to determine which dogs could be used for breeding and which had true working ability.
Schutzhund tests three specific areas of a dog's training and behavior. The first, tracking, requires the dog to track footsteps over mixed terrain, change direction and show absolute accuracy and commitment to finding the track. Often this is done under less than ideal circumstances with difficult cover, bad weather conditions and an aged track.
The second phase is obedience. There is heeling, both on and off lead. The sit, down and stand are also done, except when the dog is moving. Instead of a forty foot ring, the handler and dog work on a soccer sized trial field. Some exercises require the dog to work under the noise of a firing gun. In addition to the normal dumbbell retrieval, the dog must retrieve over a one meter jump and a six foot wall. Down stays and a long send away conclude the test.
The final test is protection. The most important point to understand when watching a protection routine, is the relationship between dog and handler. The dog must never bite the trial helper, unless either the dog or the handler is attacked. Then it must attack fully and without hesitation. But here the real difference becomes apparent. The dog must stop biting on the command of the handler and guard the trial helper without further aggression. Often people confuse Schutzhund protection training with police dog or personal protection work.
The above tests are difficult enough, These trials are held by local clubs or in regional and national championships. Each dog is judged by a complex point system that then determines the winner of the trial.
When a dog successfully completes the first trial, it is awarded a title of Schutzhund I. It can then progress to Schutzhund II and, the ultimate, Schutzhund III. Any Schutzhunder will tell you that a high scoring Schutzhund III dog is the ultimate working dog: one in a thousand of all working dogs.

I also find it interesting that such a club would be selected to host the Regionals and DVG National Schutzhund Events...if had such a poor club and membership.
most of the members have purchasd their dogs from other respected working dog breeders....not just the members...It is a schutzhund training club...not a breeding club. I am sorry that someone has been posting inaccurate information.

United States

#26 Jan 5, 2013
I have sent a lot of people to this club and they all say the same thing, people are rude to them, and put down their dogs. I have been breeding a long time and the dogs they are taking are great working dogs. This club needs to at least give these people a chance and then make a judgement about their dogs!!!!

United States

#27 Jan 5, 2013
I have also known Greg a long time and sent people to him,I had a man call me crying because he took his dog to this man weighing 80lbs and when he got him back 8 weeks later the dog was skin and bones. Greg told him you should not feed your dogs every day so you can be pack leader. One of Greg's family members also just several months ago told one of my friends these same words about Greg!!! Hey Greg you go without food for a couple of days and see how you like it!!!!

Little Rock, AR

#28 Jan 11, 2013
IPO1, I guess I'm not sure what you mean by utilize. It's not like Jani comes to our club and we send him away. After the trial we had about a year ago, he decided to take a break. He said he will come back but none of us know when. Jani still does special events for us like he will be at our club the first weekend in Feb. for a seminar. When he is ready to return, he will be more than welcome.
Interested party

Alexander, AR

#29 Apr 20, 2013
In response to the Yarnell defenders... He may or may not know much about dogs or this sport. But I've visited the club on a Saturday just to see what it's all about. Our GSD is smart, young, easily trained, and has a high drive. And from what I saw on display that day, my dog (as far as obedience is concerned) was more advanced than most there. But Mike Yarnell's first response to my questions was to mock my dog's lineage, color combination, and me for being interested. I'm still amazed that he had all these opinions WITHOUT EVER SEEING MY DOG.
He's an insecure jerk.
And I know this thread is old. But it's a beautiful day and I was just thinking back to my visit on a day much like this last year.
Eric G

Benton, AR

#30 Jul 27, 2013
Came across this thread by accident looking for some shutzhund trial info, but was disturbed by what I read and here is my two cents for an old forum...I've personally purchased a great dog from Mike Yarnell 6 years ago and still stay in contact with him. I'm not actively involved in the sport, but I've spent some time at the ASC with Mike, Jani and some others that you reference in this thread. I think those who have voiced opinions based on a brief encounter with Mike and/or word of mouth are too quick to judge. Mike is a unique personality which is brash, opinionated and sarcastic which I could see as coming off as rude and he's probably an acquired taste....but he's also passionate, competitive and proud of his dogs and his training. I hate to see anyone slammed or talked poorly about in any forum and I feel that an outsider perspective is noteworthy. I'm not a member, but I've spent about 4-5 Saturdays training with this club. ASC has some great people but probably also has some people who don't want to waste their uncompensated time helping outsiders work dogs that they don't think have the breeding to be successful in the sport that they know more about than you. And yes, I'm sure there are breeders' dogs that are involved in the club...but what club doesn't? If you are a breeder and are involved in Shutzhund, isn't it natural to have your dogs involved in the same club? There are some very good people in this club, including Mike, Darrel Pounders, Andrea, Jani and others; however, I think if you are interested enough in getting involved in the sport you have to have the self confidence to defend your dog if you think there are unfair comments, prove you belong and take advantage of the resources instead of finding all of the negative. There are going to be positives and negatives in every club, and there will be people who don't think you belong...but that's life. Go out and put this effort into training the heck out of your dog and this petty back and forth "he hurt by feelings" stuff won't matter anymore. As far as saying Jani isn't working dogs...I can tell you that Jani is great, but if you are new to the sport I can promise you that you can't tell the difference between the quality of your helper and I'm sure the other helpers are good or the experienced handlers wouldn't be using them. Good luck to all of you, but some of you are quite misinformed and misleading others.

Memphis, TN

#31 Nov 18, 2013
asc wrote:
i dont know who this is, but you obviiously have never spent any real time with us, cause if you did you would see that we are friendly and nice people. and maybe mike is a bit hard to know sometimes, but that's only because this sport means alot to him and he doesnt want losers like you getting involed. so you dont need to be on here bitching about no feeling accepted. if you dont feel accepted, its your own fault cause your a piece a crap.
Wow! This is disappointing to say the least. I was happy to find that there was a club nearby, however, at this point, I'm feeling certain that I want nothing to do with it. Thanks for the heads up. I hope that the sport never "means so much to me" that I ruin it for everyone else.

Little Rock, AR

#32 Nov 26, 2013
Hi Stubbs, I have been a member at ASC going on 5 years now and have a great time there! We have a fantastic club house with great members. When people ask for an eval on their dog, would it be better that they be lied to and take their money even though the dog is not right for the sport? We have top notch trainer Ken White at our club once or twice a month and I encourage you to get in touch with someone at our club (Contact info found at ) and come for a visit. We have some exciting events coming up over the next year as well. Hope to see you sometime!
Dobe Man

Cabot, AR

#33 Mar 19, 2014
Why I as a breeder belong to a Working Dog club is for the purpose of a collective group working to support each other in common goals in IPO training. Everyone in the club is team member. The moment someone tells you, "you can't" with your dog instead of encouraging you and doing their part to help you achieve your goal - pass or fail, they are not a good for your team.
When your goals are realistic, surround yourself around people who want to help you can reach your goals.
There will people starting out that all they can do is a BH or a OB 1-3 or a tracking 1-3 and this is fine every dog is different. This not to be negative but to always learn and encourage people and grow the sport be a sportsmen. This is a great sport and tool for breeding correct temperament.
This club has club events , National events and Clubs always have personality's so come train your dog and title a dog. The sport is about you and your dog journey. Don't worry about opinions everybody has one. LOL Including the want be dog trainers who have never titled IPO!!!! Remember its a sport and some people know nothing about sportsmen ship its all about them. The point is with all dog clubs its about you and your dog journey and your relationship with your k9 friend.
Dobe Man

Cabot, AR

#34 Mar 19, 2014
Think about this when you are looking for a IPO Club has the Club produced IPO 3 Level dogs. Has anyone from the club titled and won or placed or went to National Level events such as the AWDF all breed Championships or competed at a world level event. The answer to these questions with Arkansas Schutzhund Club are yes! Amazing that these people are come to our club and get on a messages board and trash a club because of personality's that they dislike certain people. My point is train and learn and title a dog and enjoy the sport.
Those people you dislike have training issues just as you do. Sportsmen ship and enjoy your dog.
It takes about 18 months do a BH with a written test as a dog handler if you want a 8 week title course I recommend Little Rock Dog training for the AKC titles.
GSD woman

Chicago, IL

#35 Sep 1, 2014
This is not a supportive training environment...enough said
GSD woman

Chicago, IL

#36 Sep 1, 2014
dogman wrote:
Yeah, I've heard a lot of similar stories too. There is said to be a guy starting one in Cabot I think. I hope so, cause north west ark and Memphis are too far to drive.
There is a club in the Cabot area now I think

United States

#37 Sep 29, 2014
schuthunder wrote:
when i first got an interest in schutzhund i ask everybody i knew who had knoledge about that type of work (i do police combat training in central arkansas, so they were mainly cops)and i kept hearing Greg Durham's name. so, thats who i went with and have never looked back. he has a practical and effective approach to working dogs. i love working with him and have had incredible results. so i would deffinitly look at greg. i don't know much about the arkansas schutzhund club other than to say, ive seen them represented well at competitions but i dont believe they are in greg's class.
I took a dog to greg durham with durhamhaus working dogs i wanted her off the leash obedience trained he kept her for a month and 12oo dollars later. I got her and she could still sit like id taught her she was sure not off the leash not even close to it.

Frisco, TX

#39 Nov 11, 2014
haha wrote:
<quoted text>
I took a dog to greg durham with durhamhaus working dogs i wanted her off the leash obedience trained he kept her for a month and 12oo dollars later. I got her and she could still sit like id taught her she was sure not off the leash not even close to it.
... Stay away from the clowns at lr schutzhund club.. Had the same experience as many others on here. Rude, narrow minded people, like mike. Not positive experience for handlers and their dogs. I've taken several dogs to Greg's and have been very satisfied with his training. If you want a TRAINER, call Greg durham. IMO he is the best!

Little Rock, AR

#40 Mar 11, 2015
Greg Durham is definitely the way to go for serious dog training in the central Arkansas area. None of the others compare, and if you visit his facility you'll find out that most guys in the area bashing him are former students of his. There's an old saying if you want to have the biggest building in a small town just knock down the existing structures' and nothing could be truer in a small area like the Central AR area when it comes to K9 handling and training.

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