Editorial: There's a way out of regre...

Editorial: There's a way out of regressive taxes

There are 5 comments on the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript story from Jan 24, 2013, titled Editorial: There's a way out of regressive taxes. In it, Monadnock Ledger-Transcript reports that:

It depends who you ask, but a quick look at some proposals floating around Concord will have you believe that Democrats in the state Legislature are looking to find new sources of revenue to avoid making some painful decisions.

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barf on government

Nashua, NH

#1 Jan 25, 2013
after 50 years of continuous growth in federal state county and city governments you would think that someone in government would have the good sense to at least consider pausing taking a deep breath here and look for ways to reduce the size and cost of government at every level.

what happens to normal every day people once they get in office or have any power in government ?
They would never be able to run a business , home, church or temple budget the way they mismanage governmental budgets. they would go broke.
it's as if governments operate under some special rules of mismanagement the rest of us have never heard of.

So employees of government look around you. some cities States counties already have every tax, fee fine, surcharge, excise tax known to mankind and they still are hungry for more taxes.
NYC NY is thinking of a lap dancing tax,, I think we should have a lap dancing here in NH too as long as our lap dancers don't look like our mayor governor. or some NH lawmakers.

remember that axiom from economics 101
what you tax you get less of, what you subsidize you get more of.

Look at every city or state that raised taxes and you will see they lost revenue in the process.
Sales taxes ask MA,CT, NYC,NY,IL, MD look at the numbers when MA raised sales taxes people ran across the border to NH to buy stuff in our stores to avoid Ma excessive taxes.

new or more INCOME TAX anyone?
Ask Maryland, NYC, NY. few years back Maryland was looking for more money to waste, they saw over 3,000 millionaires filing state income taxes so they raised the income tax. guess what happen?
It's a matter of public record look it up.
next year less than 2,000 millionaires filed taxes in da state.
that's right law makers tax payers. over 1,000 rich people left the state, so the state lost that revenue stream, but those rich people took jobs and business with them to the new homes the moved too.
so the state lost jobs, money spent on the local economy lots of revenue left the state, Maryland still haven't recovered the job loss.
see really rich people can afford to live anywhere.

so bring on the lap dancing tax and the really
pretty lap dancers

cut spending reduce the size and cost of government at every level
barf on government

Nashua, NH

#2 Jan 25, 2013
if state government really needs more money to waste lets have everyone in the state all NH lawmakers, judges and the governor pay tolls.

if tolls are such a great idea then everyone should be willing to pay his or her fair share even the .

we don't need two classes of people in NH toll and non toll payers. I am tired on lawmakers cars getting off at the outlet mall free of charge while I have to pay to go there.

Lawmakers consider that the obozo tax increases have kicked in and working families are now paying $450.00 a month in new excessive taxes to government.
cost of food gas, everything is going up. Greedy mayor of Nashua just increased the cost of parking in her kingdom.
There is inflation coming down the road.
No government can print/borrow this much money and not reduce the value of the currency.

and where do you think or do you even care where all of this new revenue or going to come from??

there is no money fairy it all comes out the limited pocket of the tax payers.

what you tax you get less of what you subsidize you get more off.
barf on government

Nashua, NH

#3 Jan 25, 2013
Common sense choices to reduce cost and size of state county city government.

Toll roads.
NH has 60 miles of toll roads. for years the system was mismanaged by one director with staff = overhead.
Today we find on director and six deputy assistant directors mismanaging the same 60 miles of NH toll roads.
Guess in the nation wide search for talent they weren't able to find one person actually smart enough to mismanage the whole operation.
so lots more overhead....

now this group of the brightest and best toll road mismanagers along with new improved costing more overhead money staff designed a GNU toll road bridge to the Manchester air port and the toll road designers forgot to include a toll booth.

Now in the real world they would have been a should have been fired. They should be removed from da bloated toll road payroll.

it's time for a top to bottom revue of toll road operation with an out side accountant looking at all of the waste, expenses.

get the unions out of the toll road collection business. end police and cars at every construction sight have welfare moms collect tolls teach them how to work for a living, heck let them try a hand at designing a new toll bridge they couldn't do any worse than the brain trust in place now.

reduce tolls to the point at which they just support the system not expand it. its a drain on tax payers that should have been ended 30 years ago

Dayton, OH

#4 Jan 25, 2013
Typical liberal point of view. Tax those who actually work and produce so that those who stand with their hands out don't have to contribute.

There will be an all out tax rebellion in NH if they attempt an income tax especially with the already high property taxes.

NH voters need to smarten up and stop voting these tax and spend liberals into office.
over taxed tax payer

Nashua, NH

#5 Jan 25, 2013
Does anyone in NH know how many American cities are now in or about to enter Bankruptcy courts.?
how many American states are about to default on payments??

I know no liberal democrat in Concord NH will even care the issue or know the answer to those question.

All of those cities & states in financial trouble started with good intentions and just a small 1 or 2 % tax on something for some gotta have or the sky will fall new program, agency, department. no one could complain about 1 or 2 % to save the children or one winged ducks, homeless orphaned wildebeest right?

How about poor people. we have thrown trillions ( look it up) of dollars at poor people over the past 50 years and all we have to show for our investment is a lot more poor people. so throwing money at the problem did not fix the problem.

but that was 50 years ago and we are still wasting money trying to save one winged ducks or what ever.

the problem is government at every level never cuts, closes sunsets anything they just keep adding layers & overhead and stick tax payers with the bill.

NH is at a cross road. we can start all sorts of GNU taxes for gotta have or the sky will fall programs and end up in bankruptcy court like the rest of the country.

or we can stop. take a top to bottom review of spending in NH reduce every program by 10%.
any new spending has to be offset by cuts or reductions of the same amount from the present wasteful spending budget.

Revenue neutral budgets from now on , or bring on the lap dancing tax like NYC NY is planning to do.

remember what you tax you get less of what you subsidize you get more of

and the tax payer even NH tax payers have a limit to what he or she can afford the more money governments take out of the economy the less people have to spend to fuel the economy.

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