Coast Guard searches for crew after c...

Coast Guard searches for crew after catamaran washes ashore

There are 77 comments on the KATU-TV Portland story from Dec 15, 2006, titled Coast Guard searches for crew after catamaran washes ashore. In it, KATU-TV Portland reports that:

This is a press release courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard The Coast Guard is searching the waters along the mid-Oregon coast for three members of a catamaran crew whose boat was spotted wrecked 50 feet from the ...

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Gary Blackman

Leeds, UK

#61 Jan 3, 2008
I've only just heard about this tragic loss.
I did a delivery with John as skipper in late 2005 from France to the Windies- when he hurt his foot badly & stayed in Barbados (!) for a few weeks.
We sailed through a very bad storm (Hurricane Vince) & John was an unflinching rock throughout the 36 hours.
I only knew him for about 6 weeks, but am shocked about what happened in just over a year ago. My thoghts are with his family & friends.
Wendy - Oggies sister

Enfield, UK

#62 Feb 24, 2008
Hi Gary

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. He has certainly left a big hole in our lives.

A bigger hole than there was in his foot!!!! he was very proud of that and liked to show it to anyone who wanted to look! It took a while for it to heal but as soon as it was he was back off to sea and doing what he loved best. You couldn't keep him away.

Gary Blackman wrote:
I've only just heard about this tragic loss.
I did a delivery with John as skipper in late 2005 from France to the Windies- when he hurt his foot badly & stayed in Barbados (!) for a few weeks.
We sailed through a very bad storm (Hurricane Vince) & John was an unflinching rock throughout the 36 hours.
I only knew him for about 6 weeks, but am shocked about what happened in just over a year ago. My thoghts are with his family & friends.
Steve Hibbs - Sunny Wales

Taunton, UK

#63 May 10, 2008
Hi DeeDee,
I've just found out what happened to John, at the moment it does'nt seem real to me. I last met with John a few years ago when he stopped over night with us at my parents in Kingsbridge. We talked the night away (well John did) Listening to his adventures about sailing a Junk from Durban
to France. We also talked and laughed about the times we all shared a flat together and the things we got up!!!! As for you, enough said Ha ha joking. Other than to say I am so glad that I know you all and proud to say that John and I were friends. Even though we did not meet up very often he will always be in my heart and my thoughts. [email protected]
Wendy - Oggies sister

Plymouth, UK

#64 May 10, 2008
Hi Steve
Good to hear from you. We tried to let all his friends know at the time but unfortunately we didn't have everyones address, plus there are so many. The tributes and comments on John has really been quite overwhelming but confirmed to his family what a great person he was and touched so many people.
We all have great memories of his, all his tales and adventures give us many hours of laughs. I sailed across the Atlantic with his for two months just before he took this trip and wouldn't have missed it for the world.
Not sure if Lindy (Dee Dee) still reads the blogs so will pass on your email address to her.
I remember his telling me about his trip to see you and the good time you had, he spoke about you often.
Keep well, Wendy
Daryl and Rhonda Rodman

Cambridge, MN

#65 Jul 1, 2008
we miss David so much
Don and Joyce Rodman

Cambridge, MN

#66 Jul 1, 2008
We still think of David often.It has been almost 2 year's now.We have some good memories of him.We still can't believe that he is gone from us.
Wendy - Oggies sister

Trowbridge, UK

#67 Jul 7, 2008
I know what you mean. John is in my thoughts every single day. I still expect him to walk back through the door. Your family and mine have fantastic memories to keep them alive though. lots of love from across the sea to all your family
Kathy and Jim Spieker

Argyle, FL

#68 Jul 25, 2008
We always have David in our thoughts. We think of Ogie and Richard, too. We sailed many miles and and many good times with our friend David and still miss him each day. I walk down to the sea each morning where we live and touch the water, knowing that we are all still connected though there might be thousands of miles between us. How fortunate we have been to hve had these guys touch our lives in so many ways. Lives your life to make them proud of you whatever you do. Hold your loved ones near, mend broken hearts, tear down fences, be good people. Take care, J & K in Florida
Wendy - Oggies sister

Birmingham, UK

#69 May 30, 2009
I miss you so much Oggie, my heart is broken
OhWellShitHappen s

Brooklyn, NY

#70 Jun 1, 2009
Wow, this is an old thread.
Kathy and Jim Spieker

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

#71 Sep 15, 2009
Wendy, From the USA, this is Jim and Kathy, David Rodman's old friends. I'm glad you still look at this site. We keep our precious lost sailors in our thoughts every day and know that someday we will sail with them all again. Sometimes the waiting is hard, please know there is a heart over here thinking of you and your family every day. Even though David was not our "blood" relative, we feel his death as deeply as if he were our brother. May I ask, how are you faring, and how are you coping with Oggie's death? I know that we all know when we love the sea and can't stand not to be on it, we always risk the fate of our brothers,and always understand the possible loss of a loved one, but when it happens it is so staggering..... I have always loved to sail in the dark of night, and always begged to be at the wheel on the overnight watch because I always felt such "oneness" with the ocean and the boatand the silence when there was nothing around me except the black night sky and the wind and on clear nights, I had my trusted Orion marching across the sky with me. All I had was my compass, the feel of the wheel in my hand, the sound of the wind in the sails, and the rush of the water around me. What is there about a totally dark cockpit, lit only by the ghost-light of the compass dial, a thermos of hot coffee at your side, a nice warm hoodie, or in our tropical climate here in Florida, no clothes at all on a hot night and the blessed peaceful sounds of the sea that is SO comforting?! Even knowing the huge risk it can be, I cannot stay far from the sea! If one holds any store by the zodiac signs, my birth sign is Pices, the Fishes. Perhaps in my former lives I was a porpoise, or an otter ( I like otters a lot) or maybe in my next life I'll be a sand crab. Jim says I get pretty crabby now that I'm older (63)! Ha!
Wendy - Oggies sister

Wallsend, UK

#72 Oct 18, 2009
Hi Kathy and Jim

Thank you for the message. I look often at this sight but have been off line while moving house.

You ask how I am faring. Well life goes on but I feel a huge piece is missing. I was so close to Oggie, we really were like twins. We could be in a room together and did not have to speak we knew exactly what the other was thinking.

I sailed across the Atlantic with Oggs on the trip before this one. I am by no means a sailor. The extent of my experience was going out with John off Durban and he sailed while I sat up front reading my book and catching a tan but when he asked if I wanted to go with him, I jumped at the chance as I knew I was in a safe pair of hands.

There was nothing better than sitting on deck with him in the middle of the night and one evening we laid on cushions looking at an incredible sky of stars and just talking about our childhood and reliving good memories. I will never forget that evening for the rest of my life, it was so special to have shared that time with him.

I know what you mean about the sea though. During the six weeks at sea I was never bored. I would just sit and gaze out over the water and feel incredible piece. I am a Pisces as well, must be in the blood!!!

My parents unfortunately feel it very much. My poor Mum is failing before our eyes. This was the second son she lost tragically and has given up. My Dad still hangs on to Oggs clothes in case he comes back one day. It is heartbreaking.

There are lots of comforts though. Since we lost John I see Robins whereever I go. Even when I got a puncture in the middle of the countryside, a robin sat on a gate until the AA Breakdown arrived to help!!! I have just moved house and unfortunately not many birds come to the garden but this morning I saw a solitary robin. He had found me.

I hope that Carol is doing well. Haven't written to her recently but will do now that I am back on line.

These guys are never far from our thoughts. Thanks again for writing and keep well, Wendy
Kathy and Jim Spieker

Crestview, FL

#73 Nov 16, 2009
Hello Wendy! How nice to see your post! I am so glad to have connected with you. My heart reaches out to you and especially your mum and dad. We know that John and David and Richard are with The Great Navigator, but oh, the huge empty place we have left here. My husband has not taken David's personal cell phone number out of his directory on his own cell phone, either. It's ok if your Dad keeps Oggie's clothes! In our home state of South Dakota during the summertime from March through October we had millions of robins. Their songs would flood the air from earl morning when it seemed they liked to sing the most, until dark. We have robins here in Florida in the winter months when they migrate to warmer climates for the winter, but, alas, they do not sing. I see them and here their little short "peek,peek,peek" call.

I don't know how many people read this post any longer. I'd love to communicate directly with you but don't know how to without exposing personal e-mail addresses to the world. Did you have an opportunity to correspond with Susie Rodman Barkwood ( David's daughter) via e-mail? If so, should you wish to share your e-mail address, perhaps you could e-mail her and ask her to forward it to me? She could vouch for my trustworthiness.

I have unfortunately not been able to stay on close contact with Carol which pains me greatly. I think it is all my fault, not knowing at all how to usefully respond to her huge loss. We had hoped to see her when we travelled back to our home state of South Dakota in summer 2007, but it seemed she was reluctant to have us over to her house, and we never did get to sit down with her which I still believe is my fault for not being more agressive trying to see her but, not knowing how to approach her grief paralyzed me. Much to my heartache, we now no longer keep in touch. My handwritten letters have gone unanswered as well as e-mails.
Sadness, sadness heavy on my heart.

We ( Jim and I) are going on vacation starting the 20th November through the end of the month. We are going to go to an amusement attraction called Dollywood in Tennessee. It is built by Dolly Parton, the country-western singer. Everyone says it's a wonderful place, with lots of music shows and rides and excursions to go on. From there we will go to Virginia to visit my brother, Jonathan and his family. He is currently at his house in Grenada, but will be back by the time we get to his place.

Do take care, I hope you are enjoying your new residence. Moving is a BIG job! How fortunate you are settled now. Looking forward to hearing from you in the future. Kathy & Jim

Penny W -oggies niece

Bristol, UK

#74 Apr 16, 2010
Oh... Oggie Oggie Oggie, you are missed and loved very much. When thinking of my dearesst dad (Tom O'Donnell) I often think of all the fun the three of us used to have and all the trouble you used to get into, and it turns my tears of loss and sadness into tears for joy and results in laughter.
Even though it has been years since we lost you both you are forever in our lives and for the years to come you will forever come into our thoughts.
When thinking of Oggie and what I remember from his visits I think back to the time he visited dad in hospital and took him out for a fag, thought freezing outside and the amount of effort put in was the best memory I have and I remember the biggest smiles on both of thier faces in such a difficult time!
Love you and miss you both so much!
Love Penny Pooh xxxxx-----> forever
so cal

Cathedral City, CA

#75 Sep 20, 2010
I just found out about this traggic loss. I was a distant relative of one of the crewman. I found the postings by " Karma" very disturbing almost like this was not an accident.
Colin Field

Thornleigh, Australia

#76 Jul 12, 2011
Hi Wendy & Lindy,

I just started compiling a family tree for my kids, and came across these posts. I'm so very sorry to hear about John and of course Reg as well. Literally, I only found out about both of the boys today. This is shocking news my heart and prayers go out to you both and the whole family.

I'm betting that you still look at this site from time to time, so when you pick this message up,I really hope you will contact me.
[email protected]



Wendy Wood


#77 Jan 13, 2012
5 dead yachties, 3 lost yachts, unpaid court judgements. BBC Inside Out is showing an investigative documentary into the practices of Reliance Yachts on Monday 16 January at 7.30. BBC South, BBC South West, Sky Channel 984. The Daily Telegraph will have an article on Reliance on Monday and BBC Radio Surrey will have the story as it headline between 6 9 a.m. Essential viewing. Wendy Wood, sister of one of the dead yachties

This is the company responsible for the loss of John, Dave and Richard and who I had a successful high court action against but which they refuse to pay. The Judge ruled that Reliance Yachts was responsible through their negligence for the loss of the yacht. The BBC have picked up on the story and will be showing a documentary about the loss of Catshot and the loss of a previous yacht and skipper who was sent out in similar weather to Catshot. Disturbingly 3 months after the loss of Catshot, another yacht and skipper was lost off Bermuda again being sent into unsafe waters by Reliance Yachts. If it is any consolation to the families and friends of Dave and Richard I am gunning for this company big time and doing all I can to put it out of business and bring the Director through the courts. I will keep you all posted of any feedback after the TV programme. For those overseas, you can see the Daily Telegraph article on line

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