The Colony Season 3 on hold after guy...

San Mateo, CA

#146 Oct 2, 2013
Wow!!! I can't believe they will not continue with season 3.. I"m sorry to hear that someone died making it.. But I did not see any news about it like someone else had mentioned.

The show has much more benefits to being on than not. My kids love to watch the shower and they watch it on Netflix over and over. They actually learn. This is an experiment and it has much value. Like all experiments we learn from then, and its an opportunity to take what we learn so we can prepare for something that might happen. The chances of a doomsday occurring seems slim, but if it does, its better to be ready than not.

So I wish the produces would reconsider and allow for the show to continue.

Kolkata, India

#147 Oct 3, 2013
As if.
How many people die every year racing cars? Millions enjoy watching races, and death is the exception, as it is in survival games.

Lafayette, LA

#148 Oct 9, 2013
Condolences to the family. I can't imagine that serious accidents wouldn't happen to the crew,,,,I thought they should have used giant cotton wrapped sticks when I saw the fighting in the gangs that attacked season 2. What happen was an accident, and could happen in sports, even with teen kids playing, karate class, wresting and such....things do happen when you play hard.
Pax Zin

Cheyenne, WY

#149 Oct 11, 2013
The more I've looked into this, the more it appears the season3 'death' is a rumor. There's more supporting information, that the subsequent seasons were cancelled due to low ratings. Since there has been no intention to bring the show back, I am currently trying to acquire the rights to the show, to continue it.

If you want to track this progress, or lend your support to the idea, see my FB page (same name).

Indianapolis, IN

#150 Oct 17, 2013
I hope because of this unfortunate event that they dont start staging the fight scenes,, i truly feel for this mans family,, but he signed the waiver,, he knew the risks,,,this is terrible,, but i honestly believe this is one of the best shows on television simply because of the real action,,, and i honestly believe its a great teaching tool!!!

United States

#151 Oct 17, 2013
Watching re-run marathon. Never watched the originals. These people were too stupid to believe.

Olathe, KS

#152 Oct 17, 2013
The show was cancelled after poor ratings for season 2, only casting for season 3 was completed and no filming was done according to DiscoveryChannel and the Colony FB page. This "death" story as with most things on the internet is total BS.

Seminole, FL

#153 Oct 18, 2013
I liked the show, and i never really saw the fighting in season two, so I wouldn't know how aggressive the raiders were. Though I know that, yes there is danger, and while the producers have some control, there are just things you see coming, and besides, there are other things that are very lethal that people watch on TV. Anything that involves wild animals for example, completely unpredictable, often very deadly, and those animals aren't controlled at all; "raiders" are (as far as I am aware) told to avoid harming the colonists. Try telling a wild animal not to hurt someone, it doesn't really work, with all of the things Steve Irwin had done you'd never have though a stingray would be what would kill him, but I have to digress as he did it for his love of the animals, usually to help those one that were in danger. I'm also not sure whether or not this is reputable information here, as it does not cite any sources. I wouldn't sign a waver promising to not let any action be taken toward my death, but I would sign one knowing what it said, and if it gave some compensation for my death, a reasonable amount to support those who relied on me, but not any more than that.

Saint Paul, MN

#154 Oct 21, 2013
ok he died bring back the show. Clap clap time to move on. Michael jackson died too big deal. He wasnt the first and hes not the last. I wanna watch THE COLONY
You know who

Sugar Land, TX

#155 Oct 24, 2013
Ikarus wrote:
I viewed some of season 2 on netflix and I was amazed at the aparent reality of the experiment. It seemed that the cast members were exposed to real dangers and real violence from raiders. I assumed that the dangers had been staged and filmed such that in true holywood fashon there was more illusion than reality to the colony. Now I'm going to look at view the remainder of the season wilth a lot less skepticism. To be honest though I'm not sure it makes sense to expose people to significant risks to film episodes of a reality television series. It just seems a trivial thing to loose a humen life over.
Hey man check your spelling before posting . I noticed while typing this there is a spell check.
Oh well

San Carlos, CA

#156 Oct 28, 2013
looks like we're done... Loved the show
Carmen Johnson

Green Bay, WI

#157 Nov 2, 2013
Please bring season three. It's an amazing show. There are a lot of amazing smart people out there. This is a show that flies by when watching. I am now watching on Netflix for the second time.

Harwood Heights, IL

#158 Nov 27, 2013
These are come of the most ridiculous comments I've seen on a forum.

Signing a release isn't a license to be killed. The actor/stuntman who accidentally caused his death probably didn't shrug it off and think "well...he signed a release." He probably went into a couple years of therapy.

Now, that being said, do I miss the show? Absolutely. Is it realistic to think that the production company would carry on with it? Absolutely not. MAYBE if they had the blessing of the family but TV Producers don't like running a show attached to a stigma like that.

I thought Kid Nation was a BRILLIANT show but parents of the kids brought lawsuits against them as well.

Ottawa, Canada

#159 Nov 27, 2013
COLONY season 2 talk wrote:
What's yall's favorite character..... Myn is Jim & Reeno
Go tick!

Denver, CO

#160 Dec 3, 2013
No one died, it is a stupid rumor. If you really believe someone died I have some land in Florida you might be interested in buying. . .
fan in Texas

Fort Worth, TX

#161 Dec 8, 2013
first of all I'm sorry that a person lost their life and my prayers go out to the family. Secondly the show is not just entertainment people learn from it. Third people still go to amusement parks like six flags over Texas and people have died there too. A lady died this year riding a ride But people still go. Everything you do in life there is a risk. Most of the time you learn from the mistake and move on. I believe in the case of the season 3 viewers understand that it is real scenario and real thinking and response. Everyone knows what they are getting into and have seen previous seasons and was told when signing the waver. They also give you a chance to leave of want to just like in season one with Dr. George. Therefore the family is stuck respecting the decision that the man made. I'd I had a chance to be on the show I would in a heat beat with no regrets on the turn out. And I understand that not everyone would agree with my decision but that is why it is called my decision. I really do hope that they made a season 3 and many more. My family and I try to do a survival thing using our back yard or garage. I have little kids and thing they should know how to be prepared encase something does happen. They have learned sooooo much that I believe it will make them better as adults because they will know how to survive during hard times and will be ready for anything life throws at them.
jay Florida

United States

#162 Dec 21, 2013
You try and eat my lizard, I'm going to kill your punk azz

Sonora, CA

#163 Jan 3, 2014
helen wrote:
I hope because of this unfortunate event that they dont start staging the fight scenes,, i truly feel for this mans family,, but he signed the waiver,, he knew the risks,,,this is terrible,, but i honestly believe this is one of the best shows on television simply because of the real action,,, and i honestly believe its a great teaching tool!!!
The fights scenes weren't real anyway. If they were people would have died. Those marauders woh ld have bashed the colonist's heads in and taken all their stuff. When that young model chick was kidnapped, they wouldn't have let her go. They would have just asked for more. People would have guns in reality anyway, so there would have been many more deaths. Also, in season 2 they would have starved if it wasn't for the planted marine sniper as a fail safe. This show was interesting, but those factors would have made everything different. Real violence and guns would change everything. I realize they can't allow that, but that's why it's not realistic at all.
common sense guy

Tallahassee, FL

#165 Jan 6, 2014
Beans wrote:
The Colony is an experiment on a tv show, and there are risks. Even though a wavier is signed, when it comes to death injury and severe, a clear line should be drawn. The colony is an experiment, however, producers do have a level of control in the situations they provide, and people introduced. So this was taken too far.
Up until now, the show has been entertaining. It will be very difficult for the show to return after an accident like this. But if it does, hopefully they will be more cafeful.
The family is entitled to at lease funeral costs and a modest scholarship fund for the children of the man.

So you feel if you signed up for something that you know has risk and agreed in writing that you or your family would not sue if anything happens you should still be entitled to money if something goes wrong...... You people must be brain damaged that's the point of the waiver he signed it and sure its sad he died but no one is entitled to ANYTHING not a cent they will not win because that was the terms agreed on before the person was ever allowed on the show so thay should just move on and release the next season

Leicester, NC

#167 Jan 15, 2014
Damn it. I'm sorry someone died, but damn it, the producers should've been more careful. I loved this show. I still think they should put on season 3. After all, what is more apocalyptic than someone dying? Never happen though. I'll just watch survivor.

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