ATI Career Training Center in Dallas,...

Lewisville, TX

#369 Nov 8, 2012
Current Employee wrote:
<quoted text>
Are you kidding me? I have worked for this company for 7 years and know first hand how shady they are. I was in the audits with Kathy Fox, Kelli Metivier, Carli Strength, etc and know for a fact signatures were forged, files misplaced. They had the nerve to try to fire me because I have ethics and reported them to TWC and ACCSC three times. If the company was run right from the start, ATI wouldn't be in this mess. Also, if he was the "glue" that held the company together why did he step down.
You are clearly uninformed
Chad E Risby

United States

#371 Dec 6, 2012
can I get out from under my loan?

United States

#372 Dec 25, 2012
Unhappy RT Graduate wrote:
<quoted text>
Is there an actual lawsuit that has been filed?? If so, could you please let me know. I too have been scamed! I can't even get an interview anywhere because all they see is that I graduated from ATI and the door gets slammed in your face!
Any information that you could provide me will be greatly appreciated.
I would like to know more information also I want my money back. Graduated 2010, They sent me on wild goose chase for a job no longer hiring.
gladtobeouttathe re

Roanoke, TX

#373 Jan 17, 2013
jajaja.. He's still sleeping with her? Wow!! I thought he'd get tired of that MEXICAN PRINCESS WANNA BE by now!!

Irving, TX

#374 Jan 24, 2013
I would like to know for certain if a lawsuit has been filed against ATI. I have 2 daughters that was encouraged to get loans along with the Pell Grant that they are struggling to pay back. One loan is in default because my daughter was hot able to find a job in the field she had trained. Please let me know who to contact to find out the status of the investigation against ATI.

Haltom City, TX

#375 Jan 27, 2013
I absolutely want any helpful information on disputing loan repayment. Went an entire 9 months without a instructor in one class. The next 3 months a highly unprofessional instructor who was too distracted with personal affairs and socializing with the students to teach. I was told I would have certifications upon graduation that were NOT even within the boundaries of ATI to give. I still to this day never was giving the job placement assistance and never have found a position in the workforce to sustain a living, much less pay back a lemon-loan. Years of anger and frustration I carry. It is not easy for some to gain the courage to further their education in an attempt to improve the future of their family. Very criminal to give false hope and chain them to a loan on something they never received. [email protected]
John Holmes

Lockhart, TX

#376 Jan 28, 2013
What's up with the lawsuit? I need to get mine. Word is Michaell Zawaiaky is now running the joint. Another punk out to take advantage. Who are the attorneys to contact? Dylan Chillress still up in that joint? Lousy admissions.
STVT Comments

Houston, TX

#377 Jan 29, 2013
Another disappointment with whoever makes the BIG decisions. They have Jose Cortez as ED in the Weslaco Campus now. In whos right mind would think he would do good as a ED???? He is a very dishonest person with everything, he has a bad attitude with the people he doesn't like and also he has a new lover Laura Chavez they r now involved with each other. Another thing what happen with Melinda Flores the other one he had before???? They went from bad to worse with putting Cortez as a ED. Sorry for the people at that campus.

Houston, TX

#378 Jan 29, 2013
What has STVT come to? Who is running all this BS around here?? Now they have Jose Cortez as the ED in Weslaco, what is wrong with the people that are making all this BIG Mistakes. Cortez is a liar, dishonest person, a two face, unfair to people he dislikes and worse of all a cheater to his wife. He so call says that he loves his wife when she was pregnant he was missing around with Melinda Flores the DA instructor that they fired and now he is with Laura Chavez the MA instructor. Everyone that really knows this two face knows what kind of person he is. I hope it doesn't take long for someone to see the real Cortez before it gets worse for the campus. Good Luck to the people that are still in Weslaco!!!!! U all will need it.

Fort Worth, TX

#379 Jan 30, 2013
I want info on the lawsuit going on cause I have loans that I can't even pay cause I don't have a job. STVT just takes advantage of people that just want to be better. I don't recommend this school to no one not even people that don't know anything. Anyone that has info let me know.
Ex Instructor

Fort Worth, TX

#380 Jan 30, 2013
I want to join the lawsuit that other employees of STVT are filing, because I was working as an instructor and saw a lot of bad things happening. I worked at the STVT in Weslaco as an instructor when Jose Cortez was the DOE and I witness things that are so wrong to do. I was asked to change things on my resume to qualify me for the position they needed, if you get along with him you have him on your side but if you challenge him you are in his bad side, and I witness how he can really treat people bad with bad language and attitude. I really think thats why ATI/STVT have lost many schools and students because of the people they have running the schools for example Jose Cortez. I want to join in the lawsuit, please give me more info.
mr me

United States

#382 Feb 8, 2013
Does anybody know how long it will take for the IRS to take your tax refund from a student loan in south Texas vo-tech

New Braunfels, TX

#383 Feb 22, 2013
omgruseriousreally wrote:
<quoted text>
Just curious now, are you employed there still? There is only 1 instructor, 1 recruiter, 1 finacial aid rep & NO CAREER COUNSELORS left today that were there the month I started. Hmmm. And why on earth would soooo many of the former employees up to EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR be posting on here about how horrible it is? It's a no-brainer.
As far as making effort, trying? I spent more of my time helping the other students, and often the instructors as well, to understand the subjects. I missed 1 week of one MOD due to health issues, was present everyday other than that, pulled STRAIGHT A's on all assignments & tests, had a better understanding of the subject than ANYONE else in the class, yet got a "D"???-- was told it was because of that first week...Then the joe blow sitting in the corner was there everyday, failed every assignment and test, understood nothing, yet managed to pull an "A"???-- makes me think that it is not about knowledge, education or learning a life skill or trade, it's should be renamed ATTENDANCE 101 (to make sure they get the governments money.
With the way the country's economy has become, it would make sense to QUIT GIVING IT TO THESE THIEVES---they have stolen so many young people's hopes, dreams & futures, set them up for failure while they drive away in their fancy little cars without a concern in the world for the lives they have destroyed.
Rey Torres is a self-absorbed jerk that cares only for himself, but then this is seems to be a requirement for ATI corporate members. Carli, well,who cares about any of them. They are simple amoebas feeding on the weaknesses of people wanting to make their lives better. In my book that makes them the slug slime. Good luck to these guys, you are soooo impressive. Now we know what we don't want our children to grow up to be--society slime.
No, I am no longer employed there; I was let go in June 2011.

Dallas, TX

#384 Mar 6, 2013
I should've pulled out when I had the chance but I went ahead and finished. I'm not upset about the teachers nor the classes. What I'm upset about is the lack of career services. I graduated and still have no job. I've been on numerous of interviews and it seems like no one wants to hire me because of the school that I graduated from which is ATI. No I'm having to pay all this money back for nothing and I'm not working. I haven't heard from no one in career services about a job in a year. It seems to me that all they wanted was the money and didn't give a dam about my future. Ridiculous. I feel that if we don't get a job like we were promised by them, then we shouldn't have to pay a dam dime. #mythoughts
concerned current employe

Edinburg, TX

#385 Mar 6, 2013
Sad Instructor wrote:
As a former instructor st ATI it is ashame what happens at this school! The instructors where I worked were good instructors. I can't speak for everyone but I can say this, not all private school's are run like this. I attended a school that was private and did very well in my career. The difference is I had to take an entrance exam and had to have a high school diploma. We could miss no more than 7 days total and it was a very strict enviroment. I had a very good career as an MA, but ATI has no moral's or boundries! They prey on the less fortunate. As for Carli Strength and his crew in Dallas what a shame you are. I left ATI and the reason is clear. You had no right to hurt not only students but employees. Your employees are victims of poor management and you are fully aware of this! The big survey you did to find out how your employees felt about you should have been a big clue! You did nothing except give them the so called academy. That is such a bunch of nonsense! Kathy Fox should not be incharge of anything. Dean Jenkins assaulted a teacher and you promoted him? He should have been fired! Shame on you and all you claim you do for the staff and students you are lacking on the basic rule of first! Students first, not bottom line. Good luck on watching the empire fall! I hope your students find a better place to go to school. Trust me it is always better to go to a 2-4 year college but if you can't there are good private schools out there.
in what way did dean jenkis assault the teacher?
concerned current employe

Edinburg, TX

#386 Mar 6, 2013
what do you mean dean jenkins assaulted a teacher?
Former Student

Hurst, TX

#387 Mar 13, 2013
So did they ever file a class action against ATI?

Miami, FL

#388 Mar 15, 2013
hi my name is cynthia i also attende Ati in 2010 did u resolve anything with the law suit.. cynthialombera@ thanks
Kerry R

Mansfield, TX

#389 Apr 17, 2013
former manager for ATI wrote:
<quoted text>
You are correct Ashley. You do love your School and Instructors. May God bless you and the hard working instructors who make training well for you. However, please do not forget the dedication your instructors have made do not compare with the illegal activity the Senior level of management continue to conduct in the name of greed. You and your instructor are both victims. God Bless you and much success in your future.
You have strong words but no substance! If you would like to talk face to face I will be more than willing to accommodate you. Would love to hear from you my friend!

Chicago, IL

#390 Apr 29, 2013
Kevin Puls is in IL trying to ruin yet another career college. His track record is continuing. 7 months in and he is doing severe damage. Wish he would go back o Tx

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