Most disrespectful staff i have ever dealt with they are nice at first but once your in if you have any problems and you try to tell the office they act like your bothering them, what are they paying these people for to be rude to their customers? If these were my employees they would be fired if they even thought about being so disrespectful and rude to paying customers, the first day my family and i moved in the AC was broke and there was no hot water, so i told the ladies at the office about my problems and in the rudest way they said theywould send someone well no one came so i went back the next day and told them they need to send some one, this happened two mite times and they didn't send some one to fix the hot water for a while week! My family and i were taking cold showers and the AC wasn't fixed for there weeks, also ican never get any sleep in this place because i can hear every step and sound the neighbors make living here is very stressful, save your time and money and find a better place than rude, disrespectful shadow Brooks after my experience i hope they get a new staff or train they're staff to use manners because its ridiculous