Girl Arrested after Cursing on 911 Call

Girl Arrested after Cursing on 911 Call

There are 1462 comments on the story from May 7, 2009, titled Girl Arrested after Cursing on 911 Call. In it, reports that:

A 17-year-old Lincoln Park, Michigan girl was arrested recently after cursing while calling 911 and having the operator hang up on her without sending an ambulance or asking what her emergency was.

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Nederland, TX

#779 May 8, 2009
Kathy wrote:
<quoted text>
He made a choice on each and every one of his "mistakes" to do the wrong thing. The fact that someone could have died should be enough.
Woops, I had the quotes in the wrong place on the last post, these were my words:

You keep saying "a mistake" If you can even call it that (not), it was not ONE mistake. It was multiple hang ups on a 911 caller, each and every one a separate "mistake" it was lying afterwards, it was further victimizing the girl when she was there in person. I am up to at least 5 mistakes, oh and then there is him calling her a name on at least one occasion. Another mistake?! Are we up to at least 6 mistakes yet? Did he get humble afterwards, no! The press had every right to ask him questions. It would have been a good time to apologize to the whole community. She could have been up to her ears in intruders for all he knew!
The father surviving is not to his credit, that is to his daughter's credit for not giving up. If
I lived there, I would add the number of private ambulance services to my speed dialing and make sure I had ammunition to protect my own house! Dialing 911 shouldn't be a crap shoot. I hope they fire his useless arrogant A..

United States

#780 May 8, 2009
Ok, this article is wrong and it is stupid.
The girl was arrested on the grounds she misused the 911 system, NOT because she cursed. Cussing is not going to get you arrested. It CAN get you ticketed though....

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Various Cities in Marin County

#781 May 8, 2009
Uh, did you watch the video? Both parties ARE minorities.
Hannibal Barca wrote:
Hey, where's all the racial hatred comments? Oh wait, both parties involved are non-minorities. That explains it.
Drunk Against Mad Mothers

Ashburn, VA

#782 May 8, 2009
kimbev69 wrote:
<quoted text>
you have a great question here, how on earth did he know this girl was a minor? could it be that this cop knew the address because of something that happened in the past, maybe a call to the house or something and he was just being a dick cause he knew the family that the call was coming from.
Intersting, I hadn't considered that point. The father obviously had a medical condition that led to his brain surgery, so chances are there were other 911 calls made in the past.

I'm not sure, however, that the cop knew the girl directly, because when she showed up at HQ, he asked her "are you the girl with the foul mouth?" before arresting her.

Fulton, KY

#783 May 8, 2009
you are right, maybe he didnt know she was a minor when she was on the phone, but minorm or not, he still hung up on someone in need of assistance. and after she got to the station, instead of taking into account that she WAS a minor, he still arrested her. shouldnt he have looked at the fact that she was a kid, probably frightened and worried and not making the best decisions like kids do?

Hershey, PA

#784 May 8, 2009
Topazia wrote:
<quoted text>
Wayyy to much multi-syllabic rhetoric, dude. Give it up; you can't argue with stupidity.
I'll probably take your advice, although I don't believe that the OP is stupid. Apparently he/she drew inferences I never meant to imply. Miscommunications like that on a message board are to be expected. The OP does not know me personally, and we cannot use non-verbal cues to convey shades of meaning. Malcomprehensions are bound to occur.

A lot of people seem to be saying that since they would have done the same thing under similar circumstances, then it must therefore be okay. THAT is what I disagree with.
I can read

Romford, UK

#785 May 8, 2009
Averre wrote:
<quoted text>
You know, i don't even need to even point out how idiotic you are...but i will anyways.
Oh yes, one bad cop makes all of America into heartless human beings who wouldn't lift a finger to help know us so well!/end scarasm.
So going by your own dipshit logic that the police are the whole of a populace the British are not only heartless but racists as well!
Moral: think before you type you fucking moron.
Most countries suffer from the same problem with police officers. They tend to be self important idiots who assume every other person is inferior to them with the exception of those who look rich.

I have experienced American cops twice. Once I was given a speeding ticket for driving at 90 mph. I was travelling less than 70 mph but the cop saw out of state tags and a hire car sticker. New York state troopers in my experience are fraudsters and criminals. Also the most arrogant idiot I spoke to in my entire time in the USA.

My second experience was in Boston when some guy was attacked outside fenway park. He was bleeding badly from a head wound sustained by hitting the kerb as he was knocked out. I tried to provide first aid but when the cops arrived I told them i was drunk and my training was 5 years out of date and asked them to take over. They refused.

6 officers with up to date training stood and watched me. They did nothing until I asked why they weren't helping. I asked if they were scared of blood and suddenly I was pulled away from the guy i was helping and threatened with arrest.

They deliberately refused to provide first aid and when their manhood was (rightly) questioned they actually stopped someone with a bad head wound from recieving first aid.

This is the type of person police departments employ. Here in the UK there are many officers who are arrogant and immoral and use the uniform to hide their abject cowardice. In the USA however it seems to be far far worse.

I've never managed to sit through an entire episode of cops without thinking 'Jeez, no wonder people shoot at the cops over there.' That's with them toning down their scummy behaviour because the cameras are there.

How many crimes go unreported because cops treat the public like crap? Certainly I got the impression from many people I met in the USA that they would only report a crime if they had to make an insurance claim since reporting a crime meant they had to deal with the deeply unpleasant task of talking to police officers.

In this case the cop invented a crime to charge a girl with, after being incredibly unprofessional and endangering the life of a member of the public. He should be in jail for attempting to impersonate a police officer but because other cops with the same moral code will decide his punishment, he'll essentially get none.

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#786 May 8, 2009
Hagen wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi ;) Just curious. 10/30/09? Are you getting married?
It was a legitimate question. I only asked because my favorite holiday is Halloween, and I think I noted that to be on a Saturday this year. So a Friday wedding would make sense, but whatever.

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#787 May 8, 2009
kimbev69 wrote:
<quoted text>
nope already did that, i'm having a baby, my ultrasound is my, my son is 20 so it's been a long long time in between
WOW, Congradulations!!! That is very exciting. Lol, I always say, wait til the little one you have already can help change diapers ;) Unless he flew the coop already. Lol But really, congradulations and I wish you luck and comfort!

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#788 May 8, 2009
Ritchy Rich wrote:
Hmm, really? If that's true, then that's a hell of a lot bigger issue then this. I would say it's well worth trying to change. I don't live there, so there is not much I can do from here... you should try to change that.
<quoted text>
WAY OT, I noticed your IP is SF, CA AND you like Mexican food. Just wanted to ask you if that little Mexican Rest. on B Street was still around? I wish I could remember that name!!!

Smyrna, TN

#789 May 8, 2009
What a jerk cop!

Fulton, KY

#790 May 8, 2009
As I said this is just one cop out of many, many good cops. The Lincoln Park police department are a very professional group who take pride in helping people who need it that are not in emergency situations. It was just this one [email protected] that fumbled the ball and let his emotions come before doing his job. THAT is unexceptable on his part. Lecturing a person on the phone for their language isnt in his job discription. Getting help to someone as fast as possible is. In my opinion, there really should not be a debate over this, it's really pretty clear who was wrong here.

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#792 May 8, 2009
X-Doomer wrote:
<quoted text>Like the famous saying: "Don't feed the trolls".
Good advice. I for one am sick of the trolls here.

Davisburg, MI

#793 May 8, 2009
billw001 wrote:
Ok, this article is wrong and it is stupid.
The girl was arrested on the grounds she misused the 911 system, NOT because she cursed. Cussing is not going to get you arrested. It CAN get you ticketed though....
HOw is calling and asking for an ambulance misusing the 911 system?

You must be another "selective reader".

He hung up ON HER, not the other way around. She was trying to get help and she was argued with instead.

The article is NOT wrong. Go watch the video, twerp.


Since: Jul 08

Oxnard, CA

#794 May 8, 2009
He is certainly not the definition of "PUBLIC SERVANT" and should be fired.

Protect &'s your JOB.

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Tampa, FL

#795 May 8, 2009
Phester O Boyle wrote:
<quoted text>
Good advice. I for one am sick of the trolls here.
If they stop feeding trolls you're gonna be one hungry somb*tch!

Fulton, KY

#796 May 8, 2009
Actually, I just watched the video again and the girl asked if he was going to send an abulance and he clearly said no. Am I hearing this correctly? Didnt he also call her an ass? Isnt that profanity?

Merritt Island, FL

#797 May 8, 2009
Caffeinated wrote:
<quoted text>
We need to keep things in perspective.
The cop had an excellent performance history. People are human...they make mistakes. In this was a big one because he abused his authority.
HOWEVER, I am opposed to this sue happy society that we live in. The taxpayers are getting hit left and right with lawsuits. If the man had died...then yes, the family would deserve compensation. But...he didn't, so no need for the extended drama.
The cop needs to apologize personally to both the girl, and the man. Then, he needs to be written up by his department. In this case...humiliation is the best punishment available.
As for the girl...I hope she learns a lesson too. A smart mouth can get you into a lot of trouble. Don't abuse anyone...especially those that you need help from.
People throw the threat of suing people around without any knowledge of the law. Is there a case for a law suit and on what legal gorunds...that being siad this officer handled this situation in a insensitive, unprofessional manner and he needs to go. He put someone's life in jeporardy and that can not be tolerate by those sworn to protect and serve.
While her langiage was inappropraite under the circumstances could have been dealt with in a more appropriate manner but not by jepordizing the life of a person in need of help. This shows a quick tempered officer that focuses on the small issues and if this is how he handles himself in other areas of of his job he needs to find a different line of work.

Durham, UK

#798 May 8, 2009
Sick of White Trash wrote:
Fact: If the brat would not have cursed up and down at the dispatcher the situation would not have even started. Fact: When she called the dispatcher back she cursed even more. Fact: If she would have not cursed, or at the very least apologized for it, it would have curtailed her own actions.
You must be one of those sleazy liberal lawyers that set rapists and murderers free so they can do more crime.

YOU: Your honor, if that stupid teenage girl didn't parade herself in such a skimpy and provocative dress, my client would have never raped her.

YOU: Your honor, if that stupid white b*tch didn't call me a f*cking thug after I politely asked her for to hand over all of her money and jewelry, my client would never have shot her dead.

YOU: Your honor, if that stupid little girl's white trash mom had an abortion, my client would never haver hit her with his car while being pursued by the police.

The obvious reason you're sick of white trash is that they -- unlike murderous drug dealers and rich spoiled brats who rape -- don't have any money to pay you to get them off with their crimes.

Rochester, MN

#799 May 8, 2009
Vince wrote:
<quoted text>
People throw the threat of suing people around without any knowledge of the law. Is there a case for a law suit...
There is no such thing as a "law suit", lawyers wear the same suits as anyone else.

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