The Colony Season 3 on hold after guy...

Denver, CO

#103 Jun 22, 2013
I can't believe this thread is still going. NO ONE DIED, Chad is a liar, you can check with the shows page, it was cancelled due to insufficient revenue, season 3 never even began filming.

NO ONE DIED! Look it up yourselves.

Denver, CO

#104 Jun 22, 2013
and because it usually takes 2 or 3 posts for anyone to actually read I'm going to say it again. This is a wannabe urban legend. There was NO death on the show, season 3 never began filming, you can look all you want there is not one corroboration from any reputable source on this. Season 3 was cancelled because of low ratings. They haven't done a third season through kickstarter because Discovery Channel would have to release the rights and they won't do that.


Eigeltingen, Germany

#105 Jun 23, 2013
kommt eigentlich noch was von the colony

Eigeltingen, Germany

#106 Jun 23, 2013
sry yet what actually comes from the colony

Eigeltingen, Germany

#107 Jun 23, 2013
come seasons out of the colony

Columbus, OH

#108 Jun 23, 2013
I think they should air it. Death is all around us and we as humans have forgotten that. We live in a world of luxury and comforts. We all need one of the scenario's from The Colony to come true so we remember how fragile and shirt our lives are instead of acting like death is a rare thing. Some of you are ashamed if others fir wanting to watch a show where a man died yet you probably still watch re-runs of The Crocodile Hunter without a second thought. How many of you that are ashamed of us for wanting season three watched the fall of the twin towers or the meteor that hit overseas not to long agao. I'm sorry for the loss but things like that happen every day. War, freak accident, or a real home unvasion. I, as a prepper and ex-military, love the show. It shows a lot and has truth behind it. Sighn me up for season three and if I die then please air it.

Bloomingburg, NY

#109 Jun 26, 2013
The story about a death during the show by a hostile is not true. Suckers.

Boise, ID

#110 Jul 2, 2013
i under stand haw it is to loose some one but to shut down the show is not fair to all thews who watch it wen ever u do a mock of this sort there is allwes the danger of some one dying or geting badly hert so please but the rest of the showings on

Petersburg, VA

#111 Jul 7, 2013
screw the death part it's over but damn it had low rating how the he'll dose it have low rating if it don't show yet

Anoka, MN

#112 Jul 9, 2013
Hello wrote:
Sorry for your loss.
I don't believe that for a second no way did someone die.... It is freakin fake!

Gainesville, FL

#113 Jul 11, 2013
o well people die others move on, who cares

Enterprise, AL

#114 Jul 11, 2013
I feel bad for the family but they are idiots to file a law suite even though he signed a waver.Also I think they should have at least one or two children that are at least the age of 14 to make more realistic us teen are actually smart and clever. Some of know how to hunt, make weapons, and have taken or watched survival class and shows.
Reality Check

Ocala, FL

#115 Jul 13, 2013
I understand that waivers are signed, and that this is a "social experiment," however, the show does express that it is a CONTROLLED EXPERIMENT. Problem is... you cannot control the human instinct.

I loved the first season. I just got into the second and find myself disgusted. In a real doomsday, all bets are off and survival of the fittest. On TV, come on!!! I have friends who are professional stuntmen (some whose profession is being set on fire) who take more precautions than what is in this show.

This show is a good idea gone bad. Being in the field of cultural anthropology, it was obvious to see a show like this would end up with an incident. Threaten a person's life, or ability to survive and the animal instinct of preservation will present itself.

"Survival of the fittest," Thank you Darwin!

Brooklyn, NY

#116 Jul 14, 2013
I am no lawyer, but in the course of my surveying degree I took legal classes and I am %100 certain that the waiver will not completely stop the family from receiving anything. It acts as a deterrent and may affect the amount awarded but I remember being taught that you cannot sign away or contract yourself out of negligence. If a contract does that, a court ruling will consider it null.

Montour Falls, NY

#117 Jul 14, 2013
Bring back the show great job man they are survivors season three com on people do want me to host it

Nanty Glo, PA

#118 Jul 18, 2013
no one died. It's all BS. They canceled the show due to low ratings. They said it was too expensive to rent all of the property. Here's an Idea: I hear things are very cheap in Detroit right now. It would already be able to simulate a mass pandemic with 90% of it's buildings and population gone (they didn't die, they just moved to where the work was). You should do one here. I'd be a colonist on the show.

United States

#119 Jul 21, 2013
If I was on that show I would be the boss of the team and I would be like a ninja kicking everybodys ass ill even make things like nonchucks and spears so easy when the bad people come they going to have no choice but to run when they see me im 23 years old and im strong like a bull with the speed of a mongoose and im very smart when it comes down to liveing in the middal of nowhere' I make it look easy and fun

United States

#120 Jul 21, 2013
Can sombody please put me on that show give me info I need to sign up give me a chance you wont be mad
Aaron Walker

Denver, CO

#121 Jul 24, 2013
From the shows creators:

"To all our new fans, It seems we keep getting the same nonsense about "a death during filming of season 3" Just to clarify....

1) It would have been in major media not a few random websites that offer speculation with zero evidence.

2) Casting was never finished for season 3. Metal Flowers Media is still accepting applications for the show even tho it's cancelled.

3) How could they film anything when the cast wasn't even finalized? With no location chosen? and no budget allocated for filming?

Sorry folks, the show was cancelled simply due to poor ratings following season 2. It had terrible advertising and marketing during it's initial air time, and most fans came from Netflix

I know it's hard to accept but we are debating on doing a kickstarter to try and fund a new season. We tried a petition with no luck. Discovery Channel is just not interested in renewing the show."

Get a clue people. No one ever died.

Ottawa, Canada

#122 Jul 26, 2013
Aaron wrote:
In case anyone was wondering "So sad" is just a spammer - there was no death, the whole thing is made up by a 30 year old in his mom's basement trying to get an urban legend going.
He's not actually supporting it, "google kevin the troll" is pointing out you'd have to stupid AKA a troll which is a common online term, to believe it

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