Anybody having issues with Centurylin...

Federal Way, WA

#23 Nov 6, 2012
Sammy wrote:
It's not your modem.
Thanks Sammy that is the most helpful post I have seen. You are awesome.

Hampstead, NC

#24 Nov 28, 2012
century link is not working tonight and was wondering if it was from the eclipse? Please help me thank you.

United States

#25 Dec 2, 2012
What ever happens stay away from Hughsnet. What a rip off company

Mountain Grove, MO

#26 Dec 3, 2012
Stay away from them, the techs illegally hook up phone lines without the proper install procedures then try to blame the customers
Kevin macho

Saint Michael, MN

#27 Dec 9, 2012
I have had no problems with my DSL Internet But it is definitely slower than Charter
Darlene Chavez-

Plattsburg, MO

#28 Jan 7, 2013
Jimbo wrote:
I'm having issues with my centurylink internet just randomly dropping and today its dropped like 5 times within an hour. Does anybody else have issues like this? I can't determine if its Centurylink having issues or if my modem needs replaced. Today has been really bad but it usually messes up a couple times a month later at night. I know there are a lot of solar flares going on, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.
I also have issues with centurylink. 5 days over thanksgiving I wasn't even able to get on the internet. They told me it was because so many kids were out on vacation and downloading all the time. I can never get on beween midnight and 7:00am. When I call in to pay my bill I have held up to 30 minutes so I give up. I'm on limited cell phone minutes. Now they want to charge me late fees because I was 2 days over due. After so many years dealing with this company it is my opinion that no one there knows what is going on. No time to train new employees I guess.
Same problem

Davenport, IA

#29 Feb 27, 2013
I have had these types of problems on and off for almost a year. It will work fine for a month and then start dropping out ramdomly. I can't watch movies or game online because of this. I called centurylink on the issue every night for a week to fix it. They're first solution was to buy a new modem. That was just a waste of money on my part. I then had a technition out to my house twice, where they eventually ran all new wiring inside my house. The problem eventually went away on its on but has just recently started again. I've given up on calling centurylink as they seem to be of no help and my suggestion is anyone else having these problems is to do what I have decided to do and find a new internet provider.

Warrensburg, MO

#30 Mar 9, 2013
I can promise you it has nothing to do with Solar Flares... it's your CenturyLink's very poor service but they will tell you it's your computer!
Jimbo wrote:
I'm having issues with my centurylink internet just randomly dropping and today its dropped like 5 times within an hour. Does anybody else have issues like this? I can't determine if its Centurylink having issues or if my modem needs replaced. Today has been really bad but it usually messes up a couple times a month later at night. I know there are a lot of solar flares going on, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Denver, CO

#31 Sep 6, 2013
Yes I have constant problems with century link . About every 10 days or so our modem/router goes out. They either say I have a badd motem or there is a power outage in my area I have used 3 different modems in the last month and I still have the same problem and I constantly get the same 2 responses aswell. I had century link in the past and they wee awesome and now they completely suck and I even have a slower speed in the past!

Haleyville, AL

#32 Mar 31, 2014
i am having the same problem when i called they said it was due to high volume but it drops aroundd the same time of the day it comes right back on but is no good when in the middle of a movie or a good game of cod all in all its still better than sattilite

Elizabethton, TN

#33 Apr 3, 2014
you not the only one mate happens to me atleast once a month.. just randomly drops no matter what ur doin.. then keeps doin it over and over again for about an hour or longer

Houston, MO

#34 Apr 3, 2014
It sucks.
Bought an Xbox One and am an avid BF3 and BF4 online gamer...
BF4 on Xbox One is, unplayable. Period, due to the "rubber band" effect! Some say it's partially EA's servers... I disagree .
BF3 on the Xbox 360 is "ok".
I experience "rubber banding"...
Which is a term for when you move your player forward on the screen, and stop, and the Xbox "unwillingly" moves you backwards about half the distance you just traveled, as if you are walking into a rubber band and it's pulling you back to your original position. But of course it's way worse at certain times of the day then others.

ODDLY...I can tether my Xbox One to my Verizon Wireless Iphone 5 on LTE, and get a smooth playable game!
So I can safely say I get higher speeds on my LTE than my 10 meg svc from Cable America!

If I clock my home 10 meg service using OOKLA Speedtest, choosing a server in Springfield, I get around 3-8 megs...and that's crap! The other servers net an even slower result! So I always choose Springfield!

And by the way online FPS games don't use as much data as you think....

Coats, NC

#35 Sep 19, 2014
I started having problems with CenturyLink in August. I had to upgrade my modem so that I was able to take college courses online. I spoke with a representative from CenturyLink, she told me that it would take three working days for the new modem to arrive. I waited a week and call back and spoke to a different representative. He informed me that the order was not placed and that he cancelled it and completed another. I received two modems and I went on the internet to chat with another individual online. I told her that I received two modems and I had already sent one back to them. I also asked her if I would be charged for the modem? She told me that once they received it, the charges would be taken off of my account. I paid 167.00 in August for the modem that I'm using now, along with the monthly charges. I received a bill yesterday, 9-18-2014 for 170.91, that included the modem that I sent back to them. I have a confirmation from UPS that the package was accepted and sent back. I called a CenturyLink rep today and spoke with a Morgan. She stated that she would need the confirmation number to take the charge off my bill. I have lost any trust that I had with the company. I will be sending or faxing copies of the paperwork that I have to the Better Business Bureau, Fair Credit Trade Act, and my Congresswoman here in the state of North Carolina. I'm tired of being lied to. I have been a loyal customer for ten years, but representatives for the company continues to lie, hang-up the phone, once they place me on hold and the service is extremely unprofessional.

Ava, MO

#36 Oct 30, 2014
They really need to expand their service area and get higher speed available in Licking. 10mbps is horrendously slow, and the majority of the outlying areas only get 1.

Those speeds are the modern equivalent of dialup.
James J

Ozark, MO

#37 Nov 11, 2014
I agree that they need to upgrade speeds in and around Licking but contrary to popular belief, its not entirely their fault the speeds are so slow. The farther away you are from the CO (on main street) the slower the connection becomes. This is just how phone lines work. They use repeaters to circumvent that, but you can only extend it so far even with repeaters. The people that live out of town have a much slower speed because the lines can't go any faster at that distance. In order for Centurylink to make meaningful upgrades they have to dig up and replace these lines. That would mean they would have to cut through streets, parking lots, and dig up peoples yards and so on, to get to and replace these lines. That could easily cost in the millions of dollars, which they do have and could spend. The Biggest obstacle they face though is getting the city to allow them to do all this work and convince the citizens of Licking that all of this work and hassle is necessary, so that no one tries to block them. If all of Centurylinks lines were aerial (on top of utility poles) it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but since the majority are all buried it becomes a much bigger task. It takes a lot more than people realize to get the faster speeds they want.

Ava, MO

#38 Nov 14, 2014
I understand it's not entirely their fault, but I'll bet if they wanted to put in fiber or otherwise improve/upgrade the lines the majority of people in licking would probably support it if it meant having access to more modern internet speeds.
James J

Ozark, MO

#39 Nov 14, 2014
I agree, I think the majority of the people around here understand the benefits of having a modern communications infrastructure and wouldn't fight it. If the City would sign off on it and if enough people were willing to sign a contract then they might actually be willing to do the upgrades. It would take some effort but it would be doable. Centurylink would even benefit from the upgrades as well, Fiber costs significantly less to operate and they can offer everyone TV services with it.

Huntington Beach, CA

#40 Dec 17, 2014
Oh yah! several times, never happen b4 irritating internet working at night and following morning crashed.
Fran m

Minneapolis, MN

#41 Feb 3, 2015
I have had the worst year with century link. I signed up and decided to buy a modem from them which has been billed on my statement for a lot of months. My internet often disconnected... I had written to century link and told them how unhappy I was with my service. I was in a 12 month contract and it was in the 30 dollar range. What did I expect for cheap internet. Let the did I know exactly 1 year from signing up the modem dies and my Internet price goes to 80.00 a month and they refuse to replace the modem. In fact because they refuse to replace the modem they cancel my Internet all together. They told me on the phone the modems only last 1 year. I spent probably 100.00 paying for that stupid thing. And it lasts only 1 year? Maybe the modem was bad all along kicking me off and never being able to get on after 7pm. I have 4 kids and I am a single parent. My son has cognitive disorders... I don't have time to spend hours on the phone every time there is an issue with something in my life. Which I spent 2 hours while they argued about how I shouldn't even think the modem would last more then a year.
So has anyone else had issues with the modem quiting after 1 year? Faulty CenturyLink modems? That they charge you for? Either way CenturyLink decided it is better to cancel my 80.00 a month Internet service rather then replace their faulty equipment.
Exactly 1 year from signing up with century link the modem dies. They refuse to replace it. i live in north branch mn. CenturyLink basically owns the rights to the town. Luckily I found mid continental internet.. signing up monday. Unfortunate for centurylink I was the easiest customer they ever had I never made them fix any issues.

Mansfield, MO

#42 Feb 4, 2015
what other internet service is available in licking?

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