The Colony Season 3 on hold after guy...

Auburn, ME

#83 Apr 20, 2013
Ashamed wrote:
You guys need to listen to yourselves. A man's life was lost and all you are worried about is your entertainment. Season two I thought while being factual, the hostiles were far to dangerous and added an unknown element to the show. There could have been a much better way to simulate battle situations.
Cancel the show. I no longer wish to watch knowing a man's life was lost.
So by what your saying... Dark Knight should have never been aired. Due to the death that occured during the making of the movie. Oh and shrek never should have been released since the original volice for shrek also died during the making... OR we can all just move on and enjoy what those people who lost their lives in the making worked so hard to create. I feel bad for the families loss. However depriving the world of a show that's not only informational,But in all reality is guaranteed to happen eventually, is rediculous. If someone didn't tell you that someone died you'd be watching it along with the rest of us.

Auburn, ME

#84 Apr 20, 2013
And aaron I'm with you saying no one died I'm just pointing out that its stupid to not watch somethin because a death occured linked to a filming. I know that no one died its just the point that someone would stop watching a show cuz of it.

United States

#85 Apr 22, 2013
They should bring Mike back.
and what ever happened to Joey? Did anyone tell him to go home after the show ended.

New Richmond, WI

#86 Apr 23, 2013
I just wanted to say that I love the show season 1 and 2, but I loved season 1 a lot more! the people season 2 seemed lazy and stupid and helpless (just saying) lol :) so dose anyone know when season 3 will start?

United States

#87 Apr 24, 2013
If it did not happen, why do you keep getting so angry Aaron. Why do you keep posting stuff? If it did not happen why are you so worried about what people are saying? You should just not worry about something that is not true! You must really not have a life and like to tell others what to think!

United States

#88 Apr 24, 2013
Good show! It teaches a lot of good skills!

Douglas, WY

#89 Apr 25, 2013
I don't kare if someone died I just want to watch season 3!!
Aaron Walker

Henderson, CO

#90 Apr 29, 2013
Bryan it is kind of silly to assume emotional states on online forums.

United States

#91 Apr 29, 2013
I beleive in the doomsday bcuz it will Happen some day im well preped for it the colony was great inspiration to me. Im sorry for the colonist who died in the making of the show. I understand the hostile situations the colonists work threw as a team. I am currently a 12th degree blackbelt in brazilian jui-jitsu and i am a great survivalist i believe i can make a great asset to the show. I understand the risks i must take to be a colonist. Im willing to sign a death waver to get on the show. This isnt my first rodeo in near death situations.
David Wolk

Houston, TX

#92 May 2, 2013
If its true season 3 did not proceed due to low ad revenue what about using Kickstarter to fund another season?
Season one

Woodstock, IL

#93 May 9, 2013
The season one cast was a little more prepare even though they had the same tools and all. I saw mostly people with low self esteem therefore the work out put was low since no one wanted o be the leader, even though that was the case, Sally handled that shit. The model broad, even though I would tear that ass up was shallow and with their negativity just messed up a lot for excluding people. All you really have to do is stand up to the monster, just like de'viles old ass. Jim kind of creeped me the fuck out. Tik was really the back bone of the crew, Reno and beca thought hey were the. Only ones doing anything therefore I lost my respects from them. Season one was completely different as the ex convict took charge and they formed a civilization, they learned that if they gave their supplies away they would only get more people to take care of. The season one colony was more advanced way more educated therefore the cat was very well picked compared to season two. Also season one had some rules like the "ten commandments" as season two had no rules and no leadership really, I noticed season two cast did not scavenge for food nearby nor did they. Look at the buildings near by tik was actually 100 yards from them and they didn't notice.

Baltimore, MD

#94 May 16, 2013
chad wrote:
The colony season 3 was forced to be put on hold after an applicant winds up dead when a hostile' weapon hits his head and he falls down a flight of stairs. The family of the deceased applicant is pursuing a law suit but is dead in the water due to the waver signed by the man dismissed all legal rights to the producers
thanks for the info, I was wondering about it. Id like to sign up for season 4

Newark, NJ

#95 May 16, 2013
I like the show, sorry about the lost
But any means and season 2 was an example. I wish to be on season 4! Where do I sign up?

Valrico, FL

#96 May 17, 2013
Start a season 3!!!! People die everyday doing everything imaginable. it is unfortunate that it happened to him but the show must go on. if we stopped everything someone was killed doing we would all sit home every day and still be doing something we could die doing

Bangkok, Thailand

#97 May 20, 2013
death is the very first thing you would see in these doomsday senarios
i dont care if someone died, its part of it. regrettable but no reason to cancel the show
Nino Bluntz

Hollywood, FL

#98 Jun 8, 2013
Damn it sucks a life is lost. But everyone is right. The show is about survival. Season one had the colony throwing Molotov & shooting a flamethrower. Season two is what I told my wife should have happened in season 1 kidnap a women. Things get real fast like that. Makes the mind wonder. Anyways wish I could be on the colony crew. Queens NY
Come on now

Welland, Canada

#99 Jun 10, 2013
I really think the network should set up a donation for the family or if anything the family what buddy would get if he would of been alive for the whole show waiver or not the family did loose someone an i dont think anyone had the right to judge what they want to do, because none of us know what there going through...
David LaCoste

Seattle, WA

#100 Jun 11, 2013
Susan Vaughn wrote:
I am so sorry to hear someone died shooting a tv show. I did like that show so much but not a life's worth. I thought the show was rather dangerous. My husband and I watched both seasons on Netflix one weekend. It really got to us. We like to be prepared for the what if. Sueing will not bring the Man back but it might feed his kids and send them to college.
Sueing him should not work whatsoever because of the waver that he signed when he began the experiment. His family should be in grief as would any other family, however, this was only an experiment, a smart one at that, and death was one of the possible risks that they had been warned about.

His family will be fine, if they have life insurance. If they are smart, they do, and will collect that money, therefore the need to sue the creators of the experiment would only be an expression of either anger or greed. Or both.

Ann Arbor, MI

#101 Jun 13, 2013
Guys, check the facebook page, no-one was killed, not even casting was done. Don't spread the rumor, no worries!
Harp Garr

Simpsonville, SC

#102 Jun 13, 2013
Ikarus wrote:
I viewed some of season 2 on netflix and I was amazed at the aparent reality of the experiment. It seemed that the cast members were exposed to real dangers and real violence from raiders. I assumed that the dangers had been staged and filmed such that in true holywood fashon there was more illusion than reality to the colony. Now I'm going to look at view the remainder of the season wilth a lot less skepticism. To be honest though I'm not sure it makes sense to expose people to significant risks to film episodes of a reality television series. It just seems a trivial thing to loose a humen life over.
you should see the first season, WAY better.

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