S and T Girl

Lexington, KY

#69 Jan 8, 2008
Give it people Sara is not going anywhere she is a Damn good worker!
Grow up

Lexington, KY

#70 Jan 8, 2008
hwy 127 wrote:
Why would someone be jealous of you? You are a skinny skank and a nasty ho. And no I would not get down to your level and show my a*s in public I have more respect for myself and others!! Well I am a mother as well and parents are suppose to be role models for there kids so grow up find a different crowd of people to hang out with and people will stop talking about you!! Donít give them things to talk about I am positive you donít want your kids to hear this kind of things about you so change your life!!
What do you mean show your ass in public? That has absolutley nothing to do with this Get a life Bitch! I know none of you I've just been reading all this and it sounds to me like there is a couple girls that are desperatley jealous of Sara!

Dunnville, KY

#73 Jan 8, 2008
ok im related to suzy and terri u all need to leave them alone if u dont like their store dont go in there and as far as cassi goes yea she pretty but u guys dont need to be talkin about her like that its very disrespectful
Doodie Bag

Lexington, KY

#76 Jan 11, 2008
I like tater tots!

Kathleen, GA

#77 Jan 12, 2008
every one need's to leave suzie and the girl's alone and mind their own damn buisness.

Lexington, KY

#79 Nov 11, 2008
does anyone know anything about scottie or samatha phelps?

Lexington, KY

#80 Nov 11, 2008
Is Scottie Phelps still in jail?

United States

#81 Dec 21, 2008
check start wrote:
I cannot believe how cruel you people(women) are that come on here degrade and belittle these women like you have. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF CARMA? This shit you have posted will come back and bite you in the ASS! It doesn't matter how these people dress or wear there makeup. It's about what makes them feel good, so if you don't like it keep your mouth shut.
And as far as the bad attitudes go let me ask you a question! Have you ever worked with the public? My guess is no. So you go try it for 7 days and see if your mood changes any, because my friend I guarantee you it will. When you own a business you have to have a backbone because if you don't you will go under fast.It's the daily bullshit and lies that make you become leary of every sob story you hear.
Every one has a bad day at work if you don't get the first smile then try giving the first smile. It is just as rewarding to them to recieve a smile as it is to give one so try it and see how much better you feel!
You just sound ridiculous. Uh...Karma not carma. You sound like you're trying to defend these buffoons, but you are making yourself sound like a jackass. I can see you don't have anymore people skills than the people who manage the place

United States

#82 Dec 21, 2008
Oh Me Gosh wrote:
I happened upon this website, didn't even know it existed till just now.
I couldnt help but comment. I live in INDY but I come to KY a lot. I LOVE S&T's. It has came in handy a lot when I didn't want to drive all the way to town. Everyone's always been friendly to me when I walk in.
You know... whether all this stuff you say about the owner is true or not... ALL WHO HAVE TALKED BAD ABOUT HER OR ANYONE ELSE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES.
I think half of you all are so immature it's rediculous. If you THINK you know something bad about someone... and it's an issue serious enough to talk about in the first place... GO TO THEIR FACE AND TALK TO THEM ABOUT IT... not behind their backs....
I don't know the owner on a personal level at all... i've met her... talked to her... but I don't know her. I do know that whoever she is... she doesn't deserve for you to talk about her behind her back...
she's trying to make a living... and for no GOOD reason... you're jeopardizing that... just to NO DOUBT.... feel better about yourself.
Apparently you haven't had enough encounters with the owner. Why would anyone tell her anything to her face? She is the most two faced, back stabbing slut wanna be you have ever met. She talks plenty behind others backs.

United States

#83 Dec 21, 2008
Apparently you haven't had enough encounters with the owner. Why would anyone tell her anything to her face? She is the most two faced, back stabbing slut wanna be you have ever met. She talks plenty behind others backs.

United States

#84 Dec 21, 2008
susie wrote:
I think I have hired the wrong people I didn't realize she was such a drug headed ho. I think I will get rid of her. Don't you all think I should fire the slut. I DO!
How stupid are you.Sorry you probably don't understand retorical statements. Why would you pretend to be Suzy? That is not something you should wish even on your worst enemy. Your comment is not even close to something she would say.
way to go

London, KY

#87 Dec 22, 2008
takeoff you really need to get a life.

Lexington, KY

#88 Dec 22, 2008
Sounds to me that many on here need to get a life. I have gone to S&T for years at least since we moved to the area. Yes there may be girls in there that dont dress appropriately for work, especially during the summer months. However, I have seen those girls working and they all seem to work their butts off. I have been aggravated a few times at S&T but got past it and chose to continue going there. I must say the girl I was upset with was Jessica. However, she & I both treat each other very friendly now, as it should be. I had her all wrong, she is a nice girl. We all have bad days, me included, and I think you people should take that into consideration. Its hard for any person to be 100% every single day, life is just too stressful these days. If you all dont want to go to S&T, then dont go. However, it is time that everyone leave these girls alone. We never know what another person is going through in their lives, so let it rest and take your business elsewhere. Another thought would be to get over it, whether its jealousy, personality conflicts or something else, let it go and you'll feel much better about yourself and your life.

Nicholasville, KY

#90 Jan 10, 2009
probably some old bast#rd to give her money

Brownsville, TN

#91 Jan 10, 2009
myself wrote:
wonder were jessica is at tonite, notice she wasn't at work. I suppose is out finding somebody else to crack.
i'd be ashamed to put my name to that statement.graducate 2 grade,huh?

Nicholasville, KY

#93 Jan 11, 2009
yeah i heard it wasnt any good either just easy to get..
leave them alone

Louisville, KY

#94 Jan 11, 2009
hwy 49 wrote:
I just can belive that susanne would give such
lower class people job's out their to run her store. I also can't belive she gave Sara another chance after the check deal with Brian Watson.
wake up Susie before it's to late.
i guess you have tried to hire people , its not easy to find someone that will even show up let alone work when they do , everyone says oh i would love to have a job but try to hire them they will eather fail the drug test or are just to lazy to show up , so if you find someone that will show up you better keep them. they at least show up and do their job so leave them alone

Lexington, KY

#95 Jan 11, 2009
and Irene wrote:
went to s&t the other day and that skinny girl with dark hair asked if she could suck my titty i said yeh so she did she spread her legs and i went down and omg it was so deep a girl could drown it smelled like fish but i like fish i just put tarter sause on it and went to town. if you ask me i dont know what all the fuss is about cause i fell in and couldnt get out but it was warm inside so soft and silky. i turned around and seen Doc what are you doing in here he said i cant get out im stuck forever i fear but if i ever get out im going queer
If i could guess i'd say the guys she sleeps with are queer, because she is the nearest thing to a boy i have seen
four eyes

Lexington, KY

#96 Jan 11, 2009
Looks like to me u need glasses too cause i think shes smoking hot!!!!!!!! people r just jealous!!!!

Somerset, KY

#98 Dec 20, 2009
Sara is a very pretty girl. And very pleasant. But Suzy has made some bad choices in hiring. Anybody remember May Lynn? She was trouble from the start. Jessica Peavey left for quite a while more than once to go riding around with one man or the other. and sat in the back telling guys how many times she could get off. And who could forget Cassie. the big one that used to hit on all the guys. Things started going down when little cassie linda and the two sheilas left.suzy has cheated on her husband so many times.. i know all this for a fact so dont embarrass yourself by defending them. Suzy is one step away from being as bad as Anna Jean

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