Toward the end of the artcle it talkes about these sweepstake places and what if any rules should be focused on them. I like how the owner of "Sugar Daddy's" makes it seem like this was a random thing where it seems Hickory had a similar vote.

Lincolnton pretty much voted against it while Hickory was for the changes and the fee's... thats a complete

So, lincolnton is pretty much like yeah do whatever you feel they aint hurting no body...while Hickory who has better shopping, better resturants more everthing was like whoa need to slow your roll on these gambling places.

I wonder if Lincolnton is even aware of the very extremely odd and borderlne creepy and sneaky sweepstakes that recently pop'd up in a local gas station? Its one thing to have them by them self with the blinds shut after going through the proper channels...but I am not sure this gas station got any permission what so ever.

And whats worse if changes do occur then the ones already running will be grandfathered the uh what 7? we have...will stay open...theres like one every shopping center so far. Waiting to see if one moves into the one with Zaxbys/Jins Buffet...or how about one over at Food Lion? Oh I know...over at Dollar General and Dollar can get two over there...