Why does NH Suck?

Created by NH SUX on May 15, 2009

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The lack of culture?

The lack of quality jobs?

The "fake" yuppies?

The many trashy dives?

The lack of quality food?

All of the above?

Since: Apr 13

Nashua, NH

#116 Jun 1, 2013
F nh wrote:
New hampshire is filled with fat hillbillys and ignorant hillbillys. Ive been living herevmy whole life, sadly. All of the people here are racistwhite trash that have no education. The school systems suck and its boring as shit out here
Myself being a "fat hillbilly" and proud of it, i think if you are not happy with living in new Hampshire your whole life, you have the choice to leave new Hampshire. Not all of us are as you say "racist white trash that have no education". Look at the pot calling the kettle black. I think you are the ignorant one. So, pack your bags and say goodbye to new Hampshire if you aren't happy here. Because everybody should be happy in life.

I love new Hampshire and i love Boston as well. I'm not going to bash either place because both new Hampshire and mass have great qualities

Wilbraham, MA

#117 Aug 27, 2013
The stupidity is of EPIC proportions in NH. I lived there for 3 years. The 3 longest years of my life. People are there are soooo stupid. So glad I got away from the horror of living in NH.

Since: Apr 13

Nashua, NH

#118 Sep 25, 2013
Lux wrote:
The stupidity is of EPIC proportions in NH. I lived there for 3 years. The 3 longest years of my life. People are there are soooo stupid. So glad I got away from the horror of living in NH.
No one is more glad that you moved than the stupid people of new Hampshire. What do we need a nice smart gut like you for?

Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#119 Oct 27, 2013
As someone who has lived in ONLY MA for the New England states, but have lived in CA, Oregon for a short time, Florida for 7 years. I still feel like a transplant in MA despite the fact I grew up here for 22 years. I live around mostly townies. In my MA town outside of Lowell, it seems like some of the biggest scum lives here, more than anything NH could have unless I am in a white ghetto in Hudson or something or maybe Amherst. Other than that though, I find NH be the more appealing place from all my visits. Whether people are friendlier, I'd say overall more in NH. In MA although there may be some nice people still, they are just way more aggravated and stressed out. That much is a give in and Lowell has more bad looking areas than Manchester does I feel.

I went to Concord NH not long ago, and I saw how pretty that area was. I then drove through Manchester on the way back and it actually seems like Manchester keeps improving and they do have a nice airport compared to Logan. I may in fact move to NH. I go to this place called Castros Back Room and I was talking to this guy in Amherst.. he told me that based on what aggravated me about MA like high congestion that I should become a NH resident.

I got news for you though, I couldn't live in Boston I don't think so its a Southern NH city I'd try to move to. Boston is overcrowded and expensive and I couldn't have a car. I like driving too much so who knows.. I may be a future NH resident. Gotta wait and see.

As far as the state of MA and the inhabitants, it seems like theres many manly looking girls also in MA.. It seems like many girls look like lesbians when they could in fact be straight or looking for men on a regular basis or they're married anyhow so how can it be any worse in NH? They might even be prettier there lol. I dunno but it seems to me that NH is gaining ground and better amenities as years go on as places like Lowell and Lawrence remain in the gutter. Boston is all MA has, every other city there is extremely regressed and even the southern cities like Birmingham are way ahead of places like Worcester or Springfield.. Sad but true.

Bangor, ME

#120 Oct 31, 2013
All I know anywhere that I've run into anyone from Mass they are a total and utter A-Hole! Usually they are two faced, arrogant, Loud Mouthed, and obnoxious. They can tell you everything about Pizza, Shoes, and Hairspray, but wouldn't know what a science book or technical manual looks like. ha ha Sick of Massholes coming to NH and ME and ruining our communities with their drugs, crime, beating people up all the time, and vulgarity. And talk about short tempers WOW a Masshole will get pissed off at just about anything at any time of day or night and will punch someone over the tiniest things. Most the people in my city that are mooching freely on welfare are people from Mass, NY, and FL looking for free hand outs and feeling self entitled to everything while they talk real loud. And why is that anyway? Why is it that people from Mass can be standing just 2 feet in front of each other and talk so loud you can hear them several blocks away? And usually they are making a complaint or nagging about something trivial like getting a bad hair cut or their shoes don't fit right. ha ha These are the same people at the Mall or on buses that want an audience while they talk loud enough to make your ears ring. Even though they talk a lot and say nothing. The ones that really get annoying are the Massholes who are whining about something BUT they do it with a smile and in a happy tone as if that disguises the fact they are complaining about how bad their pizza was, or how they can't find a good place to get a haircut, or who stiffed them on their last crack purchase. ha ha ha What's scary too is a lot of Massholes are muscle bound meat heads with the brains of babies. So it's like getting a baby on steroids angry and they start flying their fists at you simply because you wouldn't give them your last cigarette or lend them $2 so they could get a bottle of High Gravity Beer. I wish we could round up every last Masshole and put them all on a bus or train right back to the rock they crawled out from under and then Bomb Mass into the ground as a precaution.

Bangor, ME

#121 Oct 31, 2013
Hallerond wrote:
Massachusetts stands as the education capital of the WORLD.
Ha ha ha NOT TRUE! New England though has a lot of institutions actually ranks very low on test scores. In fact the US ranks pretty low compared to 20+ other countries including Canada that does BETTER than the US. Furthermore the so called "capital" of education for the US is in Washington D.C. where the Dept of Education is actually Headquartered. Anyway, I could actually blow your whole statement out of the water by citing statistics and W.H.0. standards and what not. But the bottom line is that "more" colleges and universities doesn't necessarily mean better or more education. What it does mean however is that in the US most educational institutions are nothing more than money makers, a business, a place where people can throw their money away. New England has more CHUMPS than the rest of the country so it only stands to reason that they'd be a lot of such initiations. Though most New England colleges and Universities actually grade pretty low statistically when it actually comes to quality. They are mostly run by Liberal Extremist professors that twist facts, tell lies, and skew data to fit their propaganda, or have right wing nut jobs that whine at you for an hour instead of actually teaching anything. So yea, MORE doesn't always = better and statistics don't lie. And one last thing it's so pretentious to say that Mass is the capital of education "for the entire world". I mean that just sounds like something an arrogant person from Mass would say. I mean really if you look at the stats and do the math you'd clearly see that if there was such a "capital" it certainly wouldn't be in Mass nor even the USA for that matter. So why don't you shut up and do what you Massholes do best... Go smoke some more crack and beat someone up for their last $2 to buy yourself a 40 oz beer while you plan your next reason for getting arrested!

Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#122 Nov 4, 2013
Ok I will say that as a MA person, I am ashamed of a lot of my fellow people around where I live and I see it in the lines at the deli where I work at.. there are some of the biggest losers I have ever seen in any service job I worked. I am so not kidding. This is pretty bad.. some throw things they ordered on the counter or in one case earlier, an old bag threw something on the counter that was supposedly on the floor but she was so rude doing it and she did it twice too. I live in the Lowell area and omg.. it just seems like the better more quality people are fewer and far between and you see it in the service industry too. Its just.. I mean nobody here should be throwing stones at the South for being backwards.. theres PLENTY of them here lets just say that and I'd stand with the South if there was another divide in this country and I'd defect down there as its economically growing. I'd wave a confederate flag too so ya, theres a message to my homestate right there.. a born and raised MA person pissed off at his own people.

Concord, NH

#123 Nov 22, 2013
i hate somethings about diversity. i dont mind most races but for some reason i cant stand ( not all) hispanics. ive seen alot of really disturbing things in thier behavior. the most being how these guys are in thier mid twenties and how they slow down thier cars to check out 12-15 year old girls and how they stare down women as well. im only talking about what i see in nh. imagine what its like in mass. i know that not all perverts are hispanic, but i think thier more obivious about it.

Nashua, NH

#125 Feb 12, 2014
Bob wrote:
Yeah really, Mass is a dump. I come to pick up my friend, I usually cant wait to leave. I cant even leave my car in front of his house without checking every few minutes.
Who would want to live like this? Not me thats for sure.
Every place has its pros and cons, but comparing Mass to NH is just stupid.
Lack of culture? "Fake" yuppies? What the hell is a fake yuppie? If a fake yuppie is someone who pretends to be sucessful when he's not, there's a whole lot more welfare people driving expensive cars in Mass than in NH.
Lets not forget which cultures are at the fore-front of "Style over substance".
yes, Im talking to you, homies
Nice spelling doy

Nashua, NH

#126 Feb 12, 2014
Tewks Guy wrote:
No dought some jerk off from Massachusetts started this thread.
Mass has more crime, more violence, and more losers than NH. There are more murders in the one city of Lowell in one year than in the ENTIRE state of NH in ten years.
Lack of culture? Please. What do you call culture, 6 peopel of Spanish decent packed into a car with the music blaring? Or perhaps culture is when you have to lock everything you own down tight so it will be there in the moring. Maybe you think culture is having a population so irresponsible and immature that they cant even have guns legally.
Yeah, Mass is a real fricken gem compared to NH.
You can keep it. Along with the government corruption and mess.
Losers. Thak god I only have to visit, and I dont have to live in this shhit hole.
Nics spelling DOY

Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#127 Mar 7, 2014
ken wrote:
i hate somethings about diversity. i dont mind most races but for some reason i cant stand ( not all) hispanics. ive seen alot of really disturbing things in thier behavior. the most being how these guys are in thier mid twenties and how they slow down thier cars to check out 12-15 year old girls and how they stare down women as well. im only talking about what i see in nh. imagine what its like in mass. i know that not all perverts are hispanic, but i think thier more obivious about it.
Dominican Republic people are the worst bootleg hispanics in my honest opinion and many reside in MA and maybe Southern NH now too. Count your lucky stars you're in NH over MA and I am sure you do. At least you can find solace in some places there still. I have lived over this country but from MA and I can tell you that NH is one of the greatest states in this land. In MA the minorities behave a lot worse. NH at least theres more freedom laws for people. Nonwhites will think twice before messing around I'd think.

New Ipswich, NH

#128 Mar 8, 2014
Feel free to leave if you don't like NH.

New Ipswich, NH

#129 Mar 8, 2014
Feel free to leave if you don't like it.

Hampstead, NH

#130 Apr 13, 2014
NH should ban all MA residents from Methuen, Haverhill, Lowell, Revere, Lynn,Malden, Somerville, Southie, Charleston, Everett, East Boston, Dorchester, Mattapan,Roxbury, and all areas North, South and West of Worcester.

Oh, and all the lazy, drunk, racist, sexist, buffoons which is say any registered DEMOCRAT.

Hampstead, NH

#131 Apr 13, 2014
All MA residents who which to come here should be forced to fire a gun, ride without a helmet, not pay a sales tax, not get fall down drunk, work without a mommy union, and learn the US constitution. In other words become an independent/republican/liberta rian rather than their spoon feed simplistic DEMOCRAT drone that they have become.


Waltham, MA

#132 Apr 18, 2014
"freedom Laws" "Massholes" "bootleg Hispanics"

Um, maybe NH sucks because you all think schoolyard name taunting is legitimate discourse, racist comments can and should be thrown around like the air you breathe and a dream of freedom that never has existed permeates your thinking?

Maybe also, being Republicans means you have nothing but hate and divisiveness to offer!!

Maybe Guns can't solve all problems.

Maybe sky high property taxes makes you feel good about no sales taxes.

Waltham, MA

#133 Apr 18, 2014
Maybe "Freedom Laws" are a contradiction you can't understand?

Waltham, MA

#134 Apr 18, 2014
"I'd wave a confederate flag too so ya"

Cause maybe you don't understand what that flag represents.

And, you'd move down south if you could get a job there, here, you're serving in a Deli?!!!??!

Please do move away, I'm sure there are deli jobs in mississippi too.

Get lost.
Farting cat

Agawam, MA

#135 Apr 21, 2014
Nh has its good and bad parts lebanon and west lebanon nh are not good towns. Lots of heroine and methadone. Everyone who's young has children --__- the women aren't all ugly. There deffinitly isn't much culture, more in southern nh. I feel like nh maine and mass are all similar. Kinda a rude bunch of people. So yea I don't believe it's the worst it could be better.

Worcester, VT

#136 May 3, 2014
effee wrote:
new hampster sucks because it has the nastiest, stupidest cruelest people in the entire USA
Temper tantrum?

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