The Colony Season 3 on hold after guy...
Dne_Daed Yager

United States

#23 Nov 12, 2012
I am very sorry for the loss of anyone's life. They should not show the death of anyone. This person should be praised for their efforts and the family should be helped to maintain a life that seems realistic if they were still there. This person’s efforts are very helpful for the survival of people put into these situations currently and in the future. I do understand that making it a TV show helps very much to fund this type of experiment also. Funding for experiments is not always easy to come by. Also I will add the reality of this situation is more than prevalent. This has happened to the people of New York right now. The survivors of Hurricane Katrina and many others that live in 3rd world type countries. The reality of these real life situations are actually far from fathomable by everyday people, that have a secure place to go home to. This doesn't even touch the surface of the rapes and killings that happened every day after Katrina. This type of experiment is very necessary, Filmed on TV or not. The plans and preventive procedures that can be created by this type of experiment can save lives in the future or even today. For instance how to deal with someone that would be coming out of a situation like this, the mental strain and human instinct that has taken over of survival. This will help psychologist even understand how people are affected, also how to help them untangle the mindset of a person from a disaster zone, to see this first hand in all the stages. I have learned quite a bit from the events that have taken place in these episodes. I also feel the triumphs from these people give people hope that in a situation like this, we can prevail. The human race is a very adaptive. We do also need a push of confidence that we can do this, and have a plan to execute if the situation arises. Same with a fire alarm drill. We have plans set in place. Plans help people cope and have hope. The more confidence the better people will react, and start working on the necessities, rather than panic. I just feel that the need for an experiment like this is more crucial than what most people can believe. I also feel that I will be a more educated, capable person of survival then previous to watching this. Thank You for your efforts.

Omaha, NE

#24 Nov 12, 2012
Almost every response has a spelling error. WOW!!!
Doog Mac

Clayton, Australia

#25 Nov 12, 2012
Are you all imbeciles? Signed or not signed people are conned into signing their lives away all the time!

No one should lose their life for a crap TV show or for anyones entertainment, are you for real

"he signed the waiver" so what, people sign away their life savings because they don't know any better.

What is next the hunger games for real?

or a great game called execute the bad internet poster
people might think about what they write and post on these sites. very disturbed by these posts

Athol, MA

#26 Nov 13, 2012
People die from playing football. (However, my heart and thoughts are going out to the family of this person).
Highly Skeptical

Beverly, MA

#27 Nov 14, 2012
It's stupid to debate the morals of this when know one has provided a source. Everyone's very concerned by a rumor. It is highly unlikely that someone died during the filming and not a single news report can be found on it. Furthermore it is impossible that a family is sueing over said dead individual an bit a single news report can be found. Lets hope that there isn't any misinformation spread after the apocalypse or you will be a bunch of dead survivalists. The key to survival anywhere starts with common sense and 2/3 of this message board apparently has none.

Wyandotte, MI

#28 Nov 23, 2012
That man signed a waver there is nothing that family can do i say who cares what they think just put the show hack on and i loved the cliff hanger at the end of season 2

Wyandotte, MI

#29 Nov 23, 2012
When i said hack i meant back my ipad is slow sorry
Aaron Walker

Denver, CO

#30 Dec 2, 2012
Once again, and this is the third time I've asked this SHOW ME ONE CORROBORATING SOURCE ON THE CLAIM SOMEONE DIED ON THE COLONY SEASON 3. I can not find a single confirmation so it sounds like people here are just making stuff up and spreading silly rumors. If that is not the case let's see a source on this.

United States

#31 Dec 4, 2012
Sorry about the misfortune and loss of life. I love the show and seen every episode. I love to build and fix anything, and would love to be a particapant. Hope to see season 3 soon.
Tam Noswal

Anaheim, CA

#32 Dec 11, 2012
Doog Mac wrote:
"he signed the waiver" so what, people sign away their life savings because they don't know any better.
I guess you haven't looked into the housing market recently.

IMHO, it would be prudent for the producers of the program to settle with the family (even though they have no legal obligation). A individual's death is tragic, but I really wonder if the producers had any plans for this scenario.

I really enjoyed the show (both seasons) and I've been looking forward to season 3 for going on 2 years now. There has to be something that will allow the family to be compensated and still allow the season to be aired.

I'm still waiting on Oliver Stone's prediction that we'll soon have an execution channel (and not just that dumb 1000 Ways to Die; side note: ever notice how they always depict the people dying as scumbags?)
Still waiting fore season

Windsor, Canada

#33 Dec 17, 2012
First id like to extend my condolences to the family I truly am sorry fore yore loss.

But as many others have sad this has always been a possibility I’m not surprised but nor do I think it is a good enough reason to cancel the show. I don’t mean to sound insensitive. Is it a tragedy? Of cores it is but this could have happened just going to get the morning mail. Slip fall head finds concrete the end. Besides there (yore) testing a real world scenario right well welcome to reality. This is not the fault of the show ore the man whose weapon hit the other any more then it is his fore agreeing to participate.

I say bring the show back you could be actually saving people and at the very least were all learning something I know I have.

Auckland, New Zealand

#34 Dec 18, 2012
i usually have sympathy for familys in these situations but when they try to sue i have little to no sympathy for them, their sons death should not be about money and if i died like that and my family tried to sue i would hate them forever even though i'd be dead.
Italian guy

Gravina In Puglia, Italy

#35 Dec 19, 2012
I also love this show (it was never aired in my country, but god bless youtube) and I realy want to see a lot more of it. Still, I'm kinda worried about the escalation of violence. In the first season the "hostile" were told not to harm the colonists, in the second season they used pepper spray (veeery painfull) and in the third season they could actualy hit the colonist? That's not so cool...
Still, it is a dangerous business (not sure i spelled it right: business?)like box, american football and so on. Somebody can die, but if it was an accident, it was an accident.
It would be sensible if they didn't air the episode in which the man got killed and down right horrible if they did. Like in, out-of-bound horrible.
The Commish

Sydney, Canada

#36 Dec 26, 2012
Give us the source of that accidental death info. Period.

Lynnwood, WA

#37 Dec 29, 2012
Y'all are a bunch of hosebags!
Vinegar and water will help with that awful smell.

Clarksburg, WV

#38 Dec 30, 2012
My daughter and I discovered the Colony on Netflix. We watched both seasons in only two weekends. We were wondering about season three. I am sorry for the loss of the cast member. I know that in a true disaster life is lost but this is a television show. The attacks became much more violent from season one to season two. I do not believe the outsiders should be allowed to touch the colony members. These are just people volunteering to help the rest of the world understand how to survive. I do hope to see season three minus the death. My thoughts and prayers are with the cast member who lost their life. I do believe that Discovery channel should do something for the family who lost their loved one. This is a persons life we are talking about. Death is reality not a television show.

San Antonio, TX

#39 Jan 1, 2013
Ikarus wrote:
I viewed some of season 2 on netflix and I was amazed at the aparent reality of the experiment. It seemed that the cast members were exposed to real dangers and real violence from raiders. I assumed that the dangers had been staged and filmed such that in true holywood fashon there was more illusion than reality to the colony. Now I'm going to look at view the remainder of the season wilth a lot less skepticism. To be honest though I'm not sure it makes sense to expose people to significant risks to film episodes of a reality television series. It just seems a trivial thing to loose a humen life over.
only problem with your logic is the people know going in to it it is a survival show to see how a group of people will survive in a post apocalyptic world and they volunteered to be casted and knew the risk involved deaths accur everyday in every circumstances even the so called safest circumstances or situations all I'm saying is they knew and they chose nobody forced them and for once it was a real reality show with out dramatization event as they really happened not scripted five stars in my book I would gladly also volunteer knowing the risk because I would choose to do it

San Antonio, TX

#40 Jan 1, 2013
Also people like Owen heart died live on TVs on wrestling. And it's on 5 times a week Brandon Lee. Died filming the crow it's one of the most watched movies ever so to say it's Cuzco someone died is bs it's more like they tried to make it faker and the creators didn't sell out for a fake show like tru tv shows

Lafayette, LA

#41 Jan 3, 2013
I just found this show on Netflix and I am really sad to hear it isn't being continued. I'm going to be completely honest and say I don't believe that someone lost their life because there is no source, but whatever.

Eagle River, AK

#42 Jan 6, 2013
No one really died. You would hear about it on many news sources if that actually happened as occurred when real fatalities take place during filming. You are frankly retarded if you believe someone actually died. Media at its best.

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