I was shocked to learn this week that on Jan 1 2012 the Liberty Police Deptartment has decided to no longer have their K-9 dog, Chase . As the dog is an attribute to the community in many aspects I think many of us will not feel quite as safe without his presence. Chase can track criminals, sniff out illegal materials, search buildings, and do other jobs human police officers can't do as well as a dog can.
Due to his strength, agility, courage, and amazing scenting ability Chase can be used to assist law enforcement in many tasks. Chase is an asset to the community and a deterrent to criminal activity . His ability to locate concealed narcotics makes the schools and businesses a better and safer place.
Chase is trained to find hidden controlled substances
He is also trained for patrol work
apprehending fleeing suspects,
search and rescue
crowd control
tracking for missing persons
tracking and searching for hidden violent suspects who may place innocent community members or police officers at risk.
If you are as concerned as I am please contact the Village of Liberty to save Chase's job . Our community would be a better place with him on the street.