Espresso Gone Wild in Gorst, Belfair ...

Espresso Gone Wild in Gorst, Belfair with Bikini, Nude Baristas

There are 17 comments on the story from Aug 6, 2008, titled Espresso Gone Wild in Gorst, Belfair with Bikini, Nude Baristas. In it, reports that:

Espresso Gone Wild in Gorst, Washington is using a very old trick to attract customers: sex.

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Port Orchard, WA

#1 Aug 22, 2008
Baristas gone stupid is more accurate!

Port Orchard, WA

#2 Aug 22, 2008
Of course, Gorst is know as being the anus of the county. Naturally they would have to come up with a corrupt, degrading and abusive technique for marketing. They're simply not smart enough to come up with an intelligent plan! If women are stupid enough to expoit themselves I know they're not hiring quality baristas. No woman with any self-esteem and self-respect would do something like this. I boycott all these shit stands to hell. It's just drive thru porn. No one's daughter needs to be exploited like this. It's shit.
Self Righteousness

Bellingham, WA

#3 Sep 4, 2008
How can it be exploitative when they volunteer for it? In the real world, women have the power to choose what to do with their own body, and to whom they will show it. Nobody forces anyone's daughter to work at one of these places, or to patronize them either.
AreYou FlippinRetarded

Bremerton, WA

#4 Sep 5, 2008
What is wrong about Coffee and Pasties? You're taking this way to seriously.
i hate stupid people

Tacoma, WA

#5 Oct 14, 2008
AreYou FlippinRetarded wrote:
What is wrong about Coffee and Pasties? You're taking this way to seriously.
I totally agree. I think the people who throw a fit and call it degrading and say that the baristas dont respect themselves and are making it hard for women to get respect are just insecure people who are jealous. By having that kind of an attitude you teach your kids or the people around you to be ashamed of their body. Just because they wear swimsuits or pasties doesnt mean they dont respect themselves, They probly have more respect for their bodies. Obviously they work hard to stay healthy as opposed to the rest of america overdosing on cheeseburgers and pizza. Stupid people. If you dont like it dont go. Get off your high horse... I work at one of those stands and when people (women) say rude comments to me I just say "your not god" so who they hell are they to judge right?! Im happy!!!

Charleroi, PA

#6 Oct 31, 2008
The funny thing here folks is,#2.First off you can't even create a proper argument,second you can't spell either.If something as harmless as a women in some "SCANTILY CLAD" get up taking a jab at her own self worth really should not ruin your whole day, to the point that you go get on your computer and call it porn.Have you ever shopped from a SEARS catalog.Is it only proper for Sears because the woman's undergarments has its own section?I say bring on whatever marketing or sales strategy you can.This is America

Dupont, WA

#7 Dec 4, 2008
People who have to wear nothing to make money I feel bad for. I shouldn't have to see it they should have tinted windows if they want to be skany whores who are probablly are under age and men still go to see them yuck. It's like going to see ur daughter naked. Fuckin perverts! and the stupid person writting to people on here saying to get over it an that we have nothing else to do but go online to write this, which only take like 2 seconds lol obvioulsy u have nothing to do also so shut
It is what it is

Poulsbo, WA

#8 Jul 30, 2009
Yeah the baristas may be flirty, but they also have personalitys,and I am not pin-pointing their breasts. To you people who posted rude comments, if your that rude you must be from Gig Harbor or Bainbridge Island, or your over-weight and have not had sex in a while. Maybe your pissed off cause you don't have the confidence that they do. So if you want to be a little bitch about it, then run that game and make yourself look twice as bad....dumb-shits!!!

United States

#9 Oct 16, 2009
How is this even an issue? Women who have confidence in themselves and choose to take a job where they make money hand over fist because they know they look good, and yet somehow it's degrading to them??
If anyone's getting exploited, it's men.
The simple fact is, I've known a few girls who work joints like this, and they all say the same basic thing -- it's all in good fun, it's easy work, they make bank, and they choose to do it.
I don't get why so many people think the human body is some horrible thing that simply must be hidden away!! For shame!/sarcasm.
What it boils down to is, if you don't like it you don't have to go there. If you complain about driving by on the highway and seeing a little skin because windows aren't tinted, maybe you should be paying attention to the road. People like you cause wrecks. Lastly, you have no business criticizing others, because it makes you sound jealous -- like maybe you're the typical Navy wife or Bremelo and you're just pissed because you haven't had a body like that since you were 15.
Move on with your lives. It's coffee and boobs. It isn't the final sign of the second coming. Isn't there a highly questionable healthcare bill, a potentially racist president, poverty and unemployment we haven't seen in decades, and a war going on you should be more concerned with?

Cheney, WA

#10 Oct 26, 2009
I don't call that confidence. It is called low self-esteem. If that is how women get attention and are noticed then that is very sad. If someone has a great body then great! Show it off! But do you really need to sell your body? And hopefully you realize no one comes there for your "great personalities" all those men are creepy perverts that have to buy their pleasure.

Pearl River, LA

#11 Nov 13, 2009
fjskfj wrote:
I don't call that confidence. It is called low self-esteem. If that is how women get attention and are noticed then that is very sad. If someone has a great body then great! Show it off! But do you really need to sell your body? And hopefully you realize no one comes there for your "great personalities" all those men are creepy perverts that have to buy their pleasure.
Seriously? You actually believe this?
Not one of the girls I've known who works at these joints has self-esteem issues. That's a load of crap that's been tossed around for decades. "Oh, she takes her top off, she must have low self esteem!"


It's not "how they get noticed" or "how they get attention." It's "how they get money, and a lot of it."

Why do people have so much trouble understanding that?

They're not selling their bodies. At the end of the day, the only thing you leave a stand with is your coffee, and an eyeful. You probably don't even have your change, because you gave all of it -- and then some -- to them. You certainly aren't getting one of the girls. Simple fact... if you're gonna get a cup of coffee, then your only choice is where to go. And, all things being mostly equal (price, drink quality, et al) most people will go where they like the view. Because bikinis > slacks and a polo shirt.

And just to show you why I don't take what you say seriously...

"If that is how women get attention and are noticed then that is very sad. If someone has a great body then great! Show it off!"

So, which is it? Should they show it off, or is it sad? Oh, wait... maybe you're Catholic... you should do it, then feel guilty about it.

All those men are creepy perverts? That's a pretty condescending and sweeping comment. Liking good looking women -- as opposed to the fat and frigid women who tend to complain about these places -- does not make one creepy or perverted. It makes one a typical guy. Unless that's your problem? And, what does that make the women who stop by? Hmmm?

The fact remains... people are making a big deal about women having confidence and not being ashamed of their bodies like our puritanical society wants them to be. Get over it, it's not the 1400s anymore.
oh well

Port Orchard, WA

#12 Nov 14, 2009
Ok, Gotta_love_it, I totally agree with, wholeheartedly. Let's just say, I'm a proud Navy wife, however, I'm not the typical, overweight, couch potato, Navy wife that spends all of her husband's money on crap, and thinks she's owed something. I've been to plenty of these coffee stands, and, honestly, I enjoy them. I'm from the east coat, we had NOTHING like this there, but I feel like this is all in good fun. Like most have said, no one's having sex with these girls, they're just getting coffee, and someone's treating them to an eye full and extra-friendly service. These girls are not sluts, or prostitutes, or anything in between. Honestly, I've thought of working at one myself. I don't think I have the best body, but I do think I'm pretty, and I have a great personality. What's wrong with that? I'm sure these girls are making good tips, and who doesn't like making good money? Definitely not me. And let's also remember one thing..they're not naked.

Honestly, if you have to come on here and talk about how upset you are with it, then honestly, you're just letting your jealousy show. You can't put your body out there like that because you shouldn't. We'll see if you still feel the same way, if you were 100 lbs lighter, with a nice butt, boobies, and tight flat stomach. I think not.

And lastly, the people who go to these sort of places are not perverts, thank you. I would know, I'm one of them. I just happened to appreciate the human body, if you've got it, flaunt it.:) And yeah, yeah, yeah a lot of the guys that go to these places may be sailors(hey, like they haven't caught flack for that before), but honestly, would rather they go to a strip club? We're talking about harmless coffee/flirtation. And, wow, helping put that money from the government back into the economy.

Maybe the people that go there just like that really a bad thing? No. It's a natural part of life. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Maybe all you haters should go there, you're missing out, the coffee is delicious ;)
dandy dug

Olympia, WA

#13 Jul 29, 2011
Let them share it all. Show it all off.

Seattle, WA

#14 Apr 29, 2012
They are all very beatiful and dexy and my wife and I both love seeing their beautiful bodies at the coffee stand!
WE would love to get together sometime?

United States

#15 Nov 4, 2012
the girls working here cant get a job at starbucks with their personalities so thy have o use their bodies to get work. disgusting, poor girls that obviously dont have a proper father at home who teaches real values in hard work. this world is so gross. the owners of these stands deserve to be locked up as class three perverts.

Port Orchard, WA

#16 Nov 15, 2013
Some of you guys are just effing retarded. I have had the privalage of meeting most of these girls. They are no different than any body else. They are just try to pay their way threw school so they can better themselves in life. Whats wrong with that? These girls you guys are all talking shit about may be the one saving your life or helping you out in an emergancy. Some of the girls your talking shit about have served for your bitch ass so you can do the things your able to do. Do you guys think they like standing there half naked getting eye fcked by horney ass dudes. No these girls are not sleazy and have respect for themselves. Its 2013 get the Fck over it.
Just a thought

Belfair, WA

#17 Aug 30, 2017
HAHA!!! why must any of you flip out? It's those wemons choice too work there, they knew exactly what they were signing on for the second they go in for the interview and maybe even before. Truth is more then most likely your either jealous of there bodies or you have had your other go there more then once and your just pissed off. There not selling there bodies and are paying taxes all while being friendly and legal. The locations aren't seen from the roads and you have too knowing drive up to it to get the lovely view. Porn is a massive multi-billion dollar industry it's never going to stop and there isn't a reason to blame bikini baresta stands for your attempt to shut out how the world works in a man's mind. Point is you should have excepted this a long time ago and do what you do when you're avoiding porn or uncomfertable situations and pretend it's not there and keep your nose out of it. Keep your negative opinions too your self because they weren't asked for and clearly this wasn't for you.

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