'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Se...

'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Senate Debate

There are 186315 comments on the thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com story from Oct 1, 2010, titled 'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Senate Debate. In it, thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com reports that:

"Fox News Sunday" is heading to Louisville, Ky. Jack Conway, Kentucky's attorney general and the Democratic candidate for Senate , and Rand Paul, the Republican nominee and son of Representative Ron Paul, Republican of Texas, have agreed to a live debate on "Fox News Sunday" on Oct.3 at 9 a.m. (Eastern time).

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Are You Kidding

Frankfort, KY

#53512 Oct 14, 2012
The comment below is from another thread. This guy is responding to me about the hearings currently being conducted regarding the Libya fiasco. He thinks the hearings are just a bunch of bs for our entertainment. It amazes me that there are actually people out there that are this delusional. Actually, it scares me to death!!

"You are delusional if you think what you saw on TV was the truth by any stretch. Situations like this are considered impacts to national security. They most certainly will not share the truth with you unless you have a need to know. You and I and the rest of the TV watchers have no need to know. Don't kid yourself. They must put something on TV to keep you and the families happy. In the end, these are simple casualties of war. The war on terror is not a picnic. If people don't want to be put in harms way, do not join the SEALs or any other govt branch.

Keep watching your fairy tales believing you understand how the country's special decisions are made. Yup, congress wants to keep the peons happy, so if putting a show on TV satisfies your happy bone, good enough.

Need to know is what it's all about. We don't have that."
American Lady

Danville, KY

#53513 Oct 14, 2012
October 12, 2012

***THE ARMED CITIZEN*** An Every Friday Feature

When a homeowner heard noises coming from the first floor of his home, he called out. One of two intruders reportedly identified himself as a police officer so the resident descended the stairs to investigate. One man hurled a hatchet at the homeowner, but missed. The resident fought back and fired a shotgun striking one of the intruders. Both men fled upon hearing the gunshot. The wounded suspect was later arrested when he sought medical treatment.(Kitsap Sun, Tacoma, WA, 6/28/12)

Reprinted with the encouragement of the NRA
http://home.nra.org/ #

“All In” This October

Armed in Detroit Update

Media Matters and DOJ

Just Call ‘Em “Mayors Against Guns”

Armed in Detroit

Going for the Gold

And They Call Us Crazy

The Media Covers Up “Fast and Furious”

American Lady

Danville, KY

#53514 Oct 14, 2012
Cowboy Mounted Shooting star Kenda Lenseigne shares what she brings to the range with the NRA

Kenda Lenseigne is a big name in the Cowboy Mounted Shooting world. Together with her horse Justin, she has a number of overall championships under her belt as well as eight standing world records. Barbara Baird of Women's Outdoor News recently caught up with Kenda to ask her a very important question:

What's in your range bag?

Are You Kidding

Frankfort, KY

#53515 Oct 14, 2012
a day to give thanks wrote:
<quoted text>
People like your grandson who seems to be mature and educated and a caring soul...are the hope of our country. You truly are blessed! Isn't it ironic that your 13 year old grandson and others like him give America the HOPE that Obama promised but could not deliver on? I feel blessed just knowing that.
Unfortunately, there are not many like him out there. I have to admit it does give me hope too though. Another poster, Jay, has a 15 year old son who is knowledgable also. Maybe these two can get together for our country's future.
Uncle Tab

United States

#53516 Oct 14, 2012
a day to give thanks wrote:
Speaking of being proud (lol) I wonder how many people woke up today and beamed with pride because of what their young adult children are doing concerning the issues of our country. I bet most of them are glued to their electronic devices because we all know they just can't live with out tweeting and their FB page is like their whole life. lol
4 American families are burying their loved ones that were murdered by terrorist on September 11th 2012. They are heartbroken. Adding insult to their heartbreak is an American government hiding facts and blaming anything but terrorism so as to make sure they lose no popularity at the voting polls over this latest "bump in the road" according to the democrats. And the youth of America must agree because nobody is tweeting about "that stuff". Wanna know what your college educated kids are tweeting about and excited about? Having a million person protest and march to make sure BigBird continues to receive tax dollars. Tax dollars, that if no longer handed to PBS, would not affect BigBirds show at all but would go to other programs that really need that money.
When you say your prayers this morning and are thanking God for his many blessings be sure and thank him for your politically correct moron children. Thank him for a president that claims ignorance on any type of terrorism because he stopped terrorism months ago. Or at least that's what he told us. Maybe if Obama had actually attended an Intelligence briefing as the president is required to do he would know about these things and couldn't constantly use the ignorance excuse. I bet Obama can tell you many details about his briefing on appearing as eye candy on The View. He can tell you what Barbara Walters was going to ask him and what Whoopie Goldberg was wearing and how much Joy Behar was slobbering and what the ratings were afterwards. I bet he can tell you how many laughs he got on Letterman and how much Hollywood money he raked in when partying with Jay Z and Beyonce. But the president still can't tell you if the murders of 4 American citizens were by terrorists or by a spontaneous group of protesters outside our American Embassy even though there is proof that there were no protesters outside our American Embassy that day.
Be proud that most democrats and your talking head children are rightfully concerned with protecting the image of a president and his entire administration that lies and be proud that they care so much about life and freedom and the truth and the threat of terrorism that they are willing to tweet and gather a million people to march for the safety of BigBird. Maybe they can protest about BigBird at the same time the families are burying an American that was murdered by the hands of terrorists and we can all hold hands and sing a BigBird song. Peace on earth. Thank you president Obama for shutting down terrorism and thank you for demanding and getting the United States of America respect from countries all around the world.
We have so much to be thankful for and so many reasons to be proud of our millions of children who give up their time to march for BigBird. You should feel so blessed.
Lindsey Lohan is backing Romney. Had to let you know, you have no worries now!:D
American Lady

Danville, KY

#53517 Oct 14, 2012
a day to give thanks wrote:
<quoted text>
People like your grandson who seems to be mature and educated and a caring soul...are the hope of our country. You truly are blessed! Isn't it ironic that your 13 year old grandson and others like him give America the HOPE that Obama promised but could not deliver on? I feel blessed just knowing that.
I agree Glasgow :)
Good Job! AYK...
I have two "Gone Hunting" with their Dad this week-end...
One has already learned 'gun safety'... Got a deer
Another & some cousins, with their Dads are learning ...
A FUN week-end for ALL involved ...
Family "quality" time ... ;-)
American Lady

Danville, KY

#53518 Oct 14, 2012
Are You Kidding wrote:
<quoted text>
Unfortunately, there are not many like him out there. I have to admit it does give me hope too though. Another poster, Jay, has a 15 year old son who is knowledgable also. Maybe these two can get together for our country's future.
Not too many from each section, but put them all together and there would be quite a few :) We only NEED 538 to "fill" Congress!!! ;-)

Elizabethtown, KY

#53519 Oct 14, 2012
The post about the nations young people sounds accurate to me. Sadly so. They do not get the concept of someone dangling around a puppet with one hand while the other hand is stabbing them in the back. And they don't "want" to get it from what I've seen & heard.

How any parent, left or right, can live with such "disconnected" young people is mind boggling. I even have relatives that seem oblivious that their child's future is in peril. They have no desire to get the facts or be informed about what's going on around them. And can come up with all sorts of excuses to remain "in the dark"!!!

To me, a parent who puts zero effort into insisting his/her child be "aware" of the world & especially the government that's involved in every single aspect of their lives....is NOT a loving or caring parent.

I've also noticed how, even though some of these families attend a church, they clearly do NOT possess "values" or "morals". What is missing in many today .... Is a "conscience"!!!!! Oh they can fool a lot of the people a lot of the time but when it comes to choosing a morally correct behavior versus a selfish, wrong, or hurtful behavior, they will sadly NOT opt for doing the right thing. It's easier not to. And typically they do not have to suffer
consequences. On the off chance they do have to deal with some sort of consequence, they blame, blame, blame it on someone or something else. Because they do not have the "ability" to accept responsibility ! They've had years of brainwashing at their government schools and many parents just plain do not care.
American Lady

Danville, KY

#53520 Oct 14, 2012
Uncle Tab wrote:
<quoted text>
Lindsey Lohan is backing Romney. Had to let you know, you have no worries now!:D
ONE more VOTE... ;-)


She's more "your" style ...!!!
a day to give thanks

Glasgow, KY

#53521 Oct 14, 2012
Uncle Tab wrote:
<quoted text>
Lindsey Lohan is backing Romney. Had to let you know, you have no worries now!:D
And? Would you like a list of the crazies in Hollywood that are backing Obama again? Or even better what about the influential Hollywood superstars that are not backing the Obama this time around? lol Maybe you missed the video of Samuel L. Jackson (much bigger than Lindsay Lohan so I'm surprised you didn't see this on TMZ, your political bible show lol) Seems Mr. Jackson was a huge money donor and supporter of Obama the first time around. He touted that we should vote for Obama, the first Black president. Then when Obama flopped terribly at being president Old Sammy had an Epiphany...Obama's mama was White so therefore Obama is not representative of our first Black president. Learn something new everyday don't ya Sammy crackhead? lol Then when they showed Sammy the money for performing in an advertisement supporting Obama ole Sammy flip-flopped again and went with Obama and the money.

That should be proof enough that it doesn't matter what Hollywood stars think or who they vote for because they haven't lived in reality for quite some time now. You believing that the Hollywood brat pack endorsements speaks volumes about our political issues...speaks volumes about you and your credible news source...TMZ!!! lol
Ain't no fool like an old fool fwankie and you have certainly proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are an old fool. lol

Elizabethtown, KY

#53522 Oct 14, 2012
Kudos for the young people who are informing themselves & the parents who care. I just wish there were more loving concerned parents out there.

Your children are our future. Thank you for making HOPE possible.
a day to give thanks

Glasgow, KY

#53523 Oct 14, 2012
Uncle Tab wrote:
<quoted text>
Lindsey Lohan is backing Romney. Had to let you know, you have no worries now!:D
Oh frank, you're so silly. Madonna stopping one of her concerts and telling the crowd that they had better vote for Obama because he loves the gays (again...here at election time lol) is much funnier and degrading to talk about. She told the crowd that we have a Black Muslim in the White House and how cool was that shit? And the crowd just cheered and went crazy.

Did you not see Madonna's endorsement of her awesome Black Muslim in the White House that loves the gays again...or were you just hoping none of us had seen Madonna's endorsement video for Obama?

We'll take Lindsay's endorsement if you fess up that Madonna's endorsement is much worse and you were pretending Madonna's endorsement doesn't exist in an attempt to "fool" us all "again" LMMFAO!
Michael Rendine

United States

#53524 Oct 14, 2012
The definition of a fanatic: WTF is the best example.

One- when faced with absolute fact- refuses to adjust faulty thinking.

Presidents don't pass legislation - they only sign it or get overridden.

The last two years of Bush II had a Democratic Congress with a veto proof majority.

The Chosen one had the same majority and frittered away his chance due to vanity and inexperience- That Intellectual leader of the House- Pelosi - ran him like a lab rat.

Reagan ran the country into the ground? He inherited the misery index of Jimmah Carter - and fixed it in three years.

Incontrovertible face: Republicans create business and defend the country - Democrats tax and redistribute the wealth created by Republicans.

Republicans can get along fine without Democrats - the reverse is not true.

Michael Rendine

Paris, TN

#53525 Oct 14, 2012
Abeliever wrote:
<quoted text>How about stopping with posting your SPAM trash? My birds thread is way better than your SPAM. Stop it!

Excuse me!

This is not your personal mailbox where if you don't like the mail delivered you can just write, "Return to Sender."

This is a public forum in case you haven't noticed, where everyone on here has a right to post their opinion - good, bad, or indifferent.

I suggest you use your delete button.

Elizabethtown, KY

#53527 Oct 14, 2012
My sentiments exactly Jay. Thanks.
find frankie and Waldo

Glasgow, KY

#53528 Oct 14, 2012
Funny...frank seems to be MIA again. Maybe he is having a tough time concentrating because his foot-n-mouth disease is causing him great pain...here at election time...again. LMAO!

Frankfort, KY

#53529 Oct 14, 2012
stupid is as stupid does wrote:
<quoted text>
How about you use that last brain cell of yours and stop reading her posts if it bothers you so much? What a dumb ass you are! If it bothers you to do that then stop doing that! Duh! Get some 2nd grade kid to show you what the mouse is capable of and have them show you how easy it is to not go to a site on the computer if it upsets you to the point of being totally stupid.
Hey Troll, you mind your own business. Us regulars have been around for 2 years so stay out of this thread and my birds thread.

I hope the rest of the regulars and decent posters have a nice day. The trolls..........Nah!

I have a life and am out to catch up with my friends.

Frankfort, KY

#53530 Oct 14, 2012
What are you all smoking?

Elizabethtown, KY

#53531 Oct 14, 2012
I'm amazed anyone would be telling people to stay OFF threads. LOL. I agree with Jay, if it bothers you so much, then don't click on this thread. Simple.
Just so you know, my vote is very important. I will be voting in the state of Florida, my main residence. And I am thoroughly enjoying reading (& sometimes commenting) on the many, many, well informed posts. I'm very impressed with the level of knowledge most of the posters on this thread possess.

So, to everyone of the "great posters" thank you for all of your discussions. Thanks for posting articles or links that some of us don't have time to search out.

I, for one, am glad as heck you're all on here.:-)

Ashland, KY

#53532 Oct 14, 2012
<quoted text>
I'm sure glad Obama communistcare is in effect, I'm gonna need counseling after that.
. SEE!!! Obamacare worked for "I Love It Here" . See how nice she behaves. Just like a sweet little Obama worshiper. That's how we will all sound after we get cured to.

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