I know the girl personally and the reason why her mother is always drunk is because all three of her children think they can run her and tell her what to do. They threaten the mother all the time telling her that they will beat her down to the ground etc. These girls are out of control and the 17 year old is nasty .. She always looks for drama where ever she goes. She told an unexpected social worker that she had feelings for her Uncle and if she could she would sleep with him whenever he wanted her to. After finding out that the girl was going around having sex with older guys she then cried "they raped me" during an investigation to see what was going on. She always starts crazy drama with girls just to try and physically fight with them. The two younger girls are taking right after the 17 year old. Also after pressing charges on her boyfriend she dropped all charges and is back with him about to move out of New York State so her and him could get married have their child and live this wonderfully so called 'amazing life together'... This girl nor her family really dont deserve sympathy or people to feel bad for them because she does the dumb things on her own and than lies about so much asking for sympathy all the time. When she sat inside a car and swung at my friend trying to hit her and they got into a fight and she called the police saying my friend supposedly attacked her. She also keeps telling people she has plans that when she turns 18 in July she is going to leave whoever she is with and go marry a 40 year old who has mega money and who she has been sleeping with since she was young. I think people should really investigate more on her and her family and get the whole family some serious help because they all need it. I known the girl for a few years and first I thought I could be a good close friend to her until everything began to unfold. As well she walks around getting alcohol,crack,weed, any type of drug she could get her hands on and usually starts messing around and staggers around down either her place or town wasted/messed up.. so really think about it does she really deserve people to feel bad for her?...In my opinion I think she deserves everything that is happening to her. Everyone makes decisions in life and she's making her's although obviously not the right ones.