ATI Career Training Center in Dallas,...

Plano, TX

#397 Jun 24, 2013
I went to the Dallas campus for respiratory therapist. Does any one know of a clase action lawsuit for this?

Tulsa, OK

#398 Jun 25, 2013
I went to the Florida campus at 9th street , fort lauderdale and I have to tell you , that it was the worse experience ever....

Stay away from this school and if you are in it ...cancel and make sure they close you financial paper work...because they kept charging me after i quit school 3 months after I dropped..Almost $6ooo ...CRAZY ..I know they kept charging ....I will hire a lawyer for this..hopefully they fixed this..

ps: that was like 2 years ago

United States

#399 Jul 22, 2013
Investigating ATI wrote:
I am an attorney in Dallas, Texas. I am currently investigating student complaints against ATI. I would like discuss your experiences with ATI and any information you might have that will assist me in my investigation. You may contact me via email at: [email protected]
Ty Gomez
Are you still in the middle of this law suit ????
san antonio tx

Brownsville, TX

#400 Aug 2, 2013
STVT Comments wrote:
Another disappointment with whoever makes the BIG decisions. They have Jose Cortez as ED in the Weslaco Campus now. In whos right mind would think he would do good as a ED???? He is a very dishonest person with everything, he has a bad attitude with the people he doesn't like and also he has a new lover Laura Chavez they r now involved with each other. Another thing what happen with Melinda Flores the other one he had before???? They went from bad to worse with putting Cortez as a ED. Sorry for the people at that campus.
Jose Cortez an ED? He is a clown who acts and walks around as if he has a stick up his @ss. A leader how so? The guys is hated by all and now he is promoted to ED? Wow what circus are they running there?? No wonder the school is in the shape it is in.

Another thing, Javier Dimas as an ED? He should've been fired just like Carli, and Rey! The idiots have no business running this or any other operation. Education is one thing, but it is not everything! You have to know how to manage and motivate people. Don't look down upon employees or students. They all got or will get what they deserve! Karma is a bitch!

Lewisville, TX

#401 Aug 18, 2013
Carli was not fired, get your facts straight

United States

#402 Sep 13, 2013
Yes. My husband went to ATI in 2007-2008 in north richland hills, tx. We were young and they told us he would get a great job as a network administrator. After 15 months. All he had was a stupid piece of paper. No certifications at all. (Which cost 500.00 a piece) if u want to get them yourself. We now owe them 14,000 with all the interest. They pocketed the FA check. Now the department of education threatens to take our tax return or garnish wages. It's the worst scam ever. It has nearly ruined our lives. PLEASE do not ever attend this school.

United States

#403 Sep 26, 2013
I graduated from ATI in 2010 for dental assistant with a 4.0 GPA with honors top of my class and still can't haven't found a job yet
I was an instructor CAD

Arlington, TX

#405 Nov 19, 2013
Doberman wrote:
<quoted text>
I am an instructor, I am here to make a difference. I cannot control what your opinion of these corporate names is. I work down here with the students. I care. I'm here to help.
This Engineer came into ATI at the end of the semester and graduating students had not even been taught the basics of AutoCAD software, or trigonometry. They were able to learn what little I was able to teach them in the 2 weeks left. Not enough.

The educational requirements of the programs are "outlined" (more like absent) in the school course program handbook. It constitutes part of the contract with the student. Just look at UTArlington's course catalog. Very specific descriptions are shown. ATI had minimal descriptions, therefore minimal legal requirements.

There is no comprehensive exit testing. Learn don't learn doesn't matter.

There is no set teacher curriculum. A public school does better at this. Teach don't teach it does not matter. Report the student present and give him a good grade, and one can keep his job.

The students were not allowed to have more than 10 sheets of plotting paper per year. The other instructor from India knew practically nothing. Your job was based on "reporting" good attendance and grades. The split/teacher/class structure did not allow me to make up for not learning in the other classes. There is only so much time, boom hour is up. Go to your next "class"!

Office supplies were limited to the office staff only.

After asking for permission, I organized the drafting sets sold to the students that were in supply room. I identified what was missing and how to complete the packages. At what the vendor was charging, it could have saved them over $1000. I put in two hours overtime for the process and was chastised for the costing them payroll $50.

Animals with suits on.
Rudy R

Houston, TX

#406 Dec 4, 2013
I enrolled in a "30 day rapid course" for HVAC and everything was fine until the day I got my airline tickets. Originally I thought I was going to "ATI" in New Mexico for this training but ended at "STVT" in South Texas. I was told 3 meals were provided everyday the first meal was cereal or waffles, the second was off a food truck that had small plates and was DISGUSTING!!! Every student I talked to were on parole for robbery, rape, and drugs. I think 3 people were given warnings for selling weed during class and an instructor was arrested for cocaine! My instructor was late to his own class almost everyday amd reeked of alcohol. I could go and on about this school! This place was like a prison and I dont know who to blame ATI or STVT. Either way I graduated not knowing a damn thing about HVAC and 14,000 in the hole!
ghost rider

Fort Worth, TX

#407 Feb 12, 2014
The stvt schools are so bad they fired people just because they don't do wherever shit that Michael wants it or Cortez. Jose Cortez is running the Weslaco campus he is evil nobody likes him ; he is treating people pretty bad i don't know how he continues as a director ??? Probably because that's the kind a people's that Michael likes ??? Or he is a very good actor !! He is good actor !! He should be fired!!! Oh ! I almost forgot her crash Laura Chavez the Ma instructor I feel sorry for her husband she is messing with Cortez to get wherever she wants !!!! What school to be working or even worse to be enrolled!!!!!!! Att. JS FUNK OFF!!!
Blue Bird 55

Mission, TX

#408 Feb 13, 2014
The time I was there I saw a lot of affairs that Cortez had , like Laura Chavez , Melinda flores it was a very bad experience when I was let go by Cortez , the way he handle it was very unprofessional, it even seem he enjoyed letting people go specially the good workers the one's that really wants the best for the students and stvt . I'm happy I'm out of there but not cause of the work but cause of Jose Cortez . He treats people unfair, he looks down on people, and he is plain rude he speak very bad about all the top bosses nobody knows nothing as him .
Things just went bad when Michael decided to put him as the director at the Weslaco campus when he has no interest about the school plus the students he just worry to look good with the numbers of enrollments or drops . To maintain happy home office . The sad part of this is that no one speaks out cause they think they will be next to be let go But everyone in this world pays for all the bad things they do!!!!!!! Mr Cortez must be fired !!! You deserve it .

United States

#409 Mar 19, 2014
JWM wrote:
Yea they said I was gonna get a cert. Never happened. No worries though. Yea if you are trying to get a shop job you are going to have to have the certs to do any good. But they will usually test you before they hire you. Most places dont even use the NCCER codes is usually AWS or ASME. But just a heads up the work is nuts out here and if your rigged up the money is there too. Good luck<quoted text>
Yup they said we would get the cards, never did though.

Mcallen, TX

#410 Mar 21, 2014
I was a student at STVT back in 2008 and was hired as soon as i graduated. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA once i started working there i noticed how things would actually work, to the point i was second guessing my GPA. If the student was well liked by the instructors their grades would change from an F to a B because he or she had "ISSUES"...during audits i saw the DOE and ADOE change information (grades. attendance, forge signatures etc) in order for the file to be in compliance. I saw instructors not putting in their part to help the students out. Saw instructors fall asleep in class while class is being held, social networking, instructors bad mouthing other instructors to the students. At one point i heard of students (females) texting inappropriate messages to instructors (male). I feel bad for those few good instructors that actually taught us a few things. As far as Dimas was concern he would hire those he slept with, and would have private behind closed doors meeting with them, during working hours. He has no shame. If you had a nice body and pretty face you would have it made there. At the end he was fired because of one of them. Students with criminal background enrolled in the medical and dental field, knowing that most medical and dental offices would conduct background checks. at the end would not be able to get a decent job in their field of study. Many students with learning disability were enrolled in classes that had over 20 students per class and would have to drop at the end because they were not understanding the material. MA students would take forever to get their CPR cards because they wanted to save $$ on the card. Supplies were scarce and under lock and key. Instructors had to make copies of the text books because they didnt have enough to go around on the first couple of weeks of class. Career services would send students to a convenient store and loan companies to apply for a cashier position, these jobs pay min wage and education is not required to work there. Then you are expected to be able to pay off your student loans. How is this fair to the students? How is this fair to the employees? Then you find out the ED is spending his vacation in Greece/Italy.
This is not a school i would recommend for anyone. I have already removed it from my resume I am ashamed of what it has become.

Carrollton, TX

#411 May 12, 2014
Has anyone found any information about getting your laons forgiven from ATI?
He knows who I am

Zapata, TX

#412 Jun 19, 2014
I don't know who Jose Cortez is, but I do know Laura Chavez and I'm in shock to find out that she's got something going with this man... As for JAVIER DIMAS "Mini Napoleon" being in ED is a total shock as well being that he looks down on his students and his employees.. I should know he not only accused me of calling him he certainly knows he is and there's no need for me to call him anything but he also advised me he had a SIGNED Affidavit of the person who told him I had said that. I put him in his place and advised him he could fire me but to be prepared because I was going to sue him and the school.. He obviously didn't know that I know my rights, my brother is an attorney and that I know people in very high places until I told him. He retracted from firing me, so I resigned 2 weeks later. I also advised him that I was well aware of the affair he was having with Esmeralda...
san antonio tx wrote:
<quoted text>
Jose Cortez an ED? He is a clown who acts and walks around as if he has a stick up his @ss. A leader how so? The guys is hated by all and now he is promoted to ED? Wow what circus are they running there?? No wonder the school is in the shape it is in.
Another thing, Javier Dimas as an ED? He should've been fired just like Carli, and Rey! The idiots have no business running this or any other operation. Education is one thing, but it is not everything! You have to know how to manage and motivate people. Don't look down upon employees or students. They all got or will get what they deserve! Karma is a bitch!

Irving, TX

#415 Aug 28, 2014
So, I know I'm late but I'm so sick of seeing student loans on my credit and having an extremely bad credit score. Is there anything I can do to get rid of these loans I don't believe I should be responsible for? I went for Medical Assistance and never got the information as to where to take my test for my certification as well as never got assistance in finding a job. I stopped in the middle of the year at one point because my father became extremely I'll and started again the following year. They charged me for both years and I never received anything from them. Someone please help or give me some information if any as to where I can go or who I can speak to.

Las Vegas, NV

#416 Sep 12, 2014
I graduated in 2011 and still haven't seen my diploma. they always hung up on me when I asked for a copy of it or my school records. I am still paying the loans off and now all phone number I have found have been disconnected.

Dallas, TX

#417 Sep 29, 2014
There is something on this even at the justice dept. you would think they would had a loan canceling/forgiveness for the rest of us in here that ended up sucked up in the ATI Scams
grow up

Sahuarita, AZ

#418 Nov 14, 2014
If you choose to go to this garbage school then you deserve to get ripped off. This school is a joke, and those who chose to invest were looking for a free degree and an easy way out. You all were probably miserable people before you enrolled in ATI and now....well your still miserable, but now you have an excuse to justify being a failure in life. Face got scammed cause you were trying pull a scam. Go to a scam school ..get a garbage degree and pass it off as a legitimate accomplishment. .....sorry suckers....if you had any basic education or common sense or weren't looking for a way out then u would of gone to a real school.

Oklahoma City, OK

#421 Feb 7, 2015
Has anyone got any info on how we can get our money back or file a Lawsuit on this ?

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